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The Game Bears Vs. Vikings Week 17 will provide high stakes dramas

The Chicago Bears scored their eleventh win of the season after beating the San Francisco 49ers with 14-9. And while the Bears have already locked up the NFC North and a top three seed in the NFC playoffs, there is still something to play in the season finale against the Vikings (a big something).

Chicago with a win and a The ram loss will take second place and a farewell in the first round in the postseason.

(Photo by Ezra Shaw / Getty Images)

Minnesota also has its playoffs at stake. When the Vikings win, they're in. If they lose and the Eagles win, Minnesota is eliminated.

This game could be a preview of the wildcard round of the playoffs. The Vikings will play seed # 3 as potential seed # 6, which seems to be the bear at this point.

With so much dedication, the NFL ended the game Bears-Vikings – in the afternoon slate games. Both the Bears and the Rams will play in the same time slot, so none of the teams can have the luxury of knowing the fate of the playoffs until the end of the game.

The games of the 17th week feel less than exciting because most teams have nothing to play; They are either from the hunt or their playoff seeds were determined.

That's not the case between the Bears and Vikings, and the fans do not want it any different.

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