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The legislator deters the stasis drama

Call it the quiet closure.

When the government decided on a partial closure on Friday night, the legislators of both parties did something special: they started to drive home.

The Lack of Urgency – and Total Disregard The bad appearance of failure before the clock expires is in stark contrast to the past.

In previous debates, it was a fierce scramble to reach an agreement by the deadline – complete with marathon midnight meetings and small detours – hour-long votes – followed by hour-long or day-long negotiations to reopen the government, if only as a public demonstration the congress competence.

Not this time.

When about a quarter of the federal government got dark at midnight On Friday there was little sign of life in the Capitol. The halls echoed with emptiness, as the leaders of both parties had left hours before and many simple lawmakers were already in the December holidays in planes on the way.

Saturday was not much different. A handful of reporters roamed the halls of the cavernous Capitol, but few lawmakers could be seen.

Sen. Cory Gardner Cory Scott GardnerSenate prepares for land combat on Senator's last-minute claims in January that could delay the marijuana industry for voting after helping to defeat the top opponent MORE [19659010] (R-Colo) to overthrow. brought cookies to the cloakroom staff. Sen. John Boozman John Nichols BoozmanFarm Bill's expansion of US-Cuba trade opportunities to historic and mutually beneficial taillight senators offer measures that kill the Saudi Crown Prince as "responsible" for Khashoggi , who kills MORE (R-Ark.), who chaired the chamber at noon, joked as he hit the ground that the day was unlikely to be "very action-packed."

Rep. Marcy Kaptur Marcia Carolyn KapturLawmakers says California will eventually receive emergency aid for firefighting. Kapurt's bill in Ohio does not come to the root cause of what plagues our lakes. Timing of Trump's Mexico trade agreement gives Democrats a benefit MORE (D-Ohio)) went over to the Senate, where she hoped to take a picture of the "negotiators" she should share with her district. She found a pack of reporters standing in an otherwise empty hall and warned there was little to see. Kaptur opted for a snapshot of the journalists and dragged away.

Less than 24 hours after the deadlock began, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Addison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnell Shutdown Begins When Lawmaker Struggles Over Trump's Border Wall The Senate agrees to hold final talks but no clear way about shutting down on the money: the latest shutdown drama | Senate leaders announce breakthrough to move forward | Last-minute talks to secure the final deal Trump returns, says Dems to blame | Dow suffers from the worst week since the 2008 crisis MORE (R-Ky.) Postponed the upper chamber until next week to make sure that the deadlock will lengthen at least until Christmas Eve.

Sen. Richard Shelby Richard Craig Shelby Trump: Shutdown & hopefully & # 39; will not last long McConnell: Financing talks with Trump & # 39; continue & # 39; Senate Approves Financing Law and Prevents Partial Government Withdrawal MORE (R-Ala.) He drove to the airport following a meeting with Vice President Pence and said there was "no deal". He did not seem to care that the partial closure of the Senate would take almost a week if the Senate were reconvened. The next session of the Senate, he asked, "will be here, what? Thursday?"

"Merry Christmas," he added.

The House was even less active, though spokesman Paul Ryan [19659024] Paul Davis RyanTrump: Shutdown & hopefully & # 39; will not last long The shutdown process begins when lawmakers struggle over Trump's boundary wall The Senate agrees to the recent Ditch talks but no clear way to shut down MORE ( R-Wis.) Around noon pounding in the chamber, he allowed small affairs outside of the pledge of allegiance and a prayer by the house chaplain Rev. Pat Conroy, who urged the legislature to become aware of those "whose lives are all made This is more difficult because they failed to pinpoint serious differences. "

Ryan then brought the chamber into a six-hour break, which lasted one minute and 55 seconds.

The A subdued atmosphere continued to revolve around the Capitol, which is referred to by a senator as a "ghost town" on the first day of the anti-climatic first part-down. About 25 percent of the government and hundreds of thousands of federal employees were affected.

Chaplain Barry Black prayed for the salvation of the Senate "before the pitfalls of political brinkmanship".

Deputies Pete Sessions 19659030] Peter Anderson SessionsGOP wants to pervade Trump's bumping business BOP Demand GOP's trading in fancy offices, beautiful views for minority life The industry of marijuana hunts for votes after she had helped oust Saturday's top competitor MORE A few feet above the Senate floor, which he hoped "cooler heads" would prevail, and a deal could be made before Monday. Next to him was his suitcase, he drove to the airport to drive home – and said that he was encouraged by "everyone I talked to" to do the same thing.

A deal could be settled by unanimous agreement, he said, adding, "They will not call people back."

Some lawmakers who had them stuck through and stayed overnight in Washington until Saturday afternoon when the prospects for a quick deal slackened.

Rep. Danny Davis Daniel (Danny) K. DavisDemocrats must stand up for Israel Dems vows to obtain Trump tax returns after the majority has taken effect on the community's development, but remains NMTC post-tax reform clear MORE (D-Ill) He was seen leaving the Capitol Complex with a "We The People" hat and pulling out a rolling board case.

"I'm going home," he told The Hill.

The drama was largely ground-off as the legislature gathered with President Trump Donald John TrumpSchumer, Pelosi: Trump got "what he wanted" with Trump shutdown after firing last interest rate hike Speaking of the Fed chief: LeBron James accuses NFL team owners of being "old white men" with "slave mentality." MORE in the White House and Pence carried out shuttle diplomacy around the Capitol. However, none of the meetings seemed to bring Washington closer to a deal to reopen the closed government.

Chairman of House Freedom Caucus Mark Meadows Mark Randall MeadowsTrump: Shut Down & hopefully & # 39; Legislators Will Struggle For Trump's Boundary Wall Senate Agrees To Conduct Last Talks, But No Clear Way To Close MORE (RN.C.) said he plans to return home Sunday after the announced inaction of the Senate fly. The North Carolina Republican said that although the Conservatives do not support the Democrats' spending offer, it is largely due to what the White House and minority chairmen of the Senate Charles Schumer Charles (Chuck) Ellis Miss ShumerHouse Without A Clear Path To Prevent Shutdown Michelle Malkin, Other Conservatives Tear Trump Over Financing The Border Feeling Heat From The Left, Dems Reject Judges To Reach More May Work.

"As the Senate has just withdrawn, I will probably fly home tomorrow," he said.

McConnell put on a red vest and red socks and joked with reporters as he walked into his office on Saturday morning, saying it was the "next one I'll reach by Christmas".

But late Saturday afternoon Both chambers had it so packed that the House announced that the next polls would not take place before December 27th. Shelby returned from the session at the White House, stating that a deal was probably just days away.

Asked Why He Was Thinking When he got an elevator to escape dozens of reporters, Shelby quipped, "Reality."

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