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The Hill's Morning Report – Is the Impeachment Back on the Table?

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*** Happy Earth Day 2019 !! ***

Special Adviser Robert Mueller Robert Swan MuellerSasse: US should welcome Mueller's election for Russia probe MORE Report has not been in sight for a week. Democrats across the spectrum, however, are looking for the answer to the same question: where are we going from here?

At the moment, Democrats seem to be scattered everywhere in terms of impeachment. On Capitol Hill, Democratic leaders are trying to find their way into the future as talks begin on impeachment with lower-tier members. Three Committee Chairmen – Chair of the Judiciary Committee Jerrold Nadler Jerrold (Jerry) Lewis NadlerTim Ryan Does Not Support Impeachment Trump 4/20: Will the 2019 Congress Drive Marijuana Legislation? Trump accuses "fake news media" of "doing anything possible to cause trouble," according to Mueller in his report MORE (DN.Y.), Chairman of the Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff 19659017] Adam Bennett, reported ship-ship rips off Conway's "display of alternative facts" about Russian electoral failure Ship: Mueller report "far worse" than Watergate ship: Democrats can "impeachment" MORE (D-Calif.) And initiate oversight and reform Chairman of the Committee Elijah Cummings Elijah Eugene CummingsThe legislator: "Clearly" Trump commits impeachment Cummings over impeachments: "We can very well come to it" Democrats should cautiously introduce further investigations MORE (D-Md.) – made it clear that they are open to the possibility, although the house democracy has pumped the brakes (The Hill).

The caucus is scheduled to hold a conference call at 5pm on Monday. to discuss the way forward.

Meanwhile, vulnerable House Democrats are acting with extreme caution as they stand between the progressive wing of the party requesting impeachment and their districts, many of whom sit in an area that believes the GOP is picking in 2020.

Reuters: Vulnerable House Democrats cautious on the Müller report:

"These incumbent Democrats must find a delicate balance in the campaign next year. Too many blows by the president could scare off voters who are more interested in kitchen tables and motivate Trump sympathizers to gather around him.

"Hours after the release of Muller, Abby Spanberger a Democratic congressman from Virginia, held a city hall in which the report was virtually not discussed. She shot down a Republican incumbent in a county last year that helped Trump gain more than 6 percentage points in 2016. The 39-year-old representative told reporters before the event that she was more interested in preventing Russia from attacking the electoral process than in "rethinking presidential 2016". "

The Hill: Cummings: William Barr William Pelham BarrThorny is part of the obstruction of the judiciary, this is a task of Congress Mueller's report reveals American democracy under the Russian attack Kellyanne Conway: Mueller did not have to use the word "relief" in MORE to behave as a "defender" for Trump and not as attorney general.

The Washington Post: Nadler says the Democrats would Don McGahn

Complicated are the countless presidential candidates from 2020 on the Democratic side, all of whom are being asked about the possibility of impeachment of the President and likely to receive further questions in the coming days. Elizabeth Warren [19659034] Elizabeth Ann WarrenTim Ryan does not support impeachment Trump ship: Democrats can "impeach impeachment" T rump claims the Democrats' plans to investigate the administration will cost them "more time" in 2020 (D-Mass.) Issued an opening salvo on Friday calling for the house to be impeached.

"It is my responsibility to speak. … For me it's not about politics. There are some decisions that are bigger than politics. "

Others are not yet ready to go there. Sen. Cory Booker Cory Anthony BookerCory Booker has a problem in 2020: Kamala Harris Booker to supporters who wanted him to defeat Trump: & # 39; Black guys like us, we're coming up with this 2020 Dems Do Not Rip Through An Anti-Corporate Talk on Applying for Trade Union Unions MORE (DN.J.) Told voters in Nevada on Sunday that is not the time for the impeachment . Rep. Tim Ryan Timothy (Tim) John RyanTim Ryan does not support impeachment proceedings against Trump. Cory Booker has a problem in 2020: Kamala Harris 2020 Dems tie up anti-business talks to recruit unions. MORE 19659014] (D-Ohio) said Nadler should continue the investigation and "let the process play by itself". So it was clear that he is not ready for an impeachment.

