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"The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale" Recap: Season 3, Episode 6 – "Household"

The Household in Waterford (past and present!) Undertakes a trip to Washington, DC this week The Handmaid's Tale Questions:

* How would that be Capital of the United States look exactly, if the Nazis would take power?

* What is an even more terrible way of enslaving women than the methods we have seen before?

* This new commander wants Fred, right?

Continue reading to hear the highlights of "Household".

A CAPTAIN IDEA | June walks past a pile of Martha's, kneels in the snow, and prays for Nichole's return, on her way home, from every miserable job she has done. The site comforts June. "When she's praying, she's still safe," she said. "I pray that her prayers go unanswered." She also prays that Serena finds her way back and Fred stops trying to recapture the baby. I'm honestly not that enthusiastic either. "(Heh.)

At home, Lawrence tells June to pack because the Waterfords want to rent her for a week of public prayer in DC. Fred has staged a big media bang to put pressure on it It's important for the optics that Canada returns Nichole and all his household is there. June gets a bit mellow when she learns that Serena will also be there and goes upstairs to get her things together.

Of course, June does not ride with her former commander and her lover during the trip. She and Aunt Lydia are referred in a separate car. As the older woman sleeps, June pulls back the red curtains in front of her window and is shocked to see that Gilead's exceedingly sacred powers have turned the Washington Monument from an obelisk into a cross. Likewise, the new station is dark and looks like something that comes directly from Soviet Russia. June thinks that old Union Station was so beautiful. "It was designed by a heretic," Lydia chirps, adding that the building was destroyed for the benefit of the general public. (Side note: Gilead looks pretty short-sighted, no, why not just rinse the place with holy water, line up a few crosses, and use what you have instead of rebuilding a massive and central transportation hub from scratch?) [1

9659003] A dizzying Aunt Lydia babbles that she's "pumped up" and asks June if she's the same. June, who notes that the local maids are wearing red scarves around their mouths in addition to the regular uniform, answers absently, "Oh yes, I'm pumped up, Aunt Lydia."

 The Handmaids Story Recap Season 3 Series 6 WINSLOWS | The Waterfords recall June from a human baggage claim (hold it noble, Gilead), and Rita and June quietly say they But Rita is a bit more #TeamSerena than before, and June picks it up when Rita mentions that a baby is "the only thing she ever wanted" and a little upset that June is so against reunion

They are driven to a large High Comm house on Winslow and his wife Olivia Fred has heard that the family is "very down to earth" and sees the visit as an "opportunity." Serena raises her eyebrows Who? ", she asks herself." U ns. We all. Nichole, "Fred stutters, trying to land on an answer that smokes his wife. When they finally meet George Winslow (hi, Christopher Meloni!), The matter is a bit cumbersome – as Commander-in-Chief Fred reminds us that Gilead "has to be thinking about the pictures we publish to the world, it almost sounds like that as if Fred had already messed her up, though nothing had happened yet – but the craziness is broken when Winslow's kids run in to say good night.

There are about 300 of them (OK, closer to six, but STILL) and Fred and Serena are surprised at the sheer number of little ones who flock to the study. Olivia Winslow (hi, Elizabeth Reaser!) Follow her and capture the youngest she passes on to Serena. Serena, of course, immediately begins to vomit over the infant. While all this happens, June and Rita slip unnoticed. June's surprise to see so many children in a family – remember, most commanders are fortunate enough to have a child – is quickly eclipsed by their horror at finding out what's under the DC maid's masks , Wondering why the Winslows maid is so quiet, the woman takes off her scarf and reveals that three metal rings keep her mouth shut. The image is just as terrible as the thinking behind it.

 The Handmaids Story Recap-3-Series-6-a JUNE'S INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT | The next morning, Fred, Serena, June and some local maids practice for the gigantic media moment that will take place later. Nick surprises everyone by dropping by. He is still on his way to Chicago but has not received any orders yet. "Would you mind answering for me? Only for this shot? "Asks Fred. Come on, Commander, we know that you know that Nick does not mind kicking you in – in just about every situation. Nick takes his place next to June and whispers, "Nice girl like you in a place like this?" She lights up and smiles as she secretly touches her hands.

