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The Good and the Bad of Far Cry 5's co-op

I played many hours Far Cry 5 with my partner and colleague. Most of the time it was a great time, except when you're trying to get things done.

There is a pretty big limitation on the cooperative experience, as with Far Cry 4 : Only the progress of the host player is saved. That's pretty hard for the joining player. There are a damn lot of missions to clean up, so Co-Op means twice as much work and twice the story missions (and their cutscenes). It is understandable that the system of resistance points means that the progress of the story is associated with side missions and other openness processes. One could imagine that it would be technically very difficult to keep track of this for both players. But it makes it less likely that you will spend a lot of time with someone, because every hour you spend in your game is an hour in which you are not progressing.

Almost every game is more fun with a friend, but if this game includes many open-world systems that can be a bit confused with just one player, two players can make it all over it. I found that story missions, which were obviously balanced for the solo player, went horribly wrong with two people involved; More than once we shuffled our feet because a cut scene was not triggered. When one or the other of us died, sometimes missions got stuck. Much of it will be ironed out in patches, I suppose, but right now it makes working in a coop very irritating.

The simple solution here is to ignore the missions ̵

1; all together op. It's not as if the client player is doing anything anyway. As soon as my partner and I gave up on the idea of ​​developing the game, we started having more fun with open-world shenanigans.

Some things are transferred to the joining player, namely money, bonus points and unlocked perks. and consumables. So we focused on the stuff that was of value to both of us, like freeing outposts with lots of loot, or exploring the map to find hidden buildings with interesting lore lyrics.

I've found it unusual It's difficult to choose a stealth approach with Far Cry 5 though your experience may vary. I've talked to some players who have outposted unnoticed, no problem, and for me and many others, everything will turn into an escalating firefight within minutes, no matter what you do. There are so many more enemies in the world than in Far Cry 3 or 4 that you are unlikely to stay safe for long. Once, my co-op partner and I had laboriously tracked down an outpost and stationed ourselves on opposite ends for a co-ordinated stealth attack, just for a convoy of armed cultists who happened to be flying up the run and breaking it all. With two players that can be discovered instead of one, it makes things even more unpredictable.

Once we managed to free a small outpost with one of us on the hills with a silenced sniper rifle, and the other sneaked in throwing knives into it. It was almost certainly a coincidence. Here was what was more fun: One of us got on a plane and bombarded the shit from one outpost from the sky before the other jumped into the sky with a submachine gun. DAS has disabled the alerts pretty effectively, although we've also found that if you're too far apart, the game will teleport you to the same location. I was teleported directly out of the plane … and heard the thing explode as it reached the finish for miles. Fighting with a kamikaze monster truck instead solved this particular problem.

Unlock bonus points in FC5 by completing various challenges – kills with certain weapons, takedowns and so on – and this stuff will be unlocked both solo and co-op. Last night, I started scrolling down the list to see what else I needed to do and saw that, although I had ticked most of the combat-related challenges, the hunting and fishing challenges were still available. This led to some happy hours with my partner, who was in boats and found fishing spots. I highly recommend that. Compared to the rest of the game, it's a chilled experience, and as in real life, virtual fishing with society is much less boring.

When we set out on a mountain to hunt some pumas, we crossed into an area that was not yet free, and within five minutes we were chased by two truckloads of cultists. Once you've passed Resistance Level 1 in a region, you can not go anywhere without enemies coming down on you. Once my partner was kidnapped into a story mission when we came to a remote area to find some grizzlies, and when we finally freed ourselves, we were left lying miles away on the map. This is just as annoying when it happens in co-op as it happens in your own game.

My advice for Far Cry 5 is simple: Embrace chaos when it comes to fighting, ignore the story missions and hunt and fish. When you stop thinking about all the tasks and side missions you have to mop up, then you play the game in a different way.

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