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The independence of Meghan Markle causes Royals to be rubbed in the wrong direction

Princes William and Harry usually organize a royal world tour in which they organize drinks evenings for the attending press representatives.

In a show of camaraderie, they have invited the press to tea in the south Africa and a hotel bar night in New York City.

But things were different last October when Harry and Meghan Markle – the new Duchess and Duchess of Sussex – toured Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.

"They have basically blanked out the media on this tour, which is very shortsighted," says Duncan Larcombe, who overseen the royal family for The Sun in London for years.

Larcombe told The Post that this is just another example of how the once-so-gay, beloved Prince has changed since his marriage to the American actress and how his long-term relationships are suffering.

  Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in New Zealand.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in New Zealand. WireImage

"All the employees of Harry have always thought that he is fantastic, but the two of them [together] have a high maintenance," said Larcombe of the royal couple, adding that the prince was "out of his own inner staff "has become rather grumpy and reserved. Harry was always very happy with him at [them]so this is very different from him.

"What people love about Harry is that he has his heart on his sleeve," Larcombe added. "He's down to earth, a normal guy trapped in the royal world, and he does not take himself very seriously. But now it is him.

The difference, say sources, is Meghan – whose American independence rubs some royal insiders in the wrong direction. She added that it was hard for the strong-willed Duchess, who expects a baby in April to no longer be able to make all her own decisions of controlling her own private and professional life.

allegedly takes on her frustration with the people around her.

"During her tour, just before they wanted to go to the Invictus Games, Meghan yelled at her barber to straighten her hair while someone was" ironing the bottom of the dress she wore, " said an insider on the tour.

Larcombe said he was "not surprised that there were teething troubles" as the Duchess adapted to her new life and associated constraints.

While her sister-in-law Kate Middleton held a position as a part-time fashion buyer shortly before her marriage to Prince William, Meghan is unparalleled, having previously had a high-profile acting and philanthropy career.

"As an actress, Meghan Exp ects perfection," he said. "But if you're in the royal family, you have to learn that it's not about you, it's about what you represent."

  Prince Charles, Prince Williams, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Christmas Day.
Prince Charles, Prince Williams, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry on Christmas Day. Samir Hussein / WireImage

According to a longtime friend of Meghan, part of the cultural conflict comes from her willingness to meet her sign.

"Meghan is a great girl – with whom one likes to go for a drink. She is always there for her friends and is extremely loyal, "the friend told The Post, pointing out that the Duchess has had the same close friends for years, including her colleague BFF Lindsay Roth and stylist Jessica Mulroney.

But the friend added, "She's crazy, she's shamelessly ambitious – she has a great work ethic – and I can only imagine how that went down in the palace."

Meghan actually plunged into her job is a member of the Royal Foundation, the philanthropic organization she leads with her husband, Prince William and Kate, and Meghan has recently teamed up with three other pet themes: the National Theater and the Association of Commonwealth Universities, both of whom are patrons, she has taken over from Queen Elizabeth, as well as charities for unemployed women and the welfare of the animals.

"Megha I wanted to [deeply involved] get from the beginning, "said a Palestinian. "She is very intelligent and asked everything about her first briefing."

  Meghan visits Hubb Community Kitchen in London to celebrate the success of her cookbook in November.
Meghan visits Hubb Community Kitchen in London to celebrate the success of her cookbook in November. AFP / Getty Images

Meghan had the idea to publish a cookbook to help the survivors of the London Grenfell Tower fire caused the deaths of 72 people in June 2017.

Duchess Sussex's persistent work ethic has even urged sister-in-law Kate to work harder since her recent return from maternity leave. "Kate has to keep up with Meghan!" Said the Palastinsider.

However, this ambition has also dislocated the feathers, with three key members of Meghan and Harry's staff resigning in recent months.

