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The joke of the April Fool joke when checking the amount of tinder confuses the user and pulls game

Tinder's alleged new altitude-checking feature was scratching subscribers when it was unveiled over the weekend.

The timing of the announcement on Friday was strange – as many said, it was just a few days before April Day of the fools. However, since this was not the actual prank holiday, users asked if the dating app was serious when it came up with a concept to combat what was called "deep sea fishing"

. "Most of you have noticed 5" 10s out there are actually 5 & # 39; 6. The charade has to stop. This kind of dishonesty does not only hurt your matches – it hurts us too. Did you ever notice that we're 5 & 6 and really love ours? "" Medium-sized, have you ever thought that honesty distinguishes people from weird monsters, of course not, "Tinder wrote in a blog post.


"They have only thought of themselves." Well, the height is here, to demand that everyone under the age of 6 years To its true grandeur, we bring truthfulness back to the world of online dating, "the app continues.

Tinder then described the tool and explained that users had to make a decision on their exact height, showing a screenshot of themselves next to a commercial building. From there, the app said it would check if you were telling the truth or not.

The dating app has even rolled out a 40-second video clip that gives users step-by-step instructions that describe how the feature works. The video received more than 3.6 million views on Twitter on Monday afternoon. Users quickly commented on the reported verification feature.


"Has anyone queued April 1

incorrectly?" Asked a Twitter user.

"This is a tragedy! "exclaimed a trailer.

" Cool with it. Just add a weight check for the ladies who like to show these old pictures! "Another user argued.

" You need a weight check. I feel attacked by it and will not stand for it, "a user repeated.

On Monday, Tinder confirmed to Fox News that the height-checking option was indeed an April Fool's joke.

" Tinder was always about bringing people together. To celebrate April Fool's Day, we wanted to draw attention to the fact that in fact only 14.5% of the male US population is over 6 ", although many Bios have claimed otherwise from Tinder," said Jenny Campbell, CMO of Tinder, in an email to Fox News. "This has caused a stir among our users, and although we do not really check the level, we encourage people to be proud of their truth when filling in their BIOS, and vice versa, we encourage all Tinder users to be open-minded Sometimes an unexpected game can lead to amazing things. "

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