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The Florida woman finds Rabid Bat clinging to her arm

A woman from Florida was surprised when she used a toilet at home on Monday when she used a toilet at home.

The Sun City Center woman helped a friend get into a car earlier in a car The day she felt her arm fall, she did not know what it was until she returned to Florida Department of Health came home in Hillsborough County.

Holding the animal to her body "We immediately crushed the bat with a towel," Kevin Watler, agency spokesman, said in a press release from The Tampa Bay Times .

Watler said the health department was contacted and a test showed that the bat is positive for rabies, a virus that infects the central nervous system and can lead to deadly disease in humans and other mammals.

Early signs of rabies in humans are mild and include fever, headache, and general weakness or malaise. As the disease progresses, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may eventually lead to brain and death disorders.

Rabies cases in humans in the US are uncommon. Only one to three cases are reported each year. In the last decade, only 23 human cases of rabies have been documented, eight of which have been contracted outside the US and its territories, the CDC reports.

The woman was receiving medical attention after the incident and is not expected to get sick, the agency said.

Bats and raccoons are the main cause of rabies cases in the country, but this case is particularly peculiar, Watler said.

"Usually you do not have a bat clinging to someone's arm," he explained. "Usually, when you have an exposure, it's someone who deals with an animal or feeds an animal in the wilderness, we do not usually have a bat clinging to someone's arm in a parking lot, which is not typical." [1

96592002] Ministry of Health officials believe this is an isolated case, WFLA-TV reported. [194559]  0720- Bat A brown bat in Trenton, New Jersey, 1966. A Florida woman found a small bat on Monday, clinging to her arm. Smith Collection / Gado / Getty Images

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