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The latest iOS 12.2 beta includes support for the AirPower charging mat as it's about to be released

Yesterday, Apple released the sixth developer beta of iOS 12.2. Looking at the update, it was found that the component responsible for wireless charging is undergoing significant changes, including the code that causes two devices to load on the same mat.

AirPower can charge up to three devices at one time. Use the device with the largest screen to display the charge status for all devices on the mat. It shows 3D animations of the devices displayed on the screen when they are being charged. This is partly the purpose of this system component.

These changes strongly suggest that Apple is preparing to finally deliver AirPower to consumers. At the beginning of the year, there were rumors that AirPower would go into production on January 21

st. If that's true, it means that Apple's new wireless charging mat will soon be available for purchase. During the week, Apple seems to make new announcements every day. Yesterday, the new iPad Air and iPad mini were announced, and today new iMacs were announced. Macrumors says that they have learned from sources that tomorrow a new iPod Touch model will be released for publication. We also know that a new generation of AirPods with support for "Hey, Siri" is in the works. If AirPower is finally released this week, it will likely ship after the release of iOS 12.2, as the new version of the operating system is required for it to work properly. The final release of iOS 12.2 is expected to be available to customers after Apple's special event on Monday.

The release of AirPower will mark the end of a two-year wait since AirPower's announcement on the same keynote, which also announced iPhone 8 and iPhone X, in September 2017. Apple initially promised to ship the 2018 product, but The year came and went by without news, with Apple actively removing information about the device from its website. With the release of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, Apple has added information about AirPower to the device's documentation. More recently, reports have indicated that they have resolved the product's issues and are starting production.

Will you buy AirPower when it's released? Let us know in the comments.

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