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The governor of Puerto Rico loses the primary in chaotic elections

Pierluisi spoke shortly after Vázquez and said the governor could rely on him: “We must all be united to move Puerto Rico forward.”

In the meantime, Carlos Delgado, mayor of the northwestern city of Isabela for 20 years, was ready to win the nomination of the main opposition People’s Democratic Party by means of a landslide. The defeat was admitted by Puerto Rico Senator Eduardo Bhatia and the Mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulín Cruz, who were known for their public talks with US President Donald Trump.

With more than 45% of the polls, Delgado had received more than 60% of the vote.

The results come a week after late and missing ballots resulted in a chaotic primary election that forced a second round of elections on Sunday that gave thousands of Puerto Ricans a second election for the first time.

Voting centers in nearly 50 of the island̵

7;s 78 parishes opened following a recent decision by the US Supreme Court to hold a second round of voting in centers that never opened on August 9 or were not open for the required eight hours.

The opening of at least one polling station in the north coast town of Loíza was delayed by more than an hour as dozens of voters grumbled about standing in the heat with masks over their faces.

“We expected there wouldn’t be any problems,” said Santiago Jiménez, a 68-year-old pensioner, adding that some people had left.

Jannette Ledoux, coordinator of the unit that houses the polling station, told The Associated Press that the problem was due to four volunteers who left office late Saturday and delayed the required vote count before the doors opened.

As the voting began, an elderly woman showed up after casting her vote and called out to those waiting, “Come on! Come on! Let’s choose! Let’s choose! “

But not everyone could take part in the second round on Sunday.

The Supreme Court ruling permanently left voters like Eldy Correa, a 67-year-old retiree who went to her polling center in the southwestern town of Cabo Rojo three times last Sunday and only later found out that it opened late.

“They took our voting rights away,” she said, adding that despite his apology, she was angry with the election commission president. “Sorry for what? That doesn’t solve anything.”

Six candidates will run for governor in the general election in Puerto Rico. Among them is Pierluisi, who served for the governor less than a week after former governor Ricardo Rosselló resigned after major protests last year. However, the island’s Supreme Court ruled that Vázquez, a former Justice Minister at the time, was the next governor as there was no Secretary of State.

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