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The Louisiana Democrats are in favor of supporting a lifelike policy

The "The Story with Martha MacCallum" featured a lifelong Democratic woman from Louisiana to discuss her views on abortion while Democratic presidential candidates continued to support abortion rights.

"In Louisiana … a majority The number of Democrats in the legislature is pro-life, we call ourselves whole-life Democrats It's not difficult for us It's our Christian value, our sincere conviction that abortion is wrong, so we fight for it, but we differ in how we approach the problem, "said Louisiana State Representative Katrina Jackson on Monday.

We ask the woman to choose life, but we offer laws to help guide this life throughout the life stage. ", approved abortion rights and insisted," Roe v. Codify Wade so that it is forever the law of the country "when she was asked if she favored later abortions.

Other candidates have also recently expressed their support for abortion rights What critics restrictive pro-life laws in Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana, where Jackson leads the field in pro-life legislation.

Jackson told MacCallum that she would not be "distracted" by National Democrats and their support for abortion rights. [1


"We speak with Democrats throughout the state who are for life. We really do not get distracted by those who think that abortion is right. You will always have people who have the choice. You will have people who are for life. What we want to focus on is our problem. That's the whole life. To take care of the whole life. We sometimes say from womb to grave, "Jackson said.

The state representative also expressed hope that Roe v. Wade would be overturned in the future.

" Looking at the overall scope of Roe v. Wade, I think as we see more appointments to the Supreme Court, this is in danger. I believe in 1973 when it was decided it was the wrong decision, "Jackson said.

Martha MacCallum of Fox News contributed to this report.

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