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The hatred is out there: "X-Files" actress Gillian Anderson spoke nicely about Margaret Thatcher. Left triggered.

Another SJW hate storm swirled into the Twitterverse on Saturday when "X-Files" actress Gillian Anderson said something half-beautiful about former Conservative British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

According to Variety, the actress remembered forever Agent Scully was tipped to play Thatcher in the upcoming season of Netflix's hit series "The Crown." With actor John Lithgow in season 1 and 2 as legendary Prime Minister Winston Churchill's turn, Anderson's inclusion in season 3 will be the second time that Netflix has been approached by an American for portraying a British character. Left shortly after Netflix announced the big news. Emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art … = 1

57 & lang = DE Linke scolded Anderson on social media for daring to cast her cautious admiration for To admit to Margaret Thatcher as a person and as a political figure to have the opportunity to portray such a complicated and controversial woman, "Anderson said in a statement." Thatcher was undoubtedly impressive, but I enjoy exploring beneath the surface and into the Fall in love with an icon that, beloved or despised, defined an era. "

When the SJW trolls refer to politicians three steps to the right of Lenin, they have since corrected Anderson for using the sentence" literally Hitler !!! "in her brief reflection on Margaret Thatcher.

"We feel that at the moment we do not need anyone who falls in love with Margaret Thatcher, but okay!" "So many conflicting feelings," Ali said Plumb from the BBC The users brought out the Hitler comparisons quickly, because Thatcher was apparently just like the leader of the Third Reich. Or something like that.

"Gillian Anderson, who plays Thatcher, is like Tom Hanks, who plays Hitler! Sure, they would do a great job, but it just feels wrong !!" a user said.

"Watching heterosexual guys and lesbians think about how they'll ever make Gillian Anderson a successful fucker when she plays a literally fucking monster is my new favorite." from Twitter, "said another user.

" Gillian Anderson "falls in love with the icon" Just Jesus Christ. " Thatcher was a monster and war criminal who supported death squads in Northern Ireland, who succumbed to racism and was systematically persecuted The poor and working class in the UK, "said another.

Podcast host Tina Wargo felt the backlash to Gillian Anderson's comments, however as sexist, as male actors were regularly honored in taking on controversial roles, including Hitler. "When Gillian Anderson plays Thatcher: & # 39; I just do not know how to support her when she plays such a divisive character. & # 39; When men literally play Hitler: "A great actor of this nature," tweeted Wargo.

Others came to Anderson's defense and argued that they should not face any rejection campaign just to portray Margaret Thatcher.

"How are you?" Cancel Gillian Anderson for depicting a politician you do not like … Margaret Thatcher is a historical figure, awful as she was, she still existed. "One user rightfully tweeted.

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