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The magic of WoW Classic is more than just nostalgia

I died eight times before reaching level 10 in World of Warcraft Classic. Compared to Vanilla World of Warcraft in 2005, that was probably much more efficient than the first time. In "live" or "retail" or whatever we call the current version of World of Warcraft, you really only die in the open world if you make a stupid mistake. WoW Classic is a surprising reminder that the game used to feel very good when players fell on their faces.

In the two years since WoW Classic's announcement at BlizzCon 2017, sentiment has changed dramatically. At first, the majority of the feeling asked, "Why would anyone want to go back?" But a hardcore tribe of Vanilla WoW fans who were so serious about the old-school experiences they had with private servers on the black market to achieve that OG feeling in every conceivable way felt whole In recent months, when the Classic Beta gave many players and streamers the opportunity to look back and let the nostalgic love flow into their hearts, it seemed as if everyone was ready for the start day.

In fact, too many were ready for the launch day.

The queues were ridiculous, on some servers over 20,000 and waiting times of half a day. Fortunately for some, for others spoiled, the queues for server crashes turned a little faster, but those who crashed were put in the back of the queue. Blizzard has started additional servers to share the burden and help people get in and have fun. But the reason why so many stayed in those queues instead of jumping to a simple server is a big part of what exactly people were looking for at Classic.

No, not the queue itself. "A true day one experience lol" was the catch, but the reason why people stayed here was fundamental ̵

1; people made plans to play with old friends and old guilds to reform, and once the plans were there, you could not just swap with them. A new server on the fly.

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Classic is all about community. Even in these early levels, the game plays in a way that people fall in love with in newer games that are praised for their difficulty. Yes, World of Warcraft is not really a "hard" game like Dark Souls is, but to succeed with minimal delay, you need friends.

In 2005, WoW was viewed as such In Silicon Valley circles ubiquitous, it built a reputation as a kind of & # 39; new golf & # 39; on. A place where people would meet and hang out. Merge a dungeon Fish. Discuss the business while sitting in Booty Bay.

Some of them may have been just talk but due to my own experience as a tech and game journalist in the early career, I became friends with future colleagues throughout the game. I joined a guild and regularly spent time with people I met in the industry, which helped to establish work contacts and networks. If I had started World of Warcraft in the last few years, in the years since automated dungeon and raid queues and tools that allow you to group with people without ever having to type in a word or know their name, I do not the feeling that it is me I would have built up such friend networks through the game so easily.

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In the early days of WoW Classic, all of the low-level resources and mobs in the first part of the game formed spontaneous groups as the players mutually joined helped to accomplish their tasks faster and with minimal loss of life. I was invited to a group when I was on my very first search at level one – "Hey, we have to kill some stuff, let's kill some things together." Comments once when people answered questions or requests from others for help. It was like a time when social media made all of us (or at least me) the dull cynics we've become.

Named mobs for early quests were a particular problem. Initially, people only formed circles and celebrated in groups of five. If you've scored the first goal, you're in luck and your four friends. But then there were rumors that some servers were spontaneous queues for stopping bottlenecks. If I had not seen the screenshots, I would have thought it was an urban myth.

On one of the servers that were started to alleviate the overlong queues, I jumped in, just to be in the game and run around, having a bit of fun. One of the most common chat questions was the concern that this particular server, shiny and new, with no queue on the door, was too empty. People wanted to play, but they wanted to play with as many other people as possible. Delays in waiting for boars or quest bosses were less of a concern than the idea that we could land alone in Azeroth. Again.

Over the years, Blizzard has made World of Warcraft a game that offers something for everyone whenever they want. Dungeons. Raids. Battlefields. Arenas. World quests. Mountain collecting. Collect pet. Pet fights. Fishing tournaments. Transmog outfits. Whether you have five minutes or five hours, there is something to do. And there's an easy way to get started right after signing up. But all the changes had raised a big question that Blizzard seemed unable to answer: "Can you let me play WoW the way it used to be?"

World of Warcraft Classic delivers them. And the reasons to play it go beyond its graphics and mechanics.

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With all these options in today's main game, systems can simply queue up and do things like a productivity specialist, turning the focus into a set of success metrics and jewelry collections (and I love my jewelry collection by the way). The world itself, Azeroth, and the friends you gathered along the way have taken a back seat. We played in a massive multiplayer online role-playing game, but we did it alone.

For a moment in WoW Classic, I saw someone calling for signatures for a new guild they formed. I was on the other side of the zone, but it just seemed like the beauty. I'm not here to trigger XP as fast as possible, I thought. I am here to interact. Enjoy the journey. I let them know that I would help finish my current search and then went back to the inn and signed.

The guild was called "There And Back Again".

Them: "Thank you for the signature. When the guild is formed, you can, of course, leave it."

Me: "Great name, I think I might stay."

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