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The Hill's Morning Report – Week Two of the Public Impairment Certificate

Welcome to The Hill's Morning Report. Happy Monday! Our newsletter informs you about the most important developments in politics and politics as well as about observable trends. Alexis Simendinger and Al Weaver are the early co-creators. Find us @asimendinger and @ alweaver22 on Twitter and click here to sign up! against President Trump Donald John TrumpTrump reversed his plan to ban flavored e-cigarettes for fear of job losses: Trump's report on National Medal of Arts award to actor Jon Voight Sondland informs Trump officials of an investigation push ahead of the Ukrainian call : report MORE . However, in order to make a convincing case serious enough to argue for the dismissal of a president less than a year before an election, credible eyewitnesses must be prepared to argue that Trump knowingly violated his oath of office.

That's why the legislators of both parties observe Gordon Sondland Gordon SondlandSondland informs Trump officials about investigative thrust in advance of Ukraine call: Report on hearings for impeachment against GOP lawmaker due to impending testimony in Sondland MORE [19659009] The US Ambassador to the European Union, who spoke to Trump half a dozen times during a key period in the summer and early autumn, as a potential turning point when he testifies publicly on Wednesday.

62-year-old Sondland is a businessman, a key trump donor, and an inexperienced diplomat who testified against immigration investigators last month. Later, he revised his refusal to admit that he told a leading Ukrainian official that US military aid would probably not be provided until Ukraine agreed to a "public statement on combating corruption." Witnesses said Trump could inflict political damage on former Vice President Joe Biden Joe BidenSondland briefed Trump officials on investigative thrust ahead of the Ukraine call: Biden says he will not legalize marijuana because it may be an "entry-level drug "is. CNBC).

Two Senior Officials – Former National Security Adviser John Bolton John BoltonHimes: "I do not think it breaks a hole in the case" when Sondland says that there is no return had a personal meeting with Trump about the help of Ukraine. The best NPC adviser puts Sondland on the front of the Ukraine campaign, speaks for Trump MORE and acts as Chief of Staff of the White House . Mick Mulvaney John (Mick) Michael MulvaneySondland told Trump's officials that the investigation was being pushed ahead of the Ukrainian call: Report Vessel bumps Mulvaney over lack of evidence in the impeachment investigation over lawmakers who are skeptical of forthcoming spending MORE [19659005] – having immediate knowledge of Trump's actions and orders of nearly $ 400 million for Ukraine and Trump's desire to investigate Biden, his political rival, could accuse or defend the President. However, during a preloaded, fast-moving House process, one or both men's hoax hovers in the air.

The New York Times: Bolton and Trump met privately to hold back military aid.

It is not too early for senators to prepare to receive one or more impeachment proceedings. Alexander Bolton reports that the Senate Republicans judged the first week of the public testimony and decided that neither Trump nor the party was harmed. However, this does not mean that the simple GOP senators agree on what they should do best as jurors, when or when the House hands the matter over to the upper chamber, says Jordain Carney.

On Saturday, the House Intelligence Committee heard statements from the Office of a Management and Household Career Mark Sandy who described the freezing of aid to Ukraine as unusual. The committee also published records of former statements by Tim Morrison a former top National Security Council adviser, and Jennifer Williams a career as a foreign civil servant and adviser to Vice President Pence . Williams was among the officials who overheard Trump's telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on July 25. She said that Trump's statements are "unusual and inappropriate," according to a report released on Saturday.

On Sunday afternoon, Trump Williams attacked Twitter and called her "Never Trumper", but also said he did not know her (The Hill).

This Week's Public Schedule (Reuters): [194559006] > Tuesday morning: NSC Director for European Affairs Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman Alexander VindmanImpeachment hearings It's likely to be Republicans' hime for now worse: "I do not believe it will blow a hole in the case" when Sondland testifies that there is no return. Trump opens a new line of indictment charges for Democrats MORE and Williams.

