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The Ladies of SNL shine in these bachelor parodies [VIDEO]

Each version of Saturday Night Live & # 39; ___ Hunk's Sketches is a pleasure to see. The ladies of SNL become the garbage monsters we always hoped, and the implicit racism of The Bachelor is usually encountered at least once. This time, James McAvoy is making his best attempt to stage a maddening Midwest that is undergoing a parade of wavy-haired villains as "Virgin Hunk." Aidy Bryant always gives her characters unshakeable energy, like the blonde who can not stop crying. "Farm Hunk."

Leslie Jones makes a joke toward the end of "Farm Hunk" and acknowledges that black girls did not go very far on The Bachelor. And when they sought diversity Rachel Lindsay's Guys were a notorious group of red flags, as this sketches sketch shows.

There are more women named Lauren in these shows than women with short hair, as shown in "Car Hunk." Jessica Chastains Baby's voice is really amazing.

Car Hunk may be so bland that the woman he's with does not even realize he's Luke Zero for a hot minute, but even he's not as bland as Taran Killam's "Bland Man" He says that every "I like that" with a "me too", so evenly and monotonously that you are half convinced that he is a robot.

Finally, I want to draw attention to the clothes THE WISHES The women by The Bachelorette need to provide their own closets and often share clothes so new looks can be cobbled together. But SNL has the best costume and makeup crews in the business, and when the script demands dresses and abrupt ombrés, they get dresses and abrupt ombrés.

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