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The largest ever discovered underwater eruption resulted in a brand new underwater volcano – the BGR

Months ago, a bizarre humming through the waters far off the coast of Africa traveled around the world, drawing the attention of scientists who managed to capture it with seismic sensors. Its creation was a mystery, but the discovery of a new underwater volcano near the French island of Mayotte could finally provide the answer.

As reported by LiveScience researchers from France have recently discovered the brand new feature of the volcano's seabed near Mayotte, and it is absolutely massive. The volcano, which now extends about 800 meters above the seabed, did not exist six months earlier and reports from islanders paint a clear picture of the time of origin.

The mysterious ocean drone was an indication that something strange was going on. This happened when it was first discovered in late 201

8, but the inhabitants of Mayotte literally felt like the volcano was being built. As a recent scientific report revealed, Mayotte residents felt tiny earthquakes in quick succession that lasted for days. The rumble that started in mid-2018 did not stop and the island itself began to feel the effects.

As the volcano formed, spewing hot liquid rock into the sea and forming its telltale pyramid shape, the entire island began to move. Mayotte has dropped about five inches during this time and moved east more than two inches. This, according to the researchers, could be due to the fact that a large magma chamber under the island shrank with the growth of the volcano.

In the meantime, fishermen reported heaps of dead fish in the offshore waters of the island, probably caught in flags of blisters and heat rising from the volcano as it continues to expand. Overall, it is estimated that about five cubic kilometers of magma have sprung up from the seabed, making it the largest underwater eruption ever recorded.

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