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The local creator says Domino's franchise threatens him after buying a van

A YouTube content creator from the Tampa Bay area says he faces a Domino franchise after buying a destroyed Domino's pizza delivery van.

The creator known as "Samcrac" bought the DXP car for $ 525 at a Copart auction in Indiana and severely damaged the front of the car.

"The car is just sitting here, I did not register it for the road, it's just something cool to look at," Samcrac

He spent days restoring the car and shooting videos that showed him it fixed. But Samcrac says shortly after he posted it, a domino franchise he did not want to identify got the offer to buy the car or pack it back. After the negotiations, Samcrac decided to keep the car.

"At that time, the verbal legal threats came in. They told me that they were sending me a cease and desist letter and I received an e ̵

1; mail with a lawyer 's letter and a contract of sale with a price over which we disagreed, and a plethora of provisions, "said Samcrac.

Samcrac says: Franchise claims it violates trademark infringement and that it worries that it violates the company's brand.

"I hired a lawyer and my lawyer sent them a letter saying that I would only rebuild a car, these are my only intentions and I do not do anything to confuse the public. clarify exactly what they are quoting, and since that letter we have not heard from anyone, "said Samcrac.

Samcrac says he has no intention of doing anything inappropriate with the fixed pizza delivery truck

We have contacted Domino for an answer, and we'll let you know as soon as we hear from them.

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