> Tuesday afternoon: Ambassador Kurt Volker Kurt VolkerWhite House publishes before the hearing on the impeachment of Haley: Giuliani should have been appointed Special Representative to Ukraine Overnight Energy: Perry Replacement is on Hearing in front of Ukrainian questions | The chair demands answers about the move of the land agency | Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders Unveils Public Housing Plan 0B Green New Deal MORE Former US Special Representative for Ukraine, and Morrison.

> Wednesday morning: Sondland.

> Wednesday afternoon: Deputy Minister of Defense Laura Cooper and Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale

> Thursday morning: Former senior Director of the NSC for European and Eurasian Affairs Fiona Hill

The Hill: Sondland is the largest wildcard yet in the impeachment drama.

The Hill: Legislators continued to think about the upcoming statements from Sondland over the weekend.

The Hill: Sunday Shows – Spotlight Moves to Sondland.

The Hill: Trump relies on social media during the impeachment investigation.


POLICY & CAMPAIGNS: Less than three months away from the First-in-the-Nation-Caucuses, South Bend, Ind., Mayor [19659003] Pete Buttigieg Peter (Pete) Paul ButtigiegWarren "fully committed to" Medicare for All "New polls show that four top candidates for 2020 in Iowa may no longer be involved The big surprise the ranking in Iowa. He is ready to be attacked by both Democratic rivals and Republicans, who spend a lot of money to shape next year's presidential race.

Over the weekend, Buttigieg headed to the top of the Des Moines Register / CNN / Mediacom Iowa Poll (Des Moines Register), triggering a whirlwind of fascination, new split and analysis of Democratic voters for 2020.

Meanwhile, former Massachusetts governor. Deval Patrick Deval PatrickSunday reveals – Spotlight moves to Sondland to testify about impeachment investigation Patrick says he will not stop the Super PAC funding for his campaign The Democratic Race for President May MORE apologizes eleventh hour for the leap into the democratic presidential code – and a threat of the billionaire Michael Bloomberg Michael Rubens Bloomberg Bloomberg apologizes for his still going on Possible 2020 bid The democratic race for the president may be do not stand out from Deval Patrick's 2020 entry. MORE – Ranking of progressives and simple democrats claiming that such latecomers emphasize a large division between party elites and political base (The Hill).

The Hill: Bloomberg apologizes for "Stop and Frisk" before the potential bid for 2020.

Charles M. Blow: Bloomberg's Dizziness, Late Mea culpa.

Editors of the New York Daily News: Mike wakes up: Bloomberg rightly admits to his big mistake as we committed him.

The Washington Post: The Democrats are worried that a long primary crisis could drag on into the summer.

In New Hampshire, Patrick's entry into the race threatens to drain Sens's voter support. Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Ann WarrenBiden says he will not legalize marijuana because it could be a "gateway" drug that Democrats confiscate on the report by Elizabeth Warren of FedEx, who turns Trump's tax plan on its head Warren has fully committed to Medicare for All MORE (19659092) (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (19659094) Bernie SandersBiden says he will not legalize marijuana because it could be a "gateway" Democrats confiscate, according to the report By FedEx Bernie Sanders Tax Assessment to Destroy Trump's Tax Plan If We Want to Save Earth, We Must Change How We Eat More (I-Vt.) Three New England candidates compete against each other. Who could benefit in this new scenario? Biden (The Hill).

The Hill: Biden says he will not legalize marijuana as president because it could be a "starter drug".

The Associated Press: Tired democratic voters shy away from new presidential candidates.

> In the re-election of Trump-Pence, a fringe group of far-right activists disrupted conservative and pro-trumpist events, calling on Republicans to distance themselves from white nationalists and right-wing racists, Jonathan Easley reports. The Man in the News: 21-year-old conservative broadcaster Nicholas Fuentes (National Review).

The Washington Post: A Denver radio host who has criticized Trump says he was released in the middle of the show.


