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The Knicks season is over as the practice facility reopens

NBA commissioner Adam Silver wants the season to reopen on July 31, but it looks like the Knicks aren’t part of the Disney World kickoff party.

The Knicks finally opened their training facility in Tarrytown on Friday, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be playing more games.

According to an NBA source, Silver’s conference call with the owners left the impression that it was unlikely to bring all 30 teams back. That’s the only way the Knicks will probably play again this season.

The general impression is that, according to one person who was informed of the call, the kinks are a “long shot” to play a different game. In fact, the kinks on return seem to be ambivalent. When their season is over, President Leon Rose could begin a coaching hunt that could include retaining interim coach Mike Miller, but with Tom Thibodeau as his primary goal.

According to a source, the NBA and its players̵

7; association can vote on a decision on how to proceed until the middle of next week.

A return-to-play scenario with 24 teams is still in play. That could include the Knicks if the NBA takes the top 12 teams from the east and the top 12 from the west and offers a play-in tournament. But this scenario is also unlikely.

Knicks coach Mike Miller
Knicks coach Mike MillerRobert Sabo

Other scenarios with 24 teams would exclude the Knicks, e.g. For example, the eight teams with the best records after the first eight in each conference. The Knicks (21-45) would take 25th place in this proposal.

Another scenario discussed is having the 16 playoff teams and clubs within six games after the eighth place on the grid. That would mean 22 teams. The Knicks are 9½ games back from the magic with the eighth seed.

Therefore, the Knicks only return when all 30 clubs are brought back. The networks are in seventh place in the east – in the playoffs – and will be in Orlando. However, some play-in scenarios would jeopardize the networks’ chances of being in the last 16 playoff pools.

In the conference call, Silver informed the owners that July 31 was scheduled for the day of the reopening. The teams can hold a three-week training camp in Orlando from early July.

The games will not include fans and will take place in the spacious four-seat basketball gym on ESPN’s Disney Wide World of Sports. The NBA combine design took place there in the mid-2000s.

The most likely scenario could be to only bring back 20 teams. Sources have indicated that The part of the Disney fun with the pelicans and Zion Williamson is on the radar of the NBA and New Orleans would do the cut.

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Last week, the start date was geared towards mid to late July. Silver has set the last possible date for this season and will start the next season either until Christmas or until January 1st.

The playoffs could last until the end of September or early October, followed days later by the design and the free agency. A report said the NBA was considering launching the free agency before the draft, as the NFL did.

This would make sense as the free agent situation will decrease due to the expected lower salary cap due to the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, ESPN cap guru Bobby Marks told The Post that he expected all 27 players with opt-outs to sign up for their contracts this offseason.

Restarting a 16 team playoff was recently preferred in a general manager survey. In a survey of all 30 GMs, 16 according to the ESPN, indicated that they would prefer the league to only come back with the typical 16 playoff teams – eight from each conference.

“This is our chance to experiment and learn,” said Mav’s owner Mark Cuban on ESPN. “I am confident that in special circumstances we will try to take advantage of it and do something else.”

The idea that all 30 teams will return is not yet dead, but there is little support for clubs like the Knicks who want to continue their off-season and don’t want to risk messing up their current lottery seeds. The Knicks, which are in 12th place in the east, are sixth in the draft lottery with a chance of winning 9 percent.

Another reason why they hesitate to return is that the Knicks only start looking for coaches after the end of the season.

On Saturday, New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced that teams in the state could open their training facilities to players. The networks immediately announced that their Brooklyn excavations were open for business.

The Knicks waited until Friday as most of the players and coaches were out of town during the suspension.

“The Knicks reopened the MSG Training Center today for voluntary player training,” the team announced.

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