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The kid at Disney Plus

The first episode of The Mandalorian was excellent . B but it was also about what we all expected: a science-fiction western focusing on a lonely gunslinger chasing and capturing wanted criminals. However, this changed in the last moment of the episode. A and now with the second episode, we have an idea what [Mandalorian will actually be .

Episode Two of The first season of Mandalorian is called "The Child," which is a bit odd, considering that the first episode had no title. You may add one later, A New Hope style. But yes, things start right where they left off. The Mandalorian walks around with what we still call "Baby Yoda" for lack of a better expression. Any thoughts that the show would leave that cliffhanger hang are killed instantly and it is clear that this show, at least at the beginning, will be about when the Mandalorian not only the galaxy, but Dealing with what is obviously an adorable, important child. It continues the seasoned and true western tradition of a loner who is forced to take care of something he initially does not care about.

After battling some bounty hunters who are keen to steal his prize, the mando sits down to heal himself and baby yoda wants to help. He keeps coming out of his crib to heal the Mandalorian, but Mando keeps putting him back. Immediately we know that this could be a baby in stature, but it is smart and there is still something going on too. Something that Star Wars fans can probably guess, but are not 100 percent sure . Yet. Really, the Mandalorian only wants to return to the razor coat of arms with Baby Yoda and pick up his Beskar . Really, is this so heavy ? In fact, it is because the Mando returns to find that Jawas have completely searched his ship for parts. He vaporizes some with his Amban Phase Pulse Blaster and sets off quickly to prevent the Sandcrawler from getting away with the bowels of his ship.

Here to the page: Since The first material of The Mandalorian I said, the show felt like a bunch of children in a Star Wars Sandbox played. "Oh, let's let the Boba Fett guy follow the Gonk droid to the stormtroopers with a Salacious Crumb thing out there and find a baby Yoda." Just a jumble of the coolest, strangest, most unexplored things in Star Wars finally a moment in the sun. And here in episode two, that's going to increase even more.

It's raised when the Mandalorian hunts the Sandcrawler and we get a huge action-set piece on a moving Sandcrawler . Come on! Is not that the coolest thing? Have you ever seen A New Hope and thought, "I wish we could earn more with this Sandcrawler? "Well, now you can! Episode Director Rick Famuyiwa also has a lot of fun with it, incorporating elements from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and more to create a very kinetic sequence. We are sure that the Mandalorian will win, but unfortunately, when he crashes like a dozen Jawas on the ground and the Jawas flee. It seems that the razor coat of arms is as good as lost.

I spoke.
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But wait! The Mandalorian has a friend on this planet. No, not the IG droid he shot in the head, but Kuiil, Nick Nolte's misfortune. Fortunately, Kuiil is friends with the Jawas and promises to make an agreement for the Mando to get back the parts of his ship. Finally, after a very merry trial, the Jawas say they want "the egg." And they begin to sing "The Egg, The Egg, ", which is very strange. But also very funny, like a few shots of the Mandalorian in the belly of the Sand Crawler beating his head because he is so tall.

As you may have guessed, this egg is not easy to reach. In fact, it is the egg of a very, very large creature that resembles the Reek of Clones Attack but no Reek of Clones' Attack . In fact, it's called a mudhorn. So the Mudhorn and the Mandalorian fight and, to put it bluntly, the Mandalorian gets shit. How seriously shitty. He is toast. Canceled after two episodes. If you remember that Baby Yoda was hovering over the side of our hero throughout the episode. And just as the Mudhorn wants to impale the Mandalorian like Star Wars Shish Kabob, it stops in its tracks … and begins to float. Baby Yoda used the power to stop the creature.

While the Mudhorn is in the air, the Mandalorian kills it with his last usable weapon, his knife, and can retrieve the egg. A whole series of questions about why this baby is so important has just been answered. Baby Yoda may be young, but he is already very strong in power. Strong, smart and capable. But also tired. The salvation of the Mandalorian relieves him much and he takes a small nap .

Because he's asleep, Baby Yoda missed the Jawas, who were eating delicious-looking yellow goose bumps out of the egg, a funny shot of Kuiil dragging all parts of Razor Crest, followed by a fun montage of the two of them Reassemble the ship. Interestingly, Kuiil rejects any payment for this help, as well as a highly lucrative first-mate job. He is only thankful that the Mandalorian brought peace to his homeland.

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And so "The Child" ends with the title child peacefully sleeping as the Mandalorian flies away in his newly repaired ship, into an uncertain future. Will he actually turn that child over for cash? We will find out next Friday.

Similar to the first episode of the series, "The Child" was deceptively simple. It's just that the Mandalorian is trying to leave the planet. But in this story, Jon Favreau's screenplay and Famuyiwas directing have so much fun in Star Wars . The Creeper, the Mando versus the creature, tons of Jawas, a touch of power building a spaceship. In addition, relationships and characters form on the back of this simple, direct story. We are there for everything and are so excited that this show builds emotions with this intriguing little baby. In the first 10 minutes not talked about this episode? I felt I saw the Star Wars version of There Will Be Blood .

  • The baby Yoda is – and I can not stress that enough – so damn sweet. I know it's technically a spoiler, but I'm ready to get a doll as fast as possible .
  • In the second episode, Ludwig Göransson's musical themes begin to blossom . In particular, the end does well for music and kind of adventure theme, which has a distinct John Williams tone, but more Indiana Jones than Star Wars. Repeated observations only make it better.
  • It is interesting that neither Kuiil nor of the Mandalorians understand exactly what Baby Yoda did. Almost as if they had never heard of the Force before. What seems possible in such a large universe, that was operated by the Empire for so long . B But you would think characters who seem experienced and are familiar with the galaxy's ways would have an indication of an energy force that surrounds everything. More likely, they have heard of it, have never seen it before, and are confused that it is true. All of it.

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