The Louisiana Governor's Race : Democratic Government John Bel Edwards won a second term on Saturday against Republican businessman Eddie Rispone of the It tried to make the most of his support of Trump. Edwards, who narrowly won in an increasingly red-hot state, inter alia, by avoiding criticism of Trump, is a rare Democratic governor in the South (The Hill).

The Washington Post: Opposing losses at the races of key governors additionally warn Trump and GOP before 2020.

Washington Post Magazine: 32 pertinent prospects on the rewards and implications of the Democratic Party's move to the left.

The New York Times: Trump has made a big bet this year in Louisiana and Kentucky. Here's why he lost.


MORE AT THE CONGRESS: Apart from hearings on Senate impeachments and confirmations, Congress has to resolve other pressing issues, including the retention of it Financing of the government A switch-off period is 20 December. Niv Elis reports that the ordinary members of both parties are skeptical that they will meet this deadline. Another stopgap, extending into February, has surfaced in conversations on Capitol Hill.

> Is impeachment an obstacle to the annual Defense Policy or is the stumbling block being erected over a wall on the US-Mexico border? This blame is alive among senators and unresolved (The Hill).

> Proponents believe that a consumer-led anti-robo-call measure supported by both parties could come to the presidential desk this year. Legal details still need to be published, but lawmakers say the conference bill requires phone companies to verify the authenticity of phone numbers and block calls for free. It will also give government agencies more authority to prosecute scammers (The Associated Press).


WHITE HOUSE & ADMINISTRATION: Here are some other executive headlines that will attract attention this week:

Fitness and Health : Which Medical Tests were carried out by Trump's doctors on a Saturday afternoon at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and why? Any patient visiting one of the best medical facilities for routine medical testing is asked to fast after midnight and to emerge in the morning. But Trump's "quick test and labs" in the late afternoon were unscheduled. He was seen by journalists leaving the hospital with his shirt collar and tied tie in the presidential motorcade. His last known medical examination was in February.

The White House said the 73-year-old president was healthy and energetic and used his "day of absence" to begin elements of his annual routine check-up. Immediately thereafter, no medical professionals informed the news media, as was customary for former Trump and its predecessors (CNN), according to previous health surveys.

Karen Tumulty: We need a second opinion on the state of health of the President.

Cinema, art and an honor : The President awards the National Medal of Art to the actor Jon Voight – a conservative supporter Trump has named "the biggest president since Abraham Lincoln" – on Thursday in the White House. The medal recognizes Voight's "extraordinary ability as an actor to portray extremely complex characters," one statement (The Hill).

Military Justice : Trump's announcement on Friday to reprieve two army officers accused of war crimes and reverse the downgrading of a Navy SEAL triggers heated debates in the Pentagon and outside the Department of Defense (The Atlantic and the New York Times).

White House and Old Law : Trump's Senior Advisor on Immigration Policy Stephen Miller Stephen Miller White House assists Stephen Miller in the midst of white-nationalist allegations DHS Secretary MORE sees himself faced with resignations from dozens of Democrats after newly released emails showed he was distributing material on white nationalism to the editors of Breitbart News before joining the West Wing staff. The president stands behind his influential adjutant (The Hill). The four-part series of the Southern Poverty Law Center is HERE.

Trump wants Japan to pay more for station costs: The government called on Japan in July to quadruple annual payments for US forces there to around $ 8 billion, the magazine said Foreign policy. A Japanese foreign minister told Reuters that the report was wrong and that there had been no negotiations between the US and Japan for a new agreement. In the meantime, US and South Korean officials have resumed negotiations to try to close a $ 4 billion gap in the shared-cost proposals. South Koreans publicly oppose US demands as "highway robbery" (Reuters).

Government measures to curb steam have been delayed by new regulations as the president re-examines the potential impact on jobs, the Los Angeles Times reports. Trump and the Food and Drug Administration are under pressure from industry and vaping advocates, as well as small shops specializing in e-cigarette products.

The Morning Report was created by journalists Alexis Simendinger and Al Weaver . We want to hear from you! E-mail: [email protected] and [email protected] We invite you to share The Hill's coverage and newsletter and to encourage others to SUBSCRIBE!


