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The Last: Evacuation ordered in Napa County due to fire

The Latest About Forest Fires Burning in California (All Times Local):

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Authorities have been arrested for firing in a Northern California county known for their wine Evacuations arranged.

Cal Fire said the fire started on Saturday afternoon and affected about 100 acres in the Lake Berryessa area of ​​Napa County.

The Napa Valley Register reports three houses that may have been destroyed

Officer Mary Booher told the newspaper that the houses were among the 15 structures damaged in the early hours of the fire.

The newspaper reports that about 80 homes will be evacuated.



Authorities say they have been arrested in connection with looting in Northern California neighborhoods that have been evacuated for a deadly forest fire.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko told anxious residents at a community meeting on Saturday that the authorities had released a prisoner and had a warrant d) He went to jail.

Residents cheered and did so later when Redding police chief Roger Moore said his officers had references to other suspects.

More than 38,000 people have been displaced since the fire started on Monday. At least three civilians and two firefighters have been killed.



Authorities say they are investigating reports of looting in northern California neighborhoods that have been evacuated for a deadly forest fire and that officials have identified several suspects

Redding Police Chief Roger Moore reports that his department received reports from people driving around in still evacuated areas and shouldering doors of still standing houses.

Moore said no arrests had been made on Saturday

Shasta County sheriff Tom Bosenko says officials are tightening security measures in the evacuation zones.

He says more than 100 officers and 260 National Guard soldiers help with evacuations and provide security in the empty quarters.

Bosenko says that more than 38,000 have been expelled since the expulsion The flame started on Monday. At least three civilians and two firefighters have been killed.



A bulldozer operator was killed when he was overtaken by a massive fire in Northern California.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office On Saturday, 81-year-old Don Smith was identified by Pollock Pines, California, as the bulldozer driver who helps clear the vegetation on the path of wildfire.

California fire department officials said Smith and his equipment had been privatized. His body was found late Thursday in Redding.

A Redding firefighter was also killed, fighting the flame that started Monday.

Family members of three missing persons said Saturday they were confirmed dead.

Sherry Bledsoe says she's grandmother, 70-year-old Melody Bledsoe, and her children, 5-year-old James Roberts and 4-year-old Emily Roberts, died in the fire near Redding


13:15 Sherry Bledsoe said her two children and her grandmother died at Redding on Saturday

Fatalities have since claimed five lives The massive fire started on Monday about 160 kilometers south of the Oregon border on Monday.

The dead were identified as 70-year-old Melody Bledsoe and her great-grandson, 5-year-old James Roberts, and as a 4-year-old. One-year-old Emily Roberts

Family members were Bee I was desperately looking for them since flames had routed the home they had stranded on Thursday.

Bledsoe's husband was getting supplies at the store when the boy called him and said he had to come home because the fire was approaching.



Police in a northern California city say they could not find 14 people, including a 70-year-old woman and her young great-grandchildren, in the middle of a raging wildfire.

Redding Police Sgt. Todd Cogle said he expected most of the 14 to be safe as their homes survived the bushfires in Shasta. He says some may have communication problems.

Cogle said he can not comment on Melody Bledsoe and 5-year-old James Roberts and 4-year-old Emily Roberts, who are still missing. He said that the Sheriff office of Shasta County is being investigated.

Police have surrounded the Bledsoe property with gang of crime.

An investigation Saturday would not say if any remains had been found.

The wildfire that started Monday has displaced at least 37,000 people.


12:20 pm

A shelter for people displaced by a massive explosion in Northern California has reached full capacity as fire authorities order more evacuations.

Peter Griggs, a Shasta College spokesman in Redding says the school's evacuation center reached its maximum capacity on Saturday and accommodates 500 people.

The college's high school is equipped with baby cots and American Red Cross Volunteers provide food, water, and medical and mental health

Californian firefighters say that Saturday afternoon more communities for the communities south of Redding and another three Emergency shelters were evacuated.

The Rage A fire that started on Monday has displaced at least 37,000 people.


11:20 am

Police have surrounded a burned-out property with a tape on which two children and their great-grandmother are missing a Northern California wildfire destroyed their home.

An investigator Saturday would not say if any remains had been found, but police closed the road to the house. Family members desperately sought out 70-year-old Melody Bledsoe and two of her great-grandchildren who lived with her on Quartz Hill Road in Redding.

A relative's friend Jason Decker says Bledsoe's husband, Ed, was in the store Thursday when his five-year-old grandson called James Roberts and told him to come home because the fire was near.

Decker says if Ed Bledsoe wanted to go home, the police would not let him go through a roadblock because the fire is raging.

Decker tells Melody that the boy and his 4-year-old sister, Emily Roberts, are all missing.


11 am

President Donald Trump has issued an Emergency Declaration for California, which allows the forest-affected counties to receive government support.

A statement from the White House on Saturday states that the Federal Emergency Management Agency's statement may provide the necessary equipment and resources

High (19659003) According to Californian fire department officials, more than 10,000 firefighters are working to halt the progress of 14 to stop large forest fires across the state.

The fires are said to have killed three firefighters and destroyed more than 500 structures


9:55 am

Two flames burning 50 kilometers apart are threatening dozens of buildings in Mendocino, California County led to evictions.

The Flames That began on Friday burn about 120 miles (200 kilometers) southwest of Redding, California, which is near a massive wildfire that has thousands of evacuation orders.

The Mendocino County Sheriff Office says mandatory evacuations are for the people living area north of Highway 175 near Hopland, California.

Officials in neighboring Lake County say residents of Benmore Valley were called on Saturday for evacuation tomorrow

They say the flames threaten more than 350 buildings.


This point has been corrected to show that the flame is burning near Hopland and not in Ukiah, California.


9 o'clock

Officials say a fatal fire in Northern California almost doubled overnight, but it moves away from inhabited areas.

Chris Anthony, deputy director of the California Forestry and Fire Authority, said Saturday the so-called Carr The fire in Shasta County has burned 320 square kilometers (320 square kilometers). It is 5 percent included.

The fire extended over 75 square miles (194 square kilometers) on Friday night.

Anthony says that winds fill the fire, but also push it away from Redding, a city of 90,000 inhabitants, and other populated areas. Thousands of people remain under evacuation orders, including the small towns of Ono and Igo.

The explosive conflagration in northern California has killed two firefighters and destroyed 500 buildings. Another 5,000 buildings continue to be threatened.


7 pm

A forest fire in the far north of California has destroyed at least 500 buildings and is largely not preserved. The air is swallowed by the smell of smoke and chemicals. The smoldering remains are still too hot to sift through. And the weather forecast promises hotter dry conditions, bad news for firefighters operating the so-called Carr Fire.

Wildfire has wiped out the small community of Keswick, swept through the historic gold rush city of Shasta and hit Redding. Nearly 5,000 more homes are threatened, and about 37,000 people remain under evacuation orders.

Two firefighters were killed when the flames broke. Other large fires are burning outside the Yosemite National Park and in the San Jacinto Mountains. The National Interagency Fire Center tracks 89 major fires in 14 states.

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