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The investigations continue despite the presentation of the Müller report

Ongoing investigations range from a comprehensive Trump Founding Committee investigation into various investigations into former top Trump election officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, to tips by Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen's experience with Trump and It's possible that other investigations are conducted quietly.

Overall, Mueller leaves behind a string of prosecutors in federal and state governments who are still collecting documents, interviewing witnesses, and prosecuting cases that may keep Trump's family and workers at bay for months

Much of the obvious action has been outside of powerful, insular US law firm in Manhattan. The New York district office is already investigating donations and expenses from the Trump inauguration, the Trump organization, Cohen's allegations of campaign funding, and a possible pardon proposal. They are also investigating well-known US lobbyists who have worked for Ukraine.

Public prosecutor's offices of state and local authorities as well as other public prosecutors participate in the extensive cases of cases.



9659002] Federal prosecutors from the southern district of New York sent a far-reaching summons to the Trump Founding Committee in February, marking an important step in a devastating test in the political world of Trump.

The Manhattan-based Prosecutors were looking for just about any documentation related to the founders' donors, sellers, and finances.

The subpoena signed by Manhattan, US attorney Geoffrey Berman, revealed that the prosecutor's office is investigating a wide range of potential crimes related to the business conduct of the founding initiative: US conspiracy, false allegations, postal fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, violations against founding committees and violations of laws prohibiting contributions by foreign nations, and contributions on behalf of another person, also known as the straw donor.

The summons also specifically requested information about a donor named Imaad Zuberi and his investment firm Avenue Ventures LLC, who donated $ 900,000 to the donor opening fund according to the Federal Election Commission's records.

New Jersey and Washington prosecutors are also investigating the inaugural exam.

  Federal Attorneys from the Southern District of New York are investigating the Trump Founding Committee. [19659012] Federal Attorneys from the Southern District of New York investigate the Trump Founding Committee.

Michael Cohen matters

At the same time, Cohen, the president's former personal advocate, has publicly accused Trump of firm and others. One of these allegations may lead to an investigation into obstacles after Cohen points out his alleged emails at the possibility of a pardon by the President, as Cohen considered terminating a contract with prosecutors for his own legal problems.

Attorney Robert Costello, who sent the e-mails, denies that the e-mails discussed possible forgiveness. Cohen also accused Trump of being indirectly invited to lie in a statement to Congress. Prosecutors in the southern district of New York have asked for e-mail between Cohen and Costello, and a source familiar with the case informed CNN.

Cohen claimed that he had testified last month before Congress that Trump had committed an insurance fraud regulatory agency in New York. Regardless, Cohen claimed that Trump had lied to Deutsche Bank in an attempt to obtain a business loan.

Cohen also provided information on inappropriate campaign funding at the time Trump took office.

Last year, Cohen pleaded guilty to two charges for campaigning for two women while running for presidential candidates to keep quiet about alleged extramarital affairs.

Since last summer, Manhattan prosecutors have been investigating whether executives of the Trump organization violated the law's campaign against funding Cohen for the $ 130,000 he had paid during the 2016 elections to an adult movie actress Silencing Stormy Daniels, who claimed a sexual encounter with Trump (Trump refused the affair).

More recently, prosecutors have interviewed US lawyers The president's family business told CNN. As a result of the ongoing investigation, information about Cohen's silent benefits under Cohen's case, published last week, has been largely modified in connection with Cohen's published or orchestrated instruments.

The Cohen case also resulted in an agreement that prosecutors would not accept The parent company of the National Enquirer, American Media Inc., is not charged with having contributed, in consultation with Trump and Cohen, to potentially damaging stories about the dismantle the then presidential candidate. Now prosecutors are revisiting the publisher to see if he has violated the agreement.

The agreement, in which the publisher acknowledged, wanted to influence the election in 2016 by paying $ 150,000 to a former Playboy model to silence her claims to an affair with him. Trump challenged the company, not more To commit crimes.

In February, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos accused AMI of trying to run blackmail and extortion after the National Enquirer released photos and texts exposing an affair. The prosecution continues to investigate whether the company's actions violate the agreement, but they are cautious about bringing charges against a news organization for the concerns of the first change, according to a person familiar with the matter.

  Michael Cohen, US President Donald Trump's former private lawyer says on Capitol Hill on February 27, 2019.

Manafort Lobby Questions

A Mueller-led investigation into Manafort's lobbying efforts for Ukrainian politicians was also conducted in more than one region once – to other prosecutors.

Last spring, Mueller referred to the Manhattan law firm that a collection of Republican and Democratic political activists had been unable to register foreign agents. The investigation examined former White House attorney Greg Craig and his former law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom; longtime Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta and his former company, the Podesta Group; and lobbyist Vin Weber, a former Minnesota Congressman, and his company Mercury Public Affairs.

Skadden and Craig's investigation then moved again, this time to the Department of Justice's national security department, which Skadden settled in January, and agreed $ 4.6 million for the 2012 work of Manafort for Ukraine.

This agreement appears to imply that Craig may be subject to potential charges of "false and misleading statements" and non-registration as a foreign agent. The National Security Division is now considering whether a case should be pending against him, people say who are familiar with the matter. Justice Department court filings in an independent criminal case have also misled Craig in recent weeks, without explicitly mentioning it.

However, the investigations at the companies Podesta and Mercury remain at the office of the US Attorney in Manhattan. According to people who are familiar with the matter, a few weeks ago he continued to conduct inquiries in the service of the investigation.

The Manhattan district attorney filed a new lawsuit against Manafort, less than an hour after his investigation this month, convicted in federal court for conceding similar violations. This case is still in the preparatory phase.

  Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort learned that he was again charged with fraud for fraud because he was convicted of similar violations.

Collection of judicial units

Regardless of whether Muller's office is not closed it does not mean that the judicial activity that he started will end right now. Instead, Müller's office has already asked for support from other sections of the Department of Justice, notably the Washington DC law firm and the National Security Division.

Gates, for example, will deal with a new group of prosecutors for him – apology to the DC District Court. His case – originally opened as a conspiracy indictment against him and Manafort – will be handed over to the US Attorney General, said the Special Representative on Saturday.

The US Attorney's Office – which is headed by Jessie Liu Trump is the number 3 in the Ministry of Justice. He has already negotiated several cases in addition to Mueller, such as Concord Management and Consulting and Roger Stone. Therefore, passing the gates is a natural thing. [19659002] Gates pleaded guilty in February of last year, proposed Manafort and assisted the prosecutors as witnesses to the Manafort trial and other ongoing investigations.

Gates continues to cooperate with prosecutors in several investigations, prosecutors said in court this month. And these seem to be outside of DC. One of these investigations seems to be the investigative test in New York.

Two other pending lawsuits handled by Mueller's team alone – the criminal prosecution of Michael Flynn and the persecution of a statement by the grand jury of Roger Stone associate Andrew Miller The handover plans are still pending, the special representative's office said Saturday.

Flynn, who pleads guilty to a lying charge in December 2017, is not yet ready to convict. He is expected to be a star witness in a case filed by the Procuratorate in Northern Virginia against his former lobbying partner, who has not found himself guilty of illegally working for Turkey.

Finally, there are two important question marks that Mueller has never answered. According to recent court records, they remain part of ongoing investigations.

One is the communication between Manafort and Konstantin Kilimnik in 2016, which Müller claimed was the centerpiece of her work, and the other is the prosecution of documents from an undisclosed company owned by the foreign government , This company still refuses to comply with a grand jury summons that Mueller sent last year, and sought help from the Supreme Court, claiming state immunity. The Supreme Court has reviewed the proposed case on Friday but has not yet said what it will do.

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