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The latest trailer of the Umbrella Academy is an exhausting family reunion

The Children of the Umbrella Academy
Image: Netflix
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Regardless of what people like Charles Xavier tell you that as a child you are recruited to become a superhero who conquers the world and leads epic wars, life-changing wars are a surefire way to ensure that you are in the Therapy will last most of your adult life should you survive your education. This is something the heroes of Netflix's Umbrella Academy believe are true.

The latest trailer of the live action series clearly expresses these facts and shows us various points in the lives of Hargreeves' siblings after they were adopted by their father specifically for the abnormalities of their births and their incredible superpowers. They are all bigger than normal people, but they are beset by the same, all-too-familiar peculiarities that arise when you grow up in a house full of crazies like yourself, all of whom need more attention and care than their guardians do ,

And so do the hargreeves, which any sensible, quirky family of outsiders would do after being the most visible people in the world for a lifetime – they turn inward and become a bunch of crazies that just go into the world The public eye will return when it becomes clear that they are the only ones able to prevent the imminent apocalypse.

Netflix's Umbrella Academy begins streaming on February 15th.

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The first trailer for the Umbrella Academy sets a dramatic stage

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