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The fourth season of Veronica Mars does not understand strength – spoiler

Veronica Mars has not changed. And that is a problem.

[Editor'snote:Inthefollowing contain spoilers for season 4 of "Veronica Mars."]

The fourth season of Hulus "Veronica Mars" was dropped one week earlier in its entirety on the 19th. July to the surprise of fans – and journalists – everywhere. If you've already found the time to get the entire season going, you can look back over the entire season as you venture deep into the Spoiler Sphere to find out what worked with the latest addition to the show and what not annals. If you are not caught, read our spoiler-free review.

They were warned.

Season 4 of "Veronica Mars" is consistently entertaining and a welcome return to a fully realized universe that never existed The exploration that earned it in its original three-season series. There are quite a few characters coming back, and for the most part, nothing has changed. And that's great! Unless it is not.

So let's talk about our good buddy Veronica (Kristen Bell).

Following the events of the (abysmal) film "Veronica Mars," our heroine sets aside her law degree and decides to return to Neptune under the patronage of the city she claims to hate. It's a simple return to the original dynamics of the show, unless you find that instead of a show about a brave detective, you see a series about a 30-figure woman kneeling for no apparent reason in her own future.

Thank God she is there, because Neptune Spring Break is besieged by a mysterious bomber. It is a series of crimes that seem disproportionate, with a Mexican gang of criminals, a United States congressman and J.K. Simmons all end up as red herrings during the investigation.

Aside from the crimes, it's her longstanding relationship with Logan Echolls, who has the audacity to suggest something to her because he suggests she loves her. Veronica is affected by Logan's suggestion and is eager to show it to him.

Let's be honest: Veronica is pretty terrible this season. She treats Logan terribly. It is terrible for weevils (Francis capra). She is doing well with her father Keith (Enrico Colantoni), but she often treats him like a child. And it's not that she has to be a pleasant person. It is painful to see a character we love terrible for the people she loves.

And in truth, it is possible that not the attitude of Veronica changes, but the circumstances. Turns out it's amusing to see a smart teenager do as well as he can, but watching an adult woman shit on people who take care of her is not sweet.

That's the real problem of the fourth season. The world has changed, both inside and outside of Veronica Mars. The audience has changed. But Veronica has not changed. Veronica is the same.

Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell, "Veronica Mars"


But not Logan.

When we met Logan for the first time all those years ago, he was a bad boy. full of youthful anger and papa problems, pampered and sadistic and gifted with a really obscene amount of chemistry with a Veronica Mars. The romance that broke up in the following years was stormy and associated with a danger that some fans found intoxicating.

The show artist Rob Thomas was always very open when he watched the series through the lens of the traditional . but sexually specific – film noir. So this Dynamite Dynamics was built into the show, with Veronica as hard-nosed private investigator and Logan as Homme Fatale.

But in Season 4, Logan is no longer fatal. Logan is completely reformed. He is an excellent naval officer and an upright type. He eats healthy and loves little children. He regularly goes to therapy to work on his anger issues and continue on his path of self-improvement. He is dedicated and considerate and wants to make Veronica his wife.

Logan Echolls had to die.

You do not have to like it. Hell, I do not like it. But Logan was a television character, and television has no patience for characters who have the ability to grow and change. If you think too long about how much Logan has done to make yourself a better person, then Veronica refuses to outgrow the person she was at the age of 17.

To some extent, that seems to be the goal of the show. Veronica is furious with Logan's efforts to heal his mental wounds. She often ridicules his sessions with his therapist and drives him to behave badly, because that version of hers seems more authentic to her. This demonization of therapy is, at best, childish and, in the worst case, abusive to someone she allegedly loves.

What Veronica is looking for, which she's always been looking for on some level, is someone as shitty as she is. If that's not Logan's anymore, what good is he? If Veronica refuses to change, how will it ever go on?

You will not do it. They do not do it. Logan is completely disappointed.

"Veronica Mars"


This is the perfect catalyst to inspire Veronica's eventual "Eat, Pray, Love" journey to self-discovery (or where she goes in the closing stages) moments of the finale ), but it's all too late.

Ultimately, "Veronica Mars" wants to have things in both directions. The show wants Veronica to be an advocate of the people, fight injustice and look for the little guy, but Season 4 shows a Veronica who is completely out of touch. She condemns Weevil for working with people trying to drive him and his family out of Neptune while being deaf to the reality that Weevil is doing what he needs to do to care for people who depend on him , She blames disenfranchised people for their own disenfranchisement, suddenly oblivious to the fact that the system is manipulated in favor of those in power so that most people do their best just to survive.

And if the entire season depended on how Veronica got out of touch, trapped in her own fear and ossified by her scar tissue, that would be one thing. The series also creates a parallel between Veronica and Matty (Izabela Vidovic), a budding teenage detective who points out that the adult woman's oversight is exactly what her protégé needs to get through this difficult time in her life ,

We saw how Veronica handled her ability to deal with trauma and loss. We have seen what it means for a person over an extended period of time to refuse to learn to deal with pain. What Madeline needs is not the ability to break into houses and plant insects, but a solid therapist and some constructive coping mechanisms.

During the coda of the finale, Logan's message shows that Veronica is the hardest person he knows to keep getting up no matter what it hits. And while what Logan describes is a certain kind of strength, it's not the only type.

Season 4's true strength comes from Logan. Because he was strong enough to know where he was weak and he understood that vulnerability was the key to real peace.

Maybe Veronica will find that on her way. Maybe she realizes that she can not escape her darkness. Maybe she realizes that cleaning up Neptune does not clear her past. Or it simply falls back into the life in which it has always lived, because it means being trapped in your own purgatory until you are finally deleted.

Difficulty: C +

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