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The golden era of games – PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox are all doing well and gamers are benefiting as a whole

T is one thing that has secured 2018: We are in a golden age of gambling. In a way, this started to make itself felt last year – 2017 was a hell of a year when big games started one at a time. Epoch-making games such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Super Mario Odyssey, Persona 5, Nier Automata, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Resident Evil 7 and of course The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . It was the year the PS4 hit the market in its fourth year from success to success. Nintendo made the record launch of the Nintendo Switch, and even Microsoft's comeback of his life made a slow and steady return to form with the launch of the Xbox One X.

But it has become clear this year how extraordinarily strong a position in the gaming market currently is. According to the NPD Group, all three consoles in North America in 201

8 have performed exceptionally well so far. The PS4, which of course was worn by the incredible number of games it has received so far this year, has continued to attract big numbers in its fifth year on the market. The Nintendo Switch, which is experiencing a quiet quarter in terms of publishing games, has somehow managed to maintain its sales speed. And the Xbox One, on the back of the Xbox One X, has managed to increase sales growth and see the strongest first quarter in North America.

The latest financial reports for all three console manufacturers also show rosy images of their gambling initiatives. Sony sells nearly 80 million consoles, with absurdly high software-attached ratios and network-driven revenues. With nearly 18 million copies sold, Nintendo has set a record-breaking first year for the switch and is forecasting even higher software and hardware sales this year. And Microsoft, while sharing no sales figures, still sees record-breaking engagement numbers on the Xbox.

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"All three consoles are doing well, all three consoles are getting great games." [196592002] All three consoles are fine. All three consoles get great games – and while some, even myself, might be tempted to overshadow Microsoft's latest game Sea of ​​Thieves the fact remains that it's high seller and dedicated players show that Xbox players really enjoy the game. Any attempts to downplay it at this point will lead to pointless console battles – which I do not understand why it is necessary. It's not like PlayStation and Nintendo did not get excellent exclusions this year either, right?

But this is not just about exclusives and console sales – it's also about the games and we're experiencing a creative renaissance front. The Western gaming market has finally moved away from linear multiplayer shooters like the last generation and now releases a variety of quality games – from Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, Overwatch, Shadow of War, Dishonored 2, XCOM 2 Total War: Warhammer, Civilization VI, Loot, Batman, Witcher, Dragon Age, Fallout, War God, Horizon, Injustice 2, Forza Horizon and more. Meanwhile, the Japanese market has returned to a position of strength and classics such as Persona 5, Final Fantasy 15, NieR Automata, Monster Hunter World, Nioh, Bloodborne, Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have delivered some of the best experiences of the generation

Then there are the fantastic mid-tier and indie games – after the last generation where they're on retro Pixel Art flashbacks or games of the lower tier were directed, they have come to their right in this generation. Look at fine games like Shovel Knight, Golf History, Hyperlight Drifter, Stardew Valley, Overcooked, Cavalry, The Banner Saga, Night in the Woods, Life Is Strange, Hellblade, and Rocket League – just to name a few.

"The sheer variety of games mentioned here is breathtaking – we have RPGs, shooters, strategy games, racing games, immersive sims, action adventure games, action games, adventure games, platform games, stealth games, simulation games, games of all We've got kinds of developers' first party games and third-party games, we have games on all platforms up there. "

The variety of games listed here is breathtaking – we have RPGs, shooters, strategy games, racing games, immersive sims, action Adventure games, action games, adventure games, platformers, stealth games, simulation games, all kinds of games, games for the first party and games for third parties, we have games on all platforms. We're surrounded by an incredible variety of great games spread across all platforms so you'll have an amazing experience regardless of the system you play on, no matter what kind of games you like [196592002] And that's really, w hat makes me think that we're in a different golden age for games right now. It's really the first time in a long time that all systems are doing well (as much as some fanboys will admit that systems that are not their own still work well) – and so on all systems get a huge variety of fantastic games. We usually had one or the other – for example, the seventh gene saw five systems well, but the variety of games crashed, and the generation was mostly full of cinemas or Call of Duty style shooters

Die PS2 and PS1 epochs were awesome and saw some of the greatest games of all time – but they also saw that some systems failed significantly, displacing Sega completely from the market, for example. This is the first time since the 16-bit era that has not only seen a healthy variety of games, but also a healthy variety of systems, all of which are good for themselves. As a player, we should all enjoy it – it means the medium grows and expands rather than falling prey to mobile gaming, as some analysis suggests a few years ago.

"As a player, we should all be happy about it – it means that the medium grows and expands rather than falling prey to mobile gaming, as some analysts suggested a few years ago."

As a player, we have so many healthy platforms. We have so many different developers from all over the world doing all kinds of games. No matter what we like or how we like it, we have one or the other for ourselves, and it's inevitable, at least great, if not fantastic.

We are really in a new golden age for games. For once, we should set aside the console-fighting pitchforks and collectively celebrate our love of the medium.

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