The question also arises for others as CNN will hold a city hall with five 2020 Democrats Monday night: Warren, Sens. Bernie Sanders Bernard (Bernie) SandersCory Booker has a 2020 problem: Kamala Harris wage growth Turning Trump into an important factor for 2020 for Trump Booker, who wanted him to defeat Trump: "Black Guys Like Us, We Can not Get Over It" MORE (I-Vt.), Kamala Harris Kamala Devi HarrisCory Booker has a problem in 2020: Kamala Harris Booker to supporters who wanted him to defeat Trump: "Black guys like us, we're not coming with this & # 39; Tulsi Gabbard fundraiser of 4 / 20: "Summon Me" that the UK considers marijuana illegal MORE (D-Calif.) And Amy Klobuchar Amy Jean KlobucharBooker to supporters who wanted him to beat Trump: " Black guys like us, we can not get away n 2020 Dems hold anti-business talks to inspire unions and 2020 Democrats commemorate 20-year anniversaries Ary of Columbine shoots MORE (D-Minn.) and South Bend, Ind., Mayors Pete Buttigieg Peter (Pete) Paul ButtigiegCory Booker has a problem in 2020: Kamala Harris 2020 Dems ratchet up anti-business talk on bid for unions in 2020 Democrats commemorate Columbine's 20-year existence with the shooting of MORE [19659011] (D).

On the other side of the corridor were the crickets of Republicans, who hardly criticized the party leader. Sen. Mitt Romney Willard (Mitt) Mitt RomneyGiuliani: "Nothing Wrong" with Election Campaigns of the Russian Earth Day Founder's Daughter: Most Republican leaders believe in climate change in private Senate Republicans seeking support Tested by MILLER (R-Utah) said he had been "sick" reading about Trump's actions, leading to a presidential tweeting blame.

As Alexander Bolton reports, the publication of the report has put the Republicans of the Senate, who are ready for re-election in 2020, into a real bond. They all have the same problem: how far do they distance themselves from the president?

In the White House, Trump has the defense also his allies, viz. Rudy Giuliani and [19659012] Kellyanne Conway Kellyanne Elizabeth ConwayShip Rips off Conway's "Display of Alternative Facts" About Russian Election Impairment Kellyanne Conway: Mueller did not need the word "discharge" in the Giuliani report: "It would not have been a hindrance" if Trump had dismissed Mueller MORE Advisor to the President. Apart from a handful of tweets on Sunday and a few retweets on Saturday, the president stayed calm after refusing to talk to reporters during his weekend trip to Mar-a-Lago.

The Washington Post: Armed with Mueller's report, the Democrats confront the challenge of Trump's messaging machine:

"For Democrats who want to overthrow Trump in the 2020 elections, the contrast was a clear reminder of the challenges ahead Land in which political information flows largely through polarized channels that can be shaped by a president fluent in angry denunciations of his enemies, and tribesmen appeal to his base and frequent misdirection.


POLITICS & CAMPAIGNS: As the Democrats await the announcement of the Vice President Joe Biden Joseph (Joe) Robinette BidenCory Booker launched in 2020 a problem: Kamala Harris 2020 Dems ratchet Anti-business talk in union unions The Resurfaced Buttigieg yearbook called him "most likely to be president" The MORE campaign keeps asking the same question: who is in the best Category? The position to beat Trump?

As Amie Parnes reports, Democrats obsessed with finding a candidate who can be defeated. President Trump Donald John TrumpThorny's Part of Obstructing Justice is a Task Congress Obama Condemns Attacks in Sri Lanka as an "Attack on Humanity" Ship Rips Conway's "Representation of Alternative Facts" Against Russian Electoral Intervention MORE shows the Willingness to give up her favorite candidate, who in his opinion is the most eligible to demolish the president.

"It is an important trend that will push many in the democratic field to combat their strengths in a possible parliamentary election – and could be especially helpful for a candidate like Biden, who will put eligibility in the center of his election campaign when he will start the race next week.

A survey conducted by the University of Monmouth in February showed that 56 percent of respondents preferred to vote for a candidate, while 33 percent said they would favor a candidate who echoed their beliefs. "

> Beto O Rourke Robert (Beto) Francis O'RourkeSanders Announces First Notices in South Carolina Pelosi warns of a trade agreement between the US and Britain When Brexit damages Irish peace Ivanka Trump says she has rejected the World Bank's job. Ex-Obama campaign manager: Sanders can not beat Trump. MORE has a Buttigieg problem.

O & Rourke, who saw his star turn in 2018 when he narrowly lost to Sen. Ted Cruz Rafael (Ted) Edward CruzMichael Bennet declared a cancer-free route for a potential 2020 booker, Harris has missed most Senate votes O 'Rourke roams Virginia to launch the MORE campaign (R Texas) in November, and tries to fend off Buttigieg's fast-growing presidential campaign, as the latter sees its own star turn.

As Jonathan Easley writes, the former Rep. Beto O & Rourke (D-Texas) traveled through Virginia last week to visit a Super Tuesday state in which he spoke with Black and Hispanic voters wanted to appeal. The journey comes when attention has fallen on O Rourke and Buttigieg has made headlines for headlines and has changed national perceptions regarding his candidacy. Both candidates are white men and younger than Sanders and Biden, Septuagenarians who lead in most early polls. This means that there is a natural competition between the two that Buttigieg apparently won last month.