Impeachment is not a TV show, by Jennifer Weiner, Opinion Maker, The New York Times. https://nyti.ms/2OgK9fL

Democrats Need to Answer Electoral Questions Extending Beyond Impeachment by Douglas E. Schoen, Opinion, The Hill. https://bit.ly/35choaY[19659065[WOHINUNDWANN

In Hill.TV's "Rising" program is the political journalist Paul Steinhauser to see who reports on the status of democratic primary school in New Hampshire; Fellow of the Open Markets Institute Matt Stoller on the 2020 Candidates and Policies for the Middle Class; and College Pulse CEO Terren Klein who describes the organization's new poll numbers for the 2020 race. Reporting will start at 9:00 am CET on http://thehill.com/hilltv or on YouTube at 10:00 CET under Rising on YouTube.

The house meets at lunchtime.

The Senate meets at 15:00. and resumes consideration of the appointment of Robert Luck as Judge of the United Circuit Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit.

The President will meet with the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Michael (Mike) Richard Pompeo The fight for impeachment threatens over the bill, which represents a must for defense US reaction in Hong Kong foreclosed MORE at 16:15

Pompeo meets with the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulides in the Foreign Ministry at 13.00. He will meet with Trump in the afternoon.

In The Hill, from 8:00 to 11:00, a Minneapolis Newsmaker event entitled " Building the Dream" with the Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey [19459006statt] (D), State Representation Kurt Daudt (R), the minority leader in the Minnesota House of Representatives, and Lisa Bender of the Minneapolis City Council to discuss state and local inequities in housing construction local plans. Information is available HERE.


Hong Kong: Hong Kong police deployed rubber bullets, tear gas, and water cannons on Monday to intercept protesters who were demonstrating on Hong Kong campus Kong Polytechnic University on Sunday. The demonstrators initially thought they had barricaded themselves, but then looked for an escape route (The Hill). The Trump government condemned "unjustified use of force" and called on Beijing to protect Hong Kong's freedom (Reuters).

Boeing: On Saturday, Boeing attempted to reduce tensions with regulators regarding the recommissioning of its 737 Max aircraft to approve modifications to the jet after two deadly crashes. Boeing caused dismay at the federal government, as the FAA expected in mid-December with the certification of the 737 Max. US officials said privately last week that Boeing's schedule was aggressive – if not unrealistic – and had not been approved in advance by the regulators (Reuters). United Airlines, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines announced Friday that they will continue hiring their fleets of 737 Max aircraft until the beginning of March, even though the aircraft was released by the regulators for earlier re-commissioning (USA Today). In the interest of safety, the FAA is considering engaging in the design of new aircraft from the outset, as the administrator Stephen Dickson said in an interview (The Wall Street Journal).

Venice : The enchanting, magical place that Lord Byron once called the "fairy-tale city of the heart" has experienced three historically high and devastating episodes of floods over the last week, Venice's mayor with hundreds of millions Euro. Italian officials declared the state of emergency for the area. According to official figures, Venice is sinking in the mud and is facing an increase in sea level due to climate change. Floods hit other parts of Italy, including Pisa and Florence (The Associated Press).


And finally … This is the end for legions of fans of Bei the Giant Panda at the Smithsonian National Zoo. For weeks, the visitors say goodbye to the star attraction born in the zoo. He is traveling to China on Tuesday, as part of a diplomatic agreement, in which the cheerful and sympathetic Panda must live as part of a breeding program after the age of four.

Farewell events took place at the National Zoo, where admirers and young panda visitors were asked to write postcards to Bei Bei, who were kept in a mailbox next to his outdoor living space. The postcards will complete the 16-hour flight with Bei Bei to China with Laurie Thompson Deputy Curator of Giant Pandas and the zoo's senior Panda Guardian (The Washington Post).

"I think there will be tears, ," said Thompson. " Leaving him in a new place, although I know he will be very careful, is just sad."

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