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The Justice Department expects to submit the Mueller report to Congress, if not earlier, by mid-April.

The exact length of the report was kept secret, but Barr said on Friday that the report was "almost 400 pages long," with no attachments and tables, and "sets out the results of the Special Counsel, his analysis, and the reasons." for his conclusions.

Barr also offered to testify shortly after the report was published, proposing May 1 for the Senate committee and May 2 for the House Committee.

On Sunday, Barr published a four-page summary of Mueller's main conclusions Barr clarifies that should not be understood as an "exhaustive recount of examinations or Special Counsel 's report.

In this summary, Barr said the investigation in Russia had" failed to prove "that the Trump campaign with the US ̵

1; Military conspires Russia's government before the election, but Mueller drew no conclusion about whether Trump obstructed the judiciary.

Trump and his Republican allies claim that Barr had confirmed the summary of the Mueller report during Barr's summary The Democrats have said that they have to read the entire report first, to see what Müller really is You also want Barr to explain how he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein decided that Trump's behavior was not the prerequisite for pursuing a legal remedy.

Barr wrote on Friday that he does not believe it is in the public interest to summarize Mueller's full report, nor does he intend to publish sections in a "piecemeal" manner.

"Everyone will soon be able to read it themselves," Barr added on Friday.

Barr also confirmed that the Department of Justice and the Special The Legal Adviser's team is working to edit four types of information from the report: grand jury material, sensitive informational materials, information that includes ongoing investigations, and "information that The personal rights and reputational interests of peripheral third parties would unduly hurt "(19659005)] But the Redactions on which Barr works will not satisfy the Democrats.

Jerry Nadler State of New York State Attorney General issued a statement on Friday replying to Bar's letter, insisting that the Democrats want the full Mueller report without editors.

"As I informed the Attorney General earlier this week, Congress is calling for the full and complete Mueller report without editors and access to the underlying evidence by April 2. This deadline is still valid," Nadler said.

When Nadler telephoned this week, she asked Barr to work with the committee and ask the courts to publicize the grand jury's information, a Democratic adviser who said Barr would not commit. Democrats say it sets a precedent for the publication of grand jury material, and the adjutant said that they see this as a "primary obstacle" to the publication of the full Mueller report. […] Instead of spending valuable time and resources to keep certain parts of it. He said he needed to work together from Congress to request a court order, all To pass on information from the Grand Jury to the Judiciary Committee of Parliament – as was the case with any similar investigation in the past, "said Nadler. "There are many examples of the Justice Department sharing all the information that the Attorney General intends to present to the relevant congressional committees." [Rep.] Rep. Doug Collins, the supreme Republican of the House Justice Committee, accuses Nadler in September A Friday statement setting arbitrary deadlines for Barr to release the report said Nadler's request that Barr be the Grand.

Other sources said that "the Attorney General should break the law by releasing the report without editors" (19659005)] The Justice Department is likely to miss the Democrats' deadline on April 2, despite Democrats of the House did not say what they will do afterwards. Nadler said he would take Barr's proposed hearing for the May hearing as "under counseling," adding, "We believe it is important that Attorney General Barr appear just before the congress to explain the reasons for his letter It was not enough to present an obstacle to the judiciary, and its continuing refusal to provide us with the full report. "

Lindsey Graham, US Department of Justice chairman, said in a statement Meanwhile, Barr's letter: "I'm looking forward to hearing from attorney General Barr on May 1."

This story was updated with additional developments on Friday.

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