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The lawyer of Stormy Daniels wanted to discuss the deal with Michael Cohen

Brent Blakely, a California-based attorney representing Cohen on Daniel's affairs, told CNN Tuesday that Avenatti requested a face-to-face meeting and one was planned for New York this week, but was subsequently canceled by Blakely.

Daniels filed a lawsuit against Trump in March for a 2016 "Hush Agreement" in which Cohen paid Daniels $ 130,000 for her silence over her alleged affair with Trump in 2006. Daniels then sued Cohen for defamation and collusion.

Avenatti's desire to meet with Cohen and Blakely to discuss a possible deal is not yet reported. A settlement would be an amazing development in a long and very public feud between Avenati and Cohen. The Daniels saga has given the Trump White House countless headaches and raised serious questions about Trump's credibility.

Separated from the Daniels lawsuits, Cohen is currently under criminal investigation in the southern district of New York.

The discussions were triggered by a meeting Avenatti and Cohen had at a restaurant in Manhattan on July 1

6, Blakely said.

CNN previously reported that Cohen had dinner with his son in Scalinatella on the Upper East Side when Avenatti entered the restaurant, according to a source who reported the encounter. Avenatti approached Cohen's table and suggested that the two men should resolve their differences and work together, the source said, a characterization that Avenatti dismissed as "complete fabrication."

Blakely said he approached Avenatti after this encounter to demand that he not contact Cohen.

"When I heard Mr. Avenatti's conversation with Mr. Cohen last week, I called Mr. Avenati and asked that he forward any future communications regarding the Clifford process to my office and not to my client Mr. Avenatti agreed and then asked for a face-to-face meeting in New York to discuss the deal, "Blakely told CNN.

"Our discussions were warm and professional, and we agreed that it would be a good idea to discuss the possible solution to the dispute," he added. "While we've taken steps to schedule a meeting, it has never happened."

Asked if he and Cohen were willing to come to terms with Daniels, Blakely said, "Anyway, I'm always open to discussion, not just such discussions are a good idea, they are according to local rules from the court. "

Avenatti responded by calling Blakely's statement" not exactly accurate. "

"Brent Blakely is dishonest," said Avenatti. "I will not go into the details of all the lies Michael Cohen and his lawyers are telling."

Asked if Avenatti and Daniels are willing to come to terms with Cohen, Avenatti said, "We are not going to make settlements with people who continue to lie to the American people, what Michael Cohen wants." He has to stop playing games and to promote Donald Trump's forgiveness and do the right thing. "

Blakely told CNN that Avenatti's request for a personal meeting with Blakely and Cohen to discuss a possible agreement was made over the phone, and a meeting was provisionally scheduled for this week. Blakely said he called Avenatti to cancel the meeting on Sunday after the release of Avenatti in ABC News & # 39; This Week.

Avenatti tweeted on Monday screenshots of text messages between himself and Blakely, in which the two men seem to discuss arrangements about the meeting. Blakely also confirmed the authenticity of the text messages. Avenatti also said that he did not do anything wrong when talking to Cohen in the restaurant.

"I do not appreciate people making false ethical allegations – if Mr. Cohen and Mr. Blakely were upset that I talked to MC (they were not), why did not they say anything today?" Avenati wrote on Twitter. "And why did you work on building a mtg with me after we met in the restaurant?"

Over the weekend, Avenati said "this week" that Cohen and his lawyers may be open to cooperation.

"I think he (Michael Cohen) will tell the truth, and in the end I think he will work with us when it comes to our search for the truth," Avenatti said.

Responding to Avenatti's ABC interview, Blakely said in a statement: "Neither I nor Mr. Cohen have provided any information to Mr. Avenatiti, they are in any way cooperating with Mr. Avenatti or have any interest in cooperation with Mr. Avenatti Burdens of President Donald Trump The legal affairs of Mr Cohen are not heard before the tribunal of public opinion but before a court. "

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