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The Latest: Observers begin voting in Zimbabwe

HARARE, Zimbabwe – The latest on Zimbabwe's election (all times local):


Election watchers from South African states have praised Zimbabwe for a peaceful, orderly election, despite their also noted some shortcomings in their implementation.

The South African Development Community says the Zimbabweans have "the opportunity to exercise their constitutional right" and applauds the government for more international observers to be admitted to the vote on Monday.

Manuel Domingos Augusto, the Angolan foreign minister and SADC representative, described the elections as "a political turning point in Zimbabwe's history, as they could open a new chapter in socio-economic reconstruction and democratic consolidation"

Augusto says Efforts should be made to enable the millions in Zimbabwe's diaspora, who are not allowed to vote abroad, to vote in future elections. [1

] 9659010] He also referred to criticism of the electoral commission in Zimbabwe for the belated publication of the Electoral lists and the bias of the state media and traditional leaders towards the ruling party.

He calls on anyone with complaints to abstain from violence.


11 pm

Dozens of Zimbabwean opposition supporters gather for one second day before party headquarters, but earlier F Eggs were replaced by defiance and bitterness in what they consider a stolen choice.

Members The Movement for Democratic Change sings anti-government slogans as police are near water cannons.

"I'm in pain when I think of my voice," the opposition voters sang after Zimbabwe's electoral commission told ruling ZANU-PF party The party won a parliamentary majority on Monday. The President's results have not yet been announced, but the state media say they are expected within two hours.

The opposition says the vote is rigged, while the Electoral Commission and President Emmerson Mnangagwa call the elections free and fair.

have stolen the election, "says 78-year-old Iddah Hanyani." I want my voice back. "



The Zimbabwean Electoral Commission is scheduled to release the results of the presidential election Monday

According to state media, the commission has said that it would wait to announce the president's results until all votes come from across the country.

The announcement will be over Local time (1030 GMT)

The race is against President Emmerson Mnangagwa against opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, whose supporters demanded victory over agents in the field across the country on Tuesday, and are also worried about alleged opposition

The Commission has announced that the ruling ZANU-PF party has won the majority of seats in parliament.



The Zimbabwe e

The ZANU-PF has now won 109 seats against the largest MDC opposition party, which holds 41 seats in the country's House of Assembly with 210 seats

According to the electoral commission's morning announcement, 58 parliamentary seats still need to be proclaimed.

The Commission said it will only announce the results of the presidential race in Zimbabwe and that all the votes have been cast by President Emmerson Mnangagwa against opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.

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