  Britain Royals Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex Queen Elizabeth II
Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and Queen Elizabeth II AP

Among them was the couple's private secretary, who was previously the personal secretary The queen had been commissioned with the support of Meghan in the royal life. The Duchess' personal assistant had previously worked for singer Robbie Williams, but the mirror left the palace because "Meghan made a lot of demands on her and she ended up in tears."

Similarly, Harry and Meghan's chief protection officer announced after only six months of resistance from the Duchess.

"Although 19459034 was a famous actress, she still could do what she wanted to move freely," said a Daily Mail source. "But in her current role, she can not go anywhere without her protection team, and that's a tremendous compulsive force for a person like her."

All this emphasizes her husband, sources say.

"Harry wants to protect from Meghan," Larcombe said, "when she's frustrated and stressed, he reads the workers' attacks and makes the demands for them."

"But you can not blame Meghan, she has taken her biggest role so far and she has put her heart and soul into it. Yes, she sends emails to employees at 5am, but she is very excited and Harry takes his lead. He is under great pressure behind the scenes. "

The tensions come Meghan's extended family members. While her yoga instructor Doria Ragland stays dignified and quiet at home in Los Angeles, Meghan's father and half-siblings are a constant embarrassment.

Despite a supposedly tense relationship with her father, Thomas Markle, Meghan asked him to be part of her marriage to Harry in May 2018. But a few days before the ceremony, he was caught staging and selling paparazzi photos – which led to him not attending the wedding. Since then he has given interview after interview how he was wrongly cut out of his daughter's life, how he hung up Harry during a hot phone conversation and how Princess Diana – Harry's deceased mother – never allowed this treatment to pass from him. He even publicly asked the queen to intervene.

Meanwhile, Meghan's half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. and half sister Samantha Grant – the friends who say they've never been around – have said something about the press and chaos. Grant, who threatened to overthrow the wedding after she had not been invited, has criticized Meghan for wearing a dress worth $ 75,000 for her engagement photo but not sending money to her father. She called Harry a "Wuss" because she did not stand against her half-sister, whom she has variously referred to as the "Duchess of Nonsense", "Cruella deVille" and "Witchy Poo".

The Sunday Times reported in December that Grant was placed on Scotland Yard's Watched Watchlist – which means that police and security agencies keep an eye out for Grant when she comes to Kensington Palace without being asked (and has already done so) could be. 19659002] The palace has the approach of ignoring family problems. A royal source told the post office that there are no plans to "give up" the antics of the Markles and no plans to contact the father.

  Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte
Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte AFP / Getty Images

As if that were not enough, some British newspapers have claimed there is a rivalry between Meghan and sister-in-law Kate. Daily Telegraph's Camilla Tominey, who first broke the news of Harry's and Meghan's romance, said Meghan had made Kate cry for Princess Charlotte's bridesmaid dress. The palace has not denied that.

A prominent London high-society source told The Post, "I do not think it's true that Meghan and Catherine do not get along – they're just very different people. Catherine is so incredibly gracious, and Meghan is clearly determined and ambitious, applying the same principles to this job as she does to any other [acting] role.

The source of high society added that Meghan was considered social -climber: "For the first few days, Harry's closest friends tried to help Meghan when she was the new girl in the block, but she did not need her really, after she got the ring on her finger. "

Next The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will soon move to their new home in Frogmore Cottage, which underwent a $ 5 million renovation on the grounds of Windsor Castle. The news of the move triggered a storm in the UK, where there was speculation that the couple was trying to distance themselves from neighbors William and Kate at Kensington Palace, and reported that the brothers were talking about Harry and
Meghan's whirlwind Courtship were crashed.

 ] Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle WireImage

But Larcombe denies this and says, "They're so close. I think William was just worried that [Harry and Meghan] was on the right foot.

He also added, "Kensington Palace is like a posh jail! They are surrounded by a public park and half is a museum. The only place Harry could play outside with the baby is a small yard. "

In fact, this child could lessen the tensions for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

" I think the baby is the biggest light at the end of the tunnel, "the palace source said. "It will give Meghan a chance to replenish and stay out of the limelight for six months so she can think about the way forward."

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