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The green New Deal is just a red Trojan horse

I In a moment of prophetic shadow, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, delivered a stern truth about Democrats' support for the Green New Deal: "The green dream or whatever he calls it, nobody knows what he wants is, but they are for it, right? "

The GND has only a vague overview of the principles demanded by various interest groups and demanded by the House Democratic leader – sorry – freshman, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , DN.Y. – The GND has earned the support of almost all 2020 fronts. Runner. Now Ocasio-Cortez's official overview of the GND has been released, and it's just as outlandish, impractical and useless as a "green dream". Or whatever they call it.

Ocasio-Cortez sees GND as a "massive transformation of our society" to "move America to 1

00% clean and renewable energy". However, it explicitly calls for a ban on nuclear energy, by far the largest source of carbon-free energy. She justified her call for GND to "mobilize every aspect of American society," citing "economic prosperity," which followed the Franklin D. Roosevelt era. Ocasio-Cortez falsely claims that post-World War II economic recovery was triggered by FDR's New Deal rather than the end of the war and FDR was forced to cease its attacks on the private sector.

In particular, it mentions aircraft production, which increased by a factor of 100 during the war, the model by which a government guarantee of employment is to be created. This, of course, ignores the fact that our aerospace industry has always been a private, competitive market industry employing as many people as necessary, and nothing more.

But now to evaluate the details of the implementation of the actual demand for a nation's carbon neutrality within a decade: well, there is none.

Like the noble and righteous Paris Climate Agreements, the newly launched Green New Deal delivers massive promises without the need for legal enforcement.

The outline, which looks like it was written by a vigilant middle school student, reads as follows (emphasis added):

The simple ban on fossil fuels will not instantly build the new economy – this is the plan of this new one Build the economy and explain how to do it technically. We do this through a huge mobilization to create the renewable energy economy as fast as possible. We have set ourselves the goal of achieving no zero emissions within 10 years
because we are not sure if we can completely eliminate farting cows and airplanes so quickly but we think we can ramp up the production of renewable energy and electricity, retrofit any building in America, build with the smart grid They overtake transport and agriculture, plant many trees and reset our ecosystem to zero.

And how do we want to pay for it, you may ask? The answer makes about as much sense as "Mexico will pay for the wall".

The Federal Reserve can lend to advance these projects and investments, and new public banks can be created to extend lending. It is also possible that the government will take equity participation in projects to achieve a return on investment. At the end of the day, this is an investment in our economy that should increase our prosperity as a nation. So the question is not how to pay but how we will deal with our new common prosperity.

To put it bluntly, the government, which is involved in "equity participation in projects", means that the GND not only demands independent block grants for the transition to clean energy, but effectively nationalizes the entire energy industry. In addition, the Federal Reserve grants only loans to banks and government agencies. This confirms that the GND is an appeal to persuade the state to take over private companies.

More importantly, monetary policy is inherently incremental. There is a reason why markets are rising and falling and politicians panic when the Fed discusses a hike of only a quarter of a percent. The Fed's demand for huge loans to fund a project without a promise of return could jeopardize the entire stability of the US dollar.

The GND essentially prohibits carbon taxes, trade clauses, carbon dioxide capture and, above all, catastrophic nuclear energy, which currently supplies half of the country's clean, carbon-free energy. As environmental expert Michael Shellenberger said in Forbes, when Vermont promised to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in 2005 through renewable energy alone, while banning nuclear energy, emissions rose 16.3 percent over the same period, more than twice the national average ,

The federal government and the federal states can and should deregulate and strengthen the expansion of nuclear energy, instead of facing up to scientifically illiterate people. Because the idea that the nation could hold anything that resembles our current standard of living through non-nuclear renewable energy is nothing but a dream.

Despite decades of government subsidies for non-nuclear clean energy, wind energy supplies only 6 percent of the country's energy and solar only 1 percent. And yet, energy scientists have not improved the micro-networks and the transmission of clean energy to the efficiency required to replace all non-clean forms of energy without the help of nuclear power. With the microgrid technologies still in their infancy, we have a matter of decades or even centuries before wind and sun can completely replace any other form of energy. In an earlier GND draft, biomass, hydro and waste energy were banned – all clean forms of energy. They are not mentioned in this review, but trying to ban them in this earlier draft should give you some insight into the depth of the authors' ignorance of the topic of energy.

The plan also envisages "building high-speed railways on a scale where air travel is no longer necessary." Although train development is theoretically a good idea, the US is competing with the size of the entire European continent, and rail travel will never do that to competitors of long-haul flights at their convenience. On a more practical level, railing is impossible, as California has learned. Taxpayers have wasted $ 4 billion on the now $ 77 billion project for high-speed trains, which is now in its second decade of development. Hell with no end in sight.

By now it should be clear that this deal does not really reduce carbon dioxide emissions. But what does he actually do?

Well, on the last page of the preview, it's clear that this is a Trojan horse for communism – a series of measures that are irrelevant in terms of climate change, but certainly private industry, property and the like The means of production are slowly leaving the control of the government. The last sentence of the GND expressly promises this "[p] provides all with high quality health care, housing, economic security and clean air, clean water, healthy food and nature."

The GND revels in its selflessness, "cows farts" and so on. It's performative awakening all the way down. But impressive presidential candidates have nonetheless accepted it. They are afraid of their progressive base, a well-educated group of voters for whom business literacy has never been a force.

Ocasio-Cortez swears that "the world will end in 12 years" if we are not concerned with climate change. However, their plan prohibits a nuclear ban, which is not worrying about the ultimate goal, and spends an extraordinary amount of political capital on things that are completely irrelevant to greenhouse gas emissions, such as "domestic production [ing]" and the government employment guarantee. It completely ignores the largest sources of emissions: China and India, which, in addition to their growing CO2 emissions, is the Green New Deal, even if it succeeds, a rounding error. There is no single mention of how to urge them to make their own population poorer with emission limits.

If the authors of the GND are not able to do all-in (like the French) with a practical push to replace coal, oil and gas with nuclear power, they should be honest about what their true intent is : the socialization of American economy and fundamentally transform the United States into a Hellscape in the Soviet style.

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