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The helicopters of Far Cry 5 do not suck

Video game helicopters are usually hard to control and not half as comfortable to fly as they look in real life (or in the movies!). That's why I want to Far Cry 5 I think of the 3D era for the first time, make a helicopter fun.

Before We Begin Admiration: I also do not want to play down on other games here (I really love you, Battlefield ). The reason for this is that helicopters in a video game are strange and difficult to portray. Cars, they are light, they go forwards and backwards. Aircraft are a bit more complicated, but joysticks (and later thumbsticks) have made it.

Helicopters are tough . Their ability to rotate forward, backward, up, down and means that the act of controlling (in the real world) is divided among several control mechanisms (see below), resulting in a kind of " rub belly + pat head "juggling.

Outside of hardcore military simulations with custom controllers, you simply can not take this control scheme, put it on an Xbox controller, and expect it to work. That's why developers have been trying for decades to cram helicopter complex flight systems as much as possible, letting them work on a control panel that has only two sticks and a handful of buttons.

The results were

Think of car handling and video games and you might think of grand examples, such as Gran Turismo or Project Gotham . Examples of a game that either replicates or faithfully replicates the real thing to a frightening degree, as we wished felt drive a fast car.

When I think of helicopter controls in 3D video games, I first notice one of the most frustrating tasks in GTA history:

Vice City may have been published almost 1

5 years ago, but it's not that things have gotten much better. From Grand Theft Auto games to Battlefield piloting a helicopter around a large open world was a difficult question, as the developers had difficulty stuffing all the aircraft's movements and capabilities into something You Can Play With A D-Pad

And then comes 2018 Far Cry 5 and nails it practically. I had some good times with this game, but none as good as terrorizing the backwoods of Montana in a zippy armed helicopter.

Ubisoft's new shooter does nothing revolutionary . In fact, it's just the same principle for helicopter controls like any other game: Move a chopper axle and throttle to different bumpers and sticks and buttons in the hope that if it does not work at least, then it's not so bad like Vice City .

But Far Cry 5 juggles the jackpot. Keys are in control of the height (A is up, B is down) while the thumb sticks are released to control movement (left) and alignment (right) is a dream. The helicopters of the game, with which you can deal competently almost immediately, feel fast, agile and versatile. They fly like a good action movie in this game.

I've probably spent 70% of my time in Far Cry 5, and from this perspective on & # 39; Montana & # 39;

and crave for the left thumb, which is probably the main reason that many helicopter pilots in games who have to face their chopper in the right direction, with two different movements on one side thumbnail

Surely can finally handle that – people finally killed in Battlefield with helicopters – but there's something wrong when there's a whole home industry of YouTube teaching Videos that teach people how to fly a helicopter in your game. As rewarding as it may be, if you are not dedicated to the matter, the flight of a helicopter in Battlefield is heavy, and I have no time for . A helicopter flying in Far Cry 5 is fun .

It also helps that Far Cry 5 in terms of doing his own thing makes a helicopter move through the air. Games like Battlefield have tried to subjugate the controller to the physics of a chopper, hence the nested control schemes in the service of simulation or authenticity. What makes Far Cry 5 so good is – and it does so with its aircraft – to change the mechanics of a helicopter to match our usual habits with a controller.

Helicopters fly in Far Cry 5 uses roughly the same setup on a pad as we are used to controlling a human in a first-person title. The left joystick controls the movement of the helicopter itself; to the left and to the right, to the left and to the right, while up and down the helicopter move forwards and backwards. The right joystick controls the direction of the helicopter. Again, just like a person. Rather than asking the player to master a bizarre and compromised control system, it relies on habits and learned systems that we've perfected over decades. Quake Half-Life Halo and Crysis .

This is so much more fun than having punished me on a plane. You feel like a murderous, invincible bird of prey.

Is that realistic? No! Does it make things quick and easy to pick up and then deliver the sensation as we whirl a helicopter around the mountains like an angry bumblebee? Hell, and unless you're a hardcore sim enthusiast, that's what matters.

Interestingly, the control scheme in question for Far Cry 5 is not new. While we were able to fly real helicopters in the series for the first time, the basic principle debuted in Far Cry 4 with the Buzzer, the tiny light aircraft that takes us around the mountains of Nepal. It was neat to fly, but its speed, vulnerability and lack of weapons (some of Far Cry 5 helicopters grab guns and rocket launchers) meant it was simply not as important or memorable as Far Cry 5 Helicopter

In fact, this is the first time we have ever been able to fly a helicopter in a Far Cry game, even though they have played a prominent role as narrator and foe in older entries. It's almost as if Ubisoft actually waited until they had chopper controls correctly before they put them into the series.

The result of this hybrid flight / FPS control scheme is wonderful. From the Second You Start Far Cry 5 Helicopters are fluid and responsive, but the real pleasure comes from how fast you are able to make real chopper moves like falling to the ground pull. Weave through trees and shoot at cult members while orbiting an outpost.

I would still practice – and crash on the roof – if that was Battlefield. Far Cry 5 wants you to use all sorts of different vehicles, from trucks to boats to planes, but I've barely used a car since I've got a decent helicopter. They're just so comfortable to fly that it's … why? Attack choppers are the ghost animal of this game: gaudy to look at, but also irresistible, just to fire up and run around making stupid, explosive shit.

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