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The Londoner: Corbyn called anti-Semitism

JOHN Mann, Labor MP for Bassetlaw and chairman of the All-Party Group Against Anti-Semitism, accused Jeremy Corbyn of not having used opportunities to solve the problem in the party. Mann told The Londoner that in the past "18 months to two years" he has repeatedly tried to talk with the Labor leader one to one about the subject. Mann says that despite numerous telephone calls, e-mails and letters sent directly to Corbyn and his office and even "talking to him in the corridor and asking for a meeting, he said yes", no discussion materialized.

In addition, the claim of some leading Corbyn supporters strongly disproves the fact that the leader has signed all the Early Day motions condemning anti-Semitism.

"One of the things he has brought everywhere is that there have been five parliamentary resolutions on anti-Semitism and he is the only person who has signed them all," says Mann. "Actually, I personally submitted a dozen, and he did not sign most of them, he may not have seen them, but it's just a lie that he signed them all, that he signed more than anyone else, it's a lie 'It's not true, it's false news, it's fake news.'

He adds, "I've asked for precise action, and I have the abuse of BBC journalists and the antisemitisim that influenced them , but he did not agree, I asked for action, he said: "Yes, it is very, very important for the Labor Party, we will take action." That was 1

8 months two years ago . "

A man who has been the victim of serious threats of violence and is currently being investigated by the police is passionate about tackling this problem within the Labor Party because" the Labor Party is fighting all forms of discrimination And you must first get your own house in order – make sure your party is not racist before you start preaching. "

In April 2016, Mann pursued Livingstone in a BBC stairwell after Livingstone claimed that Hitler was a Zionist" Semitism remains the only acceptable prejudice in the Labor Party, "Mann says." They are glorious in it. "[19659007] Popcorn, King Lear and Anthony Hopkins go crazy in Stevenage

The cast of King Lear in a preview show (Getty)

EMMA Thompson was at The Soho Hotel last night to see the new adaptation of King Lear. The original work is not exactly a bundle of laughter, but Thompson, who plays Goneril, was in a good mood, bringing her daughter Gaia Wise and wearing a smart pair of silver shoes.

"Popcorn looking at Lear? Somehow it does not seem right," she joked as she entered the screening room. The movie stars Anthony Hopkins as king, and his performance is too good, if anything.

Director of the program, Richard Eyre, narrated how they filmed the famous madness scene with Hopkins in wild chaos at the Stevenage mall. "A lady in one of those mobility scooters, who obviously had no idea who he was, came to Anthony and showed him to the nearby hostel."

Later, a big cake was brought in to celebrate him Eyre's 75th Birthday

The Russians leave Stanley while swinging

Stanley Johnson (Photo by Mary Turner / Getty Images)

According to reports of manipulation in the Brexit vote, the foreign minister's father now believes that the Russians won it. "I am more than convinced that dark forces less than a million miles from the Kremlin were involved in both the US election and the Brexit vote," says Stanley Johnson, Boris.

Johnson senior has gone from Remain to Leave, but says he will fight back if there is Russian involvement. "I said that if it could be shown that there were manipulations, I and people like myself would have to rethink."

After Brexiter's dead fish thrown into the Thames to highlight the plight of fisherman Miriam González, Durantez found a better use for her: a Haddock à la Marinera recipe. "Do not try to overcook the fish," writes the lawyer. "If you're a Brexiter, you should be extra careful, because, let's be honest, you tend to exaggerate things."

Last week, Eurovision legend Katie Boyle died at the age of 91, and received a glowing obituary in Watchmen. It was written by Dennis Barker. But when Barker himself died in 2015, Boyle enjoyed the unique triumph of surviving her own death-cry.

True Bloodhounds

PISTOL and Boo, the favorite dogs of former couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, were once involved in a quarantine scandal when the couple flew them to Australia. Now a new pair of prominent canines have borderline problems. Banjo and Dave, the dogs of True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, have been held at Heathrow Airport since Sunday.

"They've traveled together to [the] UK several times, with exactly the same paperwork they are now considered to be," says the native Brentwood. "I'm all for protecting our borders, but that's ridiculous." FreetheHeathrow2

BARONESS Trumpington, below, says she had a #meToo moment with David Lloyd George, below. The former Bletchley Park codebreaker and former Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Health says the wartime Prime Minister asked for her measurements.

"I was only 15 when I met him," she tells The Oldie. "He has a good reputation, it was in his farmhouse, he measured me with a measuring tape, it was strange, but nothing happened."

She never had any problems with Winston Churchill. "[He] was both funny and scary," she says. "He loved animals, he loved having animals on his bed, Lloyd George, of course, might have his girls everywhere." [194559007] Quote of the day

"Losing has never felt so good" [19659002] Andrew Gwynne MP, Labor's campaign and electoral chair, is still a positive spin for the 2017 defeat.

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