Back at the Winslow House, Serena and June watch the children play. "Serena, I know you do not want that," says June, taking the opportunity to try to change her mind about Nichole's return. Mrs. Waterford replies that the baby has "changed everything for me," and they both cry a bit when June points out that "They've changed They ." It has not changed this place Our girl deserves better, and I know you know that. "Before anything else can be said, Fred comes to announce that the Swiss have agreed to appear as a neutral party in Gilead's attempt to get Nichole back … and they want to talk to everyone in the household 19659003] In this way, June is talked to some Swiss officials, without the Waterfords or other observers in the room. "I am the mother of the child and I want Nichole to stay in Canada", she says, adding that Fred is not the baby's father – which they already know, because they somehow got wind of the tape she made for Luke, so if the Waterfords do not have biological ties ng to the child, is not that a problem, right? No, Gilead has a lot of military strength and weapons, and Canada does not want to cut off its crazy neighbor in the south. The Swiss are raving about the idea that the more information they / Canada can gather about Gilead – which is a big question mark for the rest of the world – the more they could possibly do. June offers Nick as a source: As a commander and former Eye, he would be an information gold mine. The Swiss are worried that he is cooperating. "I'll convince him," says June confidently. So she shakes her hand to protect Nichole and lets her (relatively) look well for the future.

 The Maid-narrated Season 3-Series-6-Inch = He Really Represents the & # 39; MAN & # 39; IN & # 39; COMMANDER & # 39; | Back in the evening, Fred and George Winslow play billiards, drink alcohol, and generally celebrate that they are male and responsible. Is it me? , or does Winslow seem to be in Fred's personal space as much as possible? "Here's your bright future, maybe in DC," George says, blushing Fred I like a shy teenager whose crush has just asked him to graduate. But then George lays his hand on Fred's shoulder, rubbing it a little and then keeping it in. Oh, HE WAS stuck in Fred's personal space as much as possible. Gives "two balls in the corner pocket" a new meaning, right? Fred freezes, but one of Winslow's daughters asks her for a tea party and they leave.

Olivia says to Serena in the playroom, "I know that this is a bit taboo, but I really loved you book. "We learn that she and George were both lawyers in their lifetime before Gilead comes in with a stuffed <img data-attachment-id =" 1073500 "data-permalink =" https://tvline.com/2019/06 / 26 / the-handmaids-tale-recap-season-3-episode-6-household-washington-dc / household-2 / "data-orig-file =" https://pmctvline2.files.wordpress.com/2019 /06/the-handmaids-tale-recap-season-3-episode-6-lion.jpg "data-orig-size =" 630,420 "data-comments-opened =" 1 "data-image-meta =" {" aperture ":" 0 "," credit ":" Hulu "," camera ":" "," caption ":" The Handmaid's Tale – "Household " – Episode 306 – June accompanies the Waterford to Washington DC, Nicholas: Fred (Joseph Fiennes), shown. (Photo by: Jasper Savage / Hulu) "," created_timestamp ":" a powerful family offers a gaze of the future of Gilead. " 1549125099 "," copyright ":" 2019 Hulu "," focal_length ":" 0 "," iso ":" 0 "," shutter_speed ":" 0 "," title ":" Household "," orientation ":" 1 "}" data-image-title = "Househ old "data-image-description =" "data-medium-file =" https://pmctvline2.files.wordpress.com/2019/06/the-handmaids-tale-recap-season-3-episode-6-lion .jpg? w = 300 "data-large-file =" https://pmctvline2.files.wordpress.com/2019/06/the-handmaids-tale-recap-season-3-episode-6-lion.jpg? w = 630 "class =" alignright size-medium wp-image-1073500 "src =" https://pmctvline2.files.wordpress.com/2019/06/the-handmaids-tale-recap-season-3-episode- 6-lion.jpg? W = 300 & h = 200 "alt =" The Maid History Repeat Season 3 Episode 6 Over. "Width =" 300 "height =" 200 "srcset =" https: // pmctvline2.files.wordpress.com/2019/06/the-handmaids-tale-recap-season-3-episode-6-lion.jpg?w=300&h= 200 300w, https://pmctvline2.files.wordpress.com /2019/06/the-handmaids-tale-recap-season-3-episode-6-lion.jpg?w=600&h=400 600w, https: // pmctvline2.files.wordpress.com/2019/06/the- handmaids-tale-recap-season-3-episode-6-lion.jpg? w = 200 & h = 133 200w "Sizes" (100vw) Serena laughs. I shout, "HE CUT YOUR PINK." When one of the children retrieves the toy, Fred asks Aux Mopes: "I lost my lion." Serena can tell because she LOST HER PERSONALITY.

