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The Kareem Hunt video emerges from another suspected fight

Now there is a third incident that Kareem Hunt must explain to future teams and possibly the NFL.

The former Star-Chiefs who ran back were cut off after they released a video on Friday that pushed a woman and entered a Cleveland hotel in February, at the center of another, less clear-cut The nightclub's altercation, which takes place in January in Kansas City, where a man claims Hunt is in a group that beats him.

TMZ receive video of the incident in which Hunt is being held by a security guard while a crowd gathers. TMZ reports that these are the moments after the alleged fight in which a 37-year-old man with a broken rib and a broken nose had to be hospitalized. He filed a police report, but the police allegedly said the victim had stopped cooperating. No charges were filed.

Chronologically, this was the first known Hunt dispute of the calendar year that took place in the hours following the Chiefs' playoff defeat on January 6 against the Titans. A month later, Hunt attacked a woman in a video that is now public, which resulted in him being included in the Commissioner Exempt List.

There has also been a third incident since June, which the NFL is investigating. Years old is accused of slapping a man in a resort in Ohio.

Hunt has only publicly responded to the Cleveland altercation and apologized to both the victim and the Chiefs.

The world knows how sorry I am for my actions, "Hunt told ESPN on Sunday. "It was a difficult time for me and I find this video extremely embarrassing."

After Monday's NFL Chief Rusher had canceled the waivers on Monday, it became clear that he would not be playing this season. The question is, is next year a possibility?

"I hope so," Hunt told ESPN Sunday about returning to the field. "I worked for it all my life. I gave everything and sacrificed so much for it. … If I get another shot, the team will not regret it. "

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