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The future of America in space by Newt Gingrich

At the 34th Annual Space Symposium in Colorado, Vice President Mike Pence introduced America's expected future in space exploration. He said that with the Trumps administration, we are on the right track to usher in the new era of human activity in space. He says that more exciting and new opportunities await us all in the coming days. We would face new challenges and carry out many space exploration and missions.

He also said that space programs will change dramatically over the next few years, so giving priority to big thinking and higher goals. Many American spaceships will explore Mars in late 2024. He said that adding a working base in the moon will open up many new opportunities in this regard. It is expected that the first asteroid mining project will provide good minerals for America. The primary goal should be to include many low-orbit systems between the Earth and the Moon. This would improve space tourism, commercial production and other important geospatial industries.

If all the goals are achieved by the United States, it would become the first country in the world to have economic superiority in the years to come. It would also improve the country's defense capabilities and surpass all of the US forces.

He said that these visions could only be achieved if we focus our attention on technological and corporate revolutions. He emphasized that he had to focus on these three important points:

  • Implementation of the practice of using reusable rockets, which in turn reduces the costs of manufacturing and introduction. This will eventually increase the frequency of starts. Of the ten massive starts, a shift to 1
    00 big starts can be achieved.
  • Another issue to seriously consider is the field of 3D printing, robotics, and autonomous assembly. A large number of startups are on their way to producing rocket engines with the help of 3D printing. Start-ups are also in the field of autonomous assembly along with robotics. All of this could help us to achieve the dream of being a superpower by the end of 2024.
  • Third, the work on artificial intelligence and nanoscale science and technology will give a different level of information. It will greatly benefit the country if you work hard on them and put them to practical use before 2024.

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