NBC News: Rep. Seth Moulton Seth Wilbur MoultonThe Hill's Morning Report – Mueller Aftermath: What will House Dems do now? Rep. Tim Ryan Announces Presidential Race Nature Conservation Passes Animal by Animal MORE (D-Mass.) Has officially announced his candidacy for the presidency.

The Associated Press: Buttigieg is trying to get the Buzz 2020 moving.

The Washington Post: The year 2020 is in the way for Sanders.

Politico: "The democratic base is angry as hell": Cory Booker's love message falls flat.

The Associated Press: Harris' campaign focuses on supporting black colleges.

Perspectives & Analysis:

Dan Balz: Buttigieg was the surprise of the democratic field. Where is he going next?

Paul Kane: Freshman Democrats maintain the green wave next year for re-election offers.

Matthew Continetti: Bernie Vs. The Democrats: This time, the Democrats could not win. [19659002DerAtlantik:TheLastKennedy


WHITE HOUSE & ADMINISTRATION: Trump argues over the weekend that the president had received "a clean bill for health". from Mueller's report on Thursday. Officials told reporters that Trump wanted to turn the page and resume the country's work.

The truth – according to numerous reports claiming high-level administration sources – is that Trump and his allies remain confused by the evidence of the Special Representative, hampered by a network of ongoing investigations in Congress, the state and the Department of Justice

A White House communication plan was drafted to advance other issues while confusing the details and evidence described by the Special Lawyer, in particular on cases of obstructive behavior in at least two phases of the investigation in Russia. Trump's instinct, however, is to look back and curse those he believes to be unfaithful, politically biased or of his own accord.

Trump continued to attack Mueller on Sunday and used Twitter to attack tons of corrupt evidence during a 22-month investigation. He called the 448-page report a "hit job" written by "Trump Haters and Angry Democrats" (The Hill).

A month ago, however, the president said that Müller had acted honorably during the investigation in Russia.

On Friday and again on Sunday, Attorney Trump Giuliani attacked McGahn's credibility, arguing that he had reported on events that had given Mueller and his team testimony for more than 30 hours (The New York Times).

Detected by Mueller officials and Trump allies have refused to carry out the instructions, instructions and evasion of the President to try to stop or control the investigation in Russia, and no longer work for Trump. They have all been fired or fired in the last two years. Those who have left and remain in Trump's inner circle and cooperate with the Special Adviser fear or fear the Wrath of the President (The New York Times).

McGahn's Attorney, William Burck told the Times that his client's report on possible obstacles described in the report was true. " It is a mystery why Rudy Giuliani does not consider the need for incidents that the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General have concluded to be an obstacle to be detrimental," he said in a statement ,

Giuliani, who was anxious to fire distracting headlines, appeared in several Sunday shows and did just that. In NBC's "Meet the Press", the former mayor of New York argued that campaigns can legally exploit opposition research stolen by Russians or other criminal bodies. If campaigns are not involved in the theft and the stolen information is true, there is "nothing wrong" with its use as political weapons (The Hill).

This is not the prevailing public attitude within any of the parties, and Giuliani's remarks waved a red cloak to lawmakers and implicitly urged them to try to draft laws to ban such future practices. "There is no crime" Giuliani told CNN. "We will get into the moral? This is not what prosecutors consider – morality. "

Other investigations:

> Mueller spin-offs : Indictments of federal prosecutors Manhattan Continues to Investigate Michael Cohen Michael Dean CohenEnd of Mueller shifts focus to existing attacks by Trump Attorney General The Hill's 12:30 Report: Dems faces a difficult balancing act after Mueller MORE [19659011] Violators admitted while prosecutors in Washington were preparing for a trial in November for Trump's friend Roger Stone Roger Jason StoneEnd of Mueller Focus on Existing Probes Heavily revised Mueller report leaves important questions unanswered. 39; s Morning Report – Category 5 Mueller Storm Meets Today MORE (The Hill).

" The report published on Thursday revealed, d Mueller's prosecutor's team had found enough evidence of possible crimes to make 14 other criminal transfers to other prosecutors. So far only two have been officially announced, "the New York Times reports last week.

On Sunday, Mueller responded with a comment that a MSNBC reporter asked several questions as he left the Eastern Divine Service with his wife. He answered with "no comment".

> Barr says he's weighing up a potential investigation regarding what he has termed as "espionage" for Trump's 2016 campaign, while Democrats in Congress had called for Barr for the Justice Department responsible was two months to resign (The Hill).

> Trump's finances are still an issue in the House and New York State (The Hill) oversight committees.

> Trump's tax returns which the President has denied for years (and which the Democrats of the House are eagerly following) will meet a second deadline set this week by House Ways and Means Committee. It is not expected that the White House will give in on Tuesday at 17.00 clock. (The hill).

