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The Latest: The gun shop in Christchurch sold 4 weapons to suspect

The latest news of the New Zealand mosque firing in New Zealand:


The owner of the Christchurch shop "Gun City" said he has four guns sold and ammunition for the alleged shooter of the mosque through a "police-verified online mail-order process".

David Tipple said in a statement that he had provided the police with the purchase records and complete sales data that did not contain military style semi-automatic weapons.

Tipple said he and his staff were "upset and disgusted" by Friday's shootings.

The store was criticized for dropping a roadside billboard to show parents how to help children with rifle target training. 1

9659003] Regarding the man arrested after the shootings in two mosques, Tipple said, "We have not found anything out of the ordinary about this (gun) licensee."

An Australian man was charged with murder in attacks on two Christchurch mosques. [1 9659003] ___


Families of the 50 people killed in the mosques of the Christchurch Mosque are experiencing an increasingly torturous wait until the bodies of the victims are released as New Zealand's characters from the unprecedented tragedy.

After the attack on Friday, New Zealand's deadliest shooting in modern history, relatives waited anxiously for when to bury their relatives. According to the Islamic tradition, the bodies are to be cleaned and buried as soon as possible after death.

Aya Al-Umari, whose older brother Hussien Al-Umari died in the Al Noor mosque, said, "It's very disturbing not to know what's going on, if you just let me know – he's still in Where is he? "

The authorities say they hope to release all the bodies by Wednesday.

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