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"The Good Place" Season 3: D & Arcy Carden, EPs on Janet's big episode

Warning: This post contains important spoilers for the of Thursday .

If you're a fan of The Good Place … Well, you got an early Christmas present this week.

  The Good Place Season 3 Janets In the autumn finale on Thursday, Michael and Janet dragged the four people into Janet's Emptiness, where they had mild "side effects": they all took the form of Janets, with D & # 39; Arcy Carden played all four parts. While Michael and Janet searched for answers in the Beyond Clearing Office and met yet another Janet, the dead neutrals Janet – Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason all hung out in the void, with Carden imitating each of their co-stars (It was really a pleasure Seeing her play the loveable Dumbledon Jason, Eleanor and Chidi finally even realized that they were in love while still in Janet form Carden's hectic week: executive producer Michael Schur had in this episode an editorial assistant who told some reporters at a movie screening, and "the answer is way north of 40 minutes … D & # 39; Arcy is here." episode twice as much as anyone in an episode can be. "It was Also, a lot of work for the producers and the crew, he admits: "Close to a year" of planning was in the special edition. [production of] Season 2 is over. "[19659004] The team of Good Place allows this particularly ambitious part of an already ambitious show to be tackled. "On the first day of shooting, there was only a little bit of panic around." What if that does not make sense? "Remembers Josh Siegal, who co-wrote the episode with Dylan Morgan." "That was my panic since the pilot's first day," Schur adds with a laugh.) But they found on another television show an actor with several roles played, affirmation. "We said," Can you do that? "And then we are like, " Orphan Black has done it a thousand times "… so that this show gave us a boost, I would say. "

To make sure Carden properly portrayed them, Stars," we have the actual cast for the scenes, "says Schur," and we filmed it so D & # 39; Arcy could watch her mannerism. "Carden admits Too, that she watched this recording "a million times." For example, daily. "She also made a sound recording of the entire cast by reading the script at the table and read," And I have not heard any music for a month I only listened to that … I have my verse lost, you guys. I'm crazy.

 The Good Place Season 3 Episode 10 Janet The filming of this episode had a lot of Carden acts on a white stage behind it, remembering: "I would either trade a pole with a sticky tape or sometimes with a Janet-y wig. "For the last kiss between Eleanor and Chidi there was a long pole with a pair of plastic lips, just on my lip level … So I had to hug somehow air and kiss those lips. "Then Carden had to kiss Kristen Bell, but it was not very romantic:" Every inch of us had to fit together … We had to be pushed against each other differently, in a not quite sexy way. It was almost like an operation.

So far as she played four of her co-stars at the same time, "it's not exactly difficult to play five different characters," says Carden, "but it's hard to play five really well. Existing characters that I know for years. "Jason and Tahani were" easier to play because they have more specific characteristics, "but Kristen Bell's Eleanor" was very tough … it's so subtle. "Some of Bell's signature moves, however, are:" One is, you put your hands in your back pocket, that's the classic Kristen Bell. "The other thing is, you say," No, no, I git it. "[Kristen] is from Michigan, and one in a thousand words has a Michigan accent."

With the amount of planning and visual effects was enormous. Thursday's episode "was the opposite of what we usually do on television," Schur admits. "It's usually so funny and light and fluffy. Everything was accurate to the millimeter. "Besides, Schur and the authors were not sure if the void full of jets could endure a full episode:" But it was all right when she voiced the idea of ​​the human-as-Janets with Eleanor and Chidis debating the state of their relationship "She's literally asking herself, 'Who am I? What kind of a version of mine am I?' And so is he. 'And Carden was more than happy to have the opportunity to spread her wings:' It was one of the best weeks of my life … in a strange way. "[19659005] Have you thought about Janet-heavy from tonight Good Place ? Leave it in a comment below.

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