NEW YORK – To keep you up to date, automakers get in touch with their dark side

GMC became the newest automaker on Monday , who presented a vehicle for the New York International Auto Show dimmed appearance – not only in color, but also in chrome, in the interior and more.

Imagine the car noir – and although it looks like this for years, it's suddenly becoming more popular, Lexus introduces a Siniste The version of the RC F coupe and Fiat look dark to penetrate to urban hipsters.

For GMC, the new AT4 version of the Sierra Pickup is about communicating the ruggedness of the truck – a vehicle that does not catch the eye (19659006) "The Sierra 2019 is the boldest expression ever seen in GMCs. Size Pickup had, and the new AT4 strengthens its essence of capabilities through distinctive, athletic signals, "explains Matt Noone, Director GMC Exteriors, said in a statement.

The Sierra AT4 will come in dark colors, and its grill will be finished in black chrome. The darkened chrome look extends to LED fog lights and fender screens. The window trim, the mirror caps and the underride protection plate are in glossy black. To lighten everything, there are red notes. The pricing was not announced.

Also, the interior has darkened moldings and aluminum strips instead of the usual, bright, eye-catching appearance.

The idea is to convey the feeling that this is a truck that you do not want to mess with.

The AT4 designation also includes a higher suspension lift, standard four-wheel drive, all-terrain tires and other features that attract off-roaders.

Duncan Aldred, GMC chief, said AT4's looks and features will be among the other vehicles also coming from GMCs.

The less beefy end of the spectrum is the Fiat 500 Urbana Edition.

It also takes in the darkened view, only this time the goal is to impress millennials who are at the wine bar.

The 2018 Fiat 500 Urbana Edition will feature black-trimmed exterior lights, 16-inch hyper-black aluminum wheels and black front bucket seats with silver accent stitching. But interestingly, black is not an option as a color. It will come in different shades of silver, white or gray.

Meanwhile, Lexus darkens the RC F, the sporty version of its sporty coupe.

The RC F Sport Black Line special edition will feature black wheels and have calipers and dark chrome trim around the windows and grille. It will come in black and silver.

Instead of shiny chrome on the grille and around the windows, it will have dark chrome instead.

On the inside there are orange seams on the seats to contrast with black. The Black Line is available in two colors – silver and, as you might expect, black.

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