Today, Google has opened the gates for I / O 2019 registration. The event itself may still be months from May 7 to 9, but if you really want to attend, you'll need to get one of those $ 1,150 tickets. To do the you must register for a place in random drawing. You must board at 17:00 PST (20:00 ET ET) by February 27, and tickets will be issued the following day.

You must also provide a payment method to prove that you can actually pay the ticket This pre-authorization will not be charged unless you secure a seat. Even so, it is probably a good idea to use a credit card instead of a direct debit if you are worried that the cash will be kept for the next week. It's $ 1

,150 for general admission, but only $ 375 for academic tickets, though only full-time students, professors, faculty, or college and secondary school students are eligible for the discount.


You need a Google Account / Gmail address to register. Only one application per person is allowed. The application process requires some other demographic and logistical information, and you must also submit a photo for your BLE-powered badge, so have one ready.

If you are interested, prepare the wallet and click on the link below.