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The former "The Walking Dead" star writes a thoughtful letter to hero Andrew Lincoln

More than just a compelling actor, The Walking Dead Andrew Lincoln clearly had a strong emotional impact on many of his Co-stars, including Andrew Nichols. The actor debuted in the fifth season of the series, and although he may not have been featured as a regular performer on the show on a regular basis, he still had some touching thoughts on the time he shared with Lincoln. After confirming that Lincoln would be leaving the show in the coming season, Nichols took to Twitter to share a long message with his former co-star.

Nichols' character Spencer may not always have an eye seen in the eye with Lincoln's Rick, but the actor's behind-the-scenes anecdotes and experiences The letter proves how much the gangs divided the artists.

"My modest time in Alexandria took only two years, but during that time I found a hero, Andy became the example I've been trying to model ever since, as a man, as an actor, as a friend And hopefully one day soon, as husband and dad, "wrote Nichols.

Lincoln was the lead actor in the series from the first episode, but Nichols noted that the actor's integral role in the drama never influenced how he treated others.

"From Andy I've seen selflessness. I saw mercy. I saw kindness. I saw a man picking up his fellow actors when they fought. I saw him put other actors in the limelight when he made it easy for himself "In Atlanta, it can be 105 degrees and wet and slimy with moisture." Andy is often covered with blood and mud and zombie guts. "He is often asked to have heavy, heavy emotions This is a world that is always about life and death, and I've never seen Andy lose sight of those stakes, and if anyone else was distracted for a moment, Andy was always over there in the grass, reminding them One of the main reasons for Lincoln to leave the show is that he played the character for almost a decade, he hopes to spend more time with his family, a decision that Nichols e rmutigte.

"Andy, I want your children to know that they have the most impressive man for a father," Nichols praised. "They will mature into strong, compassionate, loyal, upstanding people, just like their father, and they will become proud be that their father gave us Rick Grimes. "

You can read the whole letter in the above tweet.

Season 9 of The Walking Dead debuts on October 7

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