You know that signs of the flu are fever, pain and tiredness. But what about hives? (Photo: Wavebreakmedia, Getty Images / iStockphoto)

Most parents know the signs that their child has the flu.

Most often the patient has a fever. Pain, chills, fatigue. Maybe sore throat or coughing.

But did you know that flu is devious and can also occur as hives?

Brodi Willard, a mother and registered nurse in Nebraska, found that in January, when her son developed an itchy rash, she tried home remedies but could not stop the spread of the hives. She took her son to the pediatrician's office, where he tested positive for influenza.

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She was shocked because her son had none of the usual symptoms. No fever, cough or runny nose, she said in a now viral post:

Hives are not a common sign of flu – it's not one of the common symptoms on the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website.

But the flu is fickle. For example, not everyone who gets it will get a fever.

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