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The journey to the wild planet is what no human heaven wanted to be

Journey to the Savage Planet is in some ways shockingly similar to No Man's Sky . Both have a similar attitude: the player is thrown onto an unknown planet with only his brain and some high-tech equipment to determine whether or not that particular world is fit for human consumption. Scanning life forms, harvesting, building more tools, and surviving – all of these elements were part of what made No Man's Sky so exciting before its launch in 2016. The elevator for Journey to the Savage Planet begins like a repeat of the same ground.

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Fortunately, it's the details that separate the developer Typhoon Studios' first foray into the gaming world from its competitors. While No Man's Sky covers extensive space exploration, Journey to the Savage Planet is more restrained: there is only one world to explore, and players will not spend nearly as much time in Take a long time to discover many of the secrets of the title. There is no element of space exploration as a selling point, as the titled wild planet serves as more than enough space to employ potential settlers. Most importantly, Journey to the Savage Planet has something missing from other exploration games in a ubiquitous and unmistakable charm.

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During our hands-on titled at the E3 201

9, we were consistently impressed with the way the universe unfolded the Journey to the Wild Planet was established as much more interesting than a typical survival and reconnaissance game. The first-person exploration title is located in the world of AR-Y 26, where an employee of Kindred Aerospace, Galaxy's fourth-best interstellar exploration company, tries to decipher whether it is worth settling. By the way, in the universe of Journey to the Savage Planet there are only four interstellar exploration companies. It's these small and dry pieces of humor that make the game stand out from the crowd, whether it's the game's awesome script or a silly mechanic, such as: For example, hunt smaller aliens into a pile of Goo for distraction, or throw them into larger predators as a distraction. Savage Planet Combat “/>

However, with AR-Y 26, we've found more than just laughter. The heart of Journey to the Savage Planet is a charming but detailed exploration game that is slow and satisfying. We started looking for some fun, beating little aliens, but as we looked more closely at our almost hours-long view of the game, we found something unexpected: investment. Something in the world grabs you and will not let you go. There's so much to scan, more to watch, and puzzles to solve, that players just have so many details that they want to look harder.

The actual gameplay is also much more complicated than it seems at first glance. In combat, it can be crucial to evade enemy attacks, with some of them only showing weak points after successfully dodging. In this way, it looks like a slower and less detailed Monster Hunter since enemies are often an easy way to collect the required components for each required upgrade. The collection of materials is dynamic, with the most enticing ones being in hazardous areas where wit and reflexes are required to reach them. There is an upgrade system that allows players to prioritize which elements of the game they want to focus on, and there's also a back story about terraforming and human greed while playing, though we're not sure how far this is given our limited Time with the game is enough.

  Journey to the Waterfall of the Strange Planet

According to reports, Journey to the Wild Planet seems to be a game that will take about 15 hours. Given that we have only seen one hour, there is a lot that could go wrong. Perhaps writing does not last all the way through, or perhaps the dynamic and changing environment becomes stagnant as time progresses. However, these hypotheses should not give the impression that Typhoon Studios is working with something special. The game has ticked all the boxes addressed in the early days of No Man's Sky and although it's not the same game, the feeling of wonderment that's been explored and refined in the exploration A Voyage to the Wild Planet is not very common. With so many big games coming in late 2019 and 2020, there's a chance this track will get lost in shuffle. Do not let it happen. Journey to the Savage Planet has everything that makes a sleeper hit – the way people balk at not playing earlier as they become more popular.

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