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The Irish theatrical release is still in transition, while Netflix is ​​negotiating

As Netflix makes a bigger and bigger impression on the awards every year, we return to the separation between streaming services and theatrical chains in terms of the release of their films. This time, the focus is on Martin Scorsese & # 39; s The Irishman and this particular case could reshape the distribution model of the theater to a much larger scale depending on the outcome.

The Movie Stars Robert De Niro as Frank Sheeran, a killer who has worked with some of the most notorious persons, including Jimmy Hoffa. The film is to focus on Hoffa's disappearance and "a monumental journey through the hidden corridors of organized crime offer: his inner life, rivalries and links to mainstream politics." This monumental journey also includes Joe Pesci Al Pacino a known budget of $ 1

60 million, possibly groundbreaking VFX, and a New York film festival debut. Of course, Netflix will be offering a price boost for this film, but with a project of this magnitude, strength and anticipation, they do not just want to win the movie in select theaters for the Oscars. Netflix is ​​seeking a nationwide release. In fact, Scorsese asked for it himself.

  netflix-logo Considering the fact that many big theatrical chains need an exclusive 90-day window for movies they show it is so It will be very interesting to see what kind of concessions Netflix make if necessary becomes. If the streaming service complies with this rule, it means that he can not add the movie to his platform three months after his movie debut. As you might expect, they do not want that, which makes the situation rather complicated for everyone involved, and according to the New York Times, Netflix, AMC and Cineplex are not seeing the issue on par.

Netflix refuses to comply with this 90-day restriction Theater theaters are concerned that other studios might demand the same if they make an exception and trim the window for Netflix. This could be extremely problematic for companies, especially with so many companies putting tons of resources into their own streaming services. AMC endeavors to release the Irishman however, not at the expense of his other relationships as General Manager Adam Aron . "However, we can only do so on conditions that respect AMC's important and close relationships with our long-standing studio partners, including Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, Sony, Paramount, Lionsgate, and so many other filmmakers who are the lifeblood of our significant studio partner Business are.

It is said that negotiations have been going on for months with things that look like they hit a dead end in July. In just two weeks, AMC and Cineplex apparently returned to the drawing board to make separate arrangements with Netflix. If you're wondering where Regal Cinemas, one of AMC's biggest competitors, stands, that chain will not work at all with Netflix. Regal made the following statement: "We are currently not discussing with Netflix The Irishman or any other film. Of course, if Netflix decides to respect the industry's business model and publish the movie with a reasonable cinema window, we'll be happy to discuss booking the movie in Regal Cinemas. "

Netflix has shown content in smaller formats such as Landmark Theaters and Alamo Drafthouse, making them exclusive for a week. As for Roma this film ended with 21 days and the longest window ever. Will Netflix ever go beyond that? Watch the latest episode of Movie Talk at the top of this article to find out what the panelists think.

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