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The Google Stadia game controller feels surprisingly great

Google has today eliminated Stadia's cloud platform and presented a bold, but largely unproven vision of the future of the game, where software is distributed and played in real time over the Internet. We still do not know much about how Stadia will work, how much it could cost, whether it's serving as a subscription service to Netflix consumers or using a different business model, or when exactly this will come out this year. But we built Google's custom controller, the only physical part of the Stadia package.

Surprisingly, the Stadia controller feels good and looks good. Granted, we did not try it on a live stadia demo, but we had the opportunity to use the same white and orange model used on the stage during the unveiling. It has similar strength and texture to the latest Xbox One gamepads ̵

1; especially the ones released with the Xbox One S redesign – but with the superior layout of Sony's DualShock 4.