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The GTA fan says they drive without stopping until Grand Theft Auto 6 starts

A Grandfather Auto Superfan has started a driving marathon near San Andreas and says he'll continue until Grand Theft Auto 6 hits the market.

That seems … a long time ago. And it's far more than the band's permanent records of Desert Bus for Hope . So we ask ourselves if there is a bot that works automatically in this case. Such tools are available in Grand Theft Auto 5 .

YouTuber 10HoursMovies alludes to "we" in the chat rollup, saying that the marathon has so far turned around 870 laps around the huge San Andreas map. Of course, they accept donations, so do not forget the monetary aspect of this stunt.

Rockstar Games has not confirmed anything about Grand Theft Auto 6 though rumors and the feeling that this is a belly It's been six years since 5 premiered that people expect something next year. There will also be new consoles around this time next year, so most people are optimistic about starting in 2020. That is, the company has launched Red Dead Redemption 2

only last year, and this is a live service game that should get plenty of scope, such as GTA 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online .

So this stream / potential bot could be going for a bit. PC Gamer has this compilation of rumors and details (including the polygon interview with Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser of 2013, just before GTA 5 hit the shelves.) A rumor that GTA 6 was unmasked relatively quickly last summer.

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