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The good and bad news about NBC’s Peacock streaming service

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Now what do you want first?

Let’s start with the bad news about NBC’s upcoming Peacock streaming service. Citing sources familiar with the matter, CNBC reported on Wednesday that the service is still on the doorstep in discussions with Amazon and Roku about providing its service on these platforms, but the opportunityit the thoThese users have access to NBCs Platforms immediately look good.

An unnamed source speaking to the point of sale gave the chanceThe companies will reach a solution of “less than 10%” before the start next week. Shot.

That’s a fairly large number of users who need to be shut down when Peacock positions itself as a streaming leader against a true army of services competing for your attention. A lack of support for Roku and Fire TV was one of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from Gizmodo readers about the competing streaming service HBO Max started in May (apart from all the other shit that did this service sloppy and bad during the rollout).

To be clear, it is definitely still time and streaming services have an annoying tendency to get there last hourly arrangements or not make it beautiful too long after the start. But a lack of support is definitely a nuisance for people hoping to get a new test spin service given the disappointing flops of HBO max and Quibi in the past few months.

The good news, however, is that Peacock is still trying to improve his library – in a way that you actually appreciate. The service will already be Home of the majority of the wolf Mega library, including Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit– a series that is likely to survive our children’s children. In this week, Deadline reported that wolf could bring some originals to service with Possibilities including Law & order: hate crimes and New York undercover.

That will be part of the whole Mass transport of content on the service that includes everything from The office and House to The real housewives and Top chef. In other words, Peacock makes itself a paradise for Binger, either for a popular series you’ve seen before, or for something that you may have missed and that you may be more likely to stream because you spend most of your downtime Spend at home.

The service also offers a free, ad-financed tier – a bonus if, like me, you are exhausted by the sheer number of services we now have to choose from. And you should take it for a test drive, as this option gives you access to about half of the library (though the premium level only costs $ 5 a month).

Peacock starts on July 15th. Look forward to our full review next week.

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