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The lawsuit accuses Fortnite Maker of making the game addictive

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Fortnite is specifically designed to be addictive.

Epic Games

The creators of Fortnite were accused of making the online video game addictive. The Canadian lawsuit, which seeks class action, is reportedly similar to the game's use of cocaine.

On Friday, a legal notice was filed in the Quebec High Court accusing Epic Games of the US of developing the game specifically for fans of Canada's Global News, said Friday. According to the complaint, the players had to seek treatment for their addiction.

"The addiction to the Fortnite game has real consequences for players' lives: some do not eat or shower and are no longer socialized," the statement says.

Fortnite, which can fight up to 1

00 players on a virtual battlefield, conquered the storm in 2018. It became one of the largest free-to-play games on consoles of all time and created a cultural phenomenon that earned the developer Epic Games $ 3 billion last year. The game has nearly 250 million users worldwide, the company said in March.

Jean-Philippe Caron, the lawyer who filed the lawsuit, told AFP that the developers of the game had sought the help of "psychologists" to addict the game. 19659006] He accused Epic Games of "not warning about the risks and dangers associated with their product". Similar allegations were made in lawsuits against tobacco companies.

Epic Games did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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