Later, June is in bed when a Martha creeps in to tell her that she has a visitor outside. June smiles and says, "Yes, I still have it." Of course, it's Nick, and she runs to him in her nightie with untied hair. They kiss, then tell him about the deal she made to keep Nichole in Canada. He is … not excited. "They're politicians, they have their own agenda," he reminds them, but she's not deterred. "This is your only chance, that's it," she says. "This is your chance to be a father of our daughter How many of them do you think you will get? "He relents and agrees to go to the meeting.

 The Maid-tells-Season 3-Episode-6 Of course, this is Gilead, so at some point everything must go terribly wrong, and this point comes when a member of the Swiss delegation arrives, turns up at the Winslows to tell Fred that she is the sequel In one moment alone, June asks the Swiss woman what the hell happened, and she says that you can not do business with Nick. "I do not think you know who Mr. Blaine is or who he was. You can not trust him, "the woman says threateningly, mentioning that Nick was shipped to Chicago.

June leaves Serena alone for a moment and asks what Nick did before he was a driver. "He was a soldier in the crusade. We would not be here without him, "says the blonde. And then, because she will not be a mad idiot, she turns the knife, adding, "All the time you spent together, and he never mentioned anything?" Men stand out and greet as he walks down the line. Interesting …

 The Maids Story Recap-3-episode-6 SCARF ON, GLOVES OUT | As a wrung-out aunt, Lydia helps an even richer June prepare for Fred's big media moment. "Do you want us all to be silenced?" Asks June, referring to the rings of the DC maids. No, I do not, "replies Lydia, crying too. They hug and Aunt Lydia tells her how she's trying to focus on what I can still do in God's world, but then she has to buckle June.

Then we see June at the Lincoln Memorial, except that the statue was badly damaged. It lacks a head and an arm and is generally a sad visual representation of the state of the destroyed union. Serena approaches and they get into a fight when Serena says she can not wait until she and Fred settle in DC and can be "free" from Serena. "You'll never be free of me until my two kids are safe," June growls at her. There is a lot of back and forth – Serena is angry that June has not accompanied Nichole to Canada, June is angry that she can not trust Serena – and then June begins with an oral evisceration of her former lover.

do not love! You do not know how! "She yells," You built the whole world to have someone, but it did not work, you're small, you're cruel, and you're empty, you'll always be empty. "Serena cries softly she should have put a ring in her mouth the day we met, "she replies, but no, Mrs. W: June will have the last word this time." I should have had you burned when I had the Had the chance. "

 The Handmaids Story Recap 3 Season 6 After that it's time When June goes out to the Waterfords on the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial, we see on the Place and on both sides of the reflecting pool a lot of maiden stretching towards the former Washington Monument, all the maids kneel when June does, and Fred starts to pray in front of the biggest crowd to ever witness an inauguration n A public appeal, both personal as well as worldwide

Now it's your turn. What do you think of the episode? Sound out in the comments!

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