> White House Security Checks : The Subcommittee's Supervision and Reform Committee continues to investigate the West Wing's process of providing security checks to Trump consultants, including the President's son-in-law, Jared Kushner Jared Corey KushnerNadler: I do not understand why Mueller did not accuse Donald Trump Jr., others at the Trump Tower meeting Trump Tower meeting: A shining example of what Impeachment should not investigate? Not so fast, without missing an element of criminal intent. MORE . The White House and the Committee are at a dead end when the West Wing asks for a lawyer, while Carl Kline the former head of the presidential office of the White House, who vetoed a subordinate of security releases for several people, overturned White House officials, testified. Kline was summoned (The Daily Beast).

And in the fine print for the Mueller Probe … Forfeiture of Former Trump Campaign Chairman to the Government Paul Manafort Paul John ManafortNadler: I do not understand why Mueller did that Donald Trump Do not charge Jr., others at the Trump Tower meeting Trump Tower meeting: A shining example of what should not be investigated in order to prosecute the process of the White House ex-Obama lawyer scheduled for August. MORE tracks the costs of the taxpayers of the entire Mueller probe, who unearthed Manafort's financial crimes and put him in jail (USA Today and Money).

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Pete Buttigieg is already writing history, by Juan Williams, opinion maker, The Hill. https://bit.ly/2PnFnwR

Your Taxpayers Pay the Cost of Illegal Immigration, by Kristin Tate, Opinion The Hill. https://bit.ly/2Uu70pg


The House returns to a legislative schedule on April 29th.

The Senate goes back to work at 3 pm. on the 29th of April.

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Michael (Mike) Richard PompeoUS fouls the North Korean Sabers rattling overnight: Pompeo rejects the North Korean call to abandon the negotiations Trump talks with the Libyan rebel general Eyebrows New setback for the Taliban talks The Hill report at 12:30 pm: Dems faces a tricky balancing act after the MORE MORE report to the media at 8:45 am in the briefing room of the US State Department is.

Earth Day inspires environmental initiatives around the world. Today, the "no-fly climate conference" is organized, organized as a "social network for climate change measures" in Stockholm. Information about the event can be found HERE. Earth Day 2019: Seven things about the Earth have been learned since the last day of the earth (Vox).


[1945 Sri Lanka : At least 290 people were killed in an Easter bombing and more than 500 were injured in churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka. At the first major attack on the island in the Indian Ocean since the end of a civil war 10 years ago, at least 13 people were arrested and at least three policemen killed. Several outlets reported Monday that a domestic militant group called National Thowfeek Jamaath was responsible for the killings (Reuters). Pompeo on Sunday confirmed that "several" Americans are among the dead. "These vile attacks are a clear reminder of why the United States remains determined in our fight against counter-terrorism," he said in a statement. Sri Lanka has a troubled history of war history (The Associated Press).

Supreme Court : Judges will hear arguments at the 2020 Census on Tuesday in the battle for the Trump government's efforts to address the issue of citizenship around the issue of citizenship 2020. The Department of Commerce, which manages the census, is expected to claim that the matter is needed to support the enforcement of the Hill Voting by the Department of Justice. The Associated Press reports on the reasons for the case and provides readers with a fascinating insight into the accuracy of the census, which is linked to some ancestors of the judges.

North Korea : Last week, North Korea's first weapon test since the failed Hanoi summit in February did not violate Pyongyang's self-imposed moratorium on missile and nuclear tests – suggesting it was not completely abandoned has to create a denuclearization framework with the United States. However, the test is a sign of growing impatience and raises concerns that North Korea will continue to escalate hostilities (The Hill).


And finally … Looking up from the sky! The 2019 Lyrid Meteor Shower which was active from 16 to 28 April, reaches an early Tuesday today. The full moon lately may be too bright to see most of us to watch the show, but as the earth passes through debris fields of comets, the debris intersects the sky at such speed that the space debris is a shiny one Fireworks produced (The New York) Times).

Experts usually recommend seeing meteor showers just before dawn, but moonlight recommends looking for this year's Lyrics Show at the start of the night.

"There will be a short window between the time the jet rises in the middle of the evening and the moonrise begins at midnight. You might see some meteors during these evenings, and especially the evening hours are the best time to catch an earthgrazer, a slow and long-lasting meteor moving horizontally across your sky. " (EarthSky).

NASA: " Find an area far away from city or street lights. Come prepared with a sleeping bag, blanket or deck chair. Lie flat on your back with your feet to the east and look as high as you can into the sky. After about 30 minutes in the dark, your eyes adjust and you will see meteorites. Be patient – the show lasts until dawn, so you have plenty of time to catch a glimpse.

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