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The Latest: The Syrian state television says the troops invade Douma


1; The latest on the conflict in Syria (all times local):

7:15 pm

The Syrian state television reports that government forces are operating on farms outside the rebel city of Douma near the capital, Damascus advancing and approaching the last rebel territory in the east of Ghouta.

The broadcaster said After a ten-day truce that collapsed on Friday afternoon, the troops undertook a ground offensive under the protection of air raids that penetrated deep into the so-called Douma Farms.

Opposition officials said that 25 people were killed in air strikes on Douma People were killed in the capital, Damascus, when rebels fired mortar shells into the city.

Douma activist Haitham Bakkar said that clashes between Syrian troops and the rebel group of the Islamist army are taking place on two main fronts in the city [19659005] ___

19:05 [19659005] Syrian opposition activists say government strikes in the city Douma near the capital Damascus has killed at least 25 people

Violence started in and around Douma on Friday afternoon after the rebel group in the city set new conditions for an evacuation agreement that had left hundreds of combatants and civilians earlier this week [19659005] Rami Abdurrahman of the British Syrian Human Rights Observatory said 42 air attacks on Friday afternoon killed 25 people, including five children

Media activist Haitham Bakkar also said that 25 people were killed in the city's air raids and shelling.

Syrian state television said the rebels fired mortar shells in Damascus, killing two people and injuring others.



After days of calm, Syrian opposition activists and state media report on air strikes and shelling in and around the rebel city of Douma Weapons and Evacuation Agreements

The British Syrian Observatory on Human Rights and activist Haitham Bakkar Douma claims that Syrian fighter planes carried out at least six air raids in the city on Friday afternoon.

Syrian state television said members of the army Islamic rebel groups fired mortar shells at areas near Douma that claimed casualties and led to retaliation by the army.

Douma is the last city to hold rebels in the eastern Ghouta suburbs of Damascus. Other rebel groups agreed after a Russian-backed government offensive in February and March that killed hundreds of people and caused devastating destruction to move north.


1:25 pm

Syrian state media report that a bomb exploded near a mosque in the capital, Damascus, killing one person and injuring six others.

The state news agency SANA reported that Friday's explosion broke out in the north-eastern district of Barzeh, near the al-Khansaa mosque.

Rare in Damascus

Barzeh is located near the eastern suburb of Harasta in Damascus, where opposition fighters were evacuated after a weeklong government offensive in eastern Ghouta last month.

Evacuations from the rebel city of Douma at Damascus suspended for the second day on Friday, days after hundreds of opposition fighters and their relatives went into areas of the north of the country following a rearrangement treaty that followed the EA's Heck Ghouta offensive.

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