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The man who stole a plane said he did not need much help: "I played some video games"

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department described the man as suicidal, but not worked out. At times, Russell apologized, explained his desire to fly to the nearby Olympic mountains, worried about dizziness, and expressed shock at his rapid decline.

Here are some of the Friday night recordings in the order in which they appeared. Talks took place before the 76-seat, twin-engine turboprop aircraft crashed on Ketron Island, about 40 kilometers southwest of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, also known as Sea-Tac:

Early in the flight, a controller gives Russel Instructions while flying the plane.

Russell: "Yeah, that's just a mumbo jumbo … ̵

1; I have no idea what that means, I would not know how to bring it in. I'm off the autopilot . "

Keep away from other aircraft

  Aircraft employee steals plane from Seattle airport, crashes and dies

Russell wonders if a pilot is trying it to steer the plane in the direction of "Jets".

Controller: " No, I'm not taking you to any jets, I'm actually keeping you away from planes trying to land at sea." Tac. "

Russell: " Oh, OK, yes, yes, I do not want to let that get me around. I'm glad you did not … everyone else screwed up my day.

How much fuel?

Russell begins commenting on fuel.

Russell: "I'm down to 2,100. I started at about 30 – something.

Controller: "You said you had 2,100 pounds of fuel left?"

Russell: "Yeah, I do not know how the burn is … burnout It's like starting, but yes It burns faster than expected.

Fear for the Air Force Base

Several times a controller tried to persuade Russell to land at the nearby McChord Field of the Air Force

Russell : "Oh man, these guys would kill me if I ended up there. I think I could break something as well. I would not want that. Oh, they probably have air defense!

Controller : "No, they have none of this. We're just trying to find a place for you to land safely on. "

Russell :" Yes, not quite ready to bring it down. But holy smokes, I have to stop paying attention to the fuel, because it goes down quickly. "

" Probably … prison time for life, what? "

As a controller tries to relay instructions, Russell wonders about the prison term. [19659002] Controller : If you could, you could start a left turn, and we'll bring you down to the southeast, please?

Russell : "That's probably like jail time for life, right? I mean, I hope it's for a guy like me.

Controller: "Well … we will not worry or think about it. Could you please start a left turn?

"I do not need much help"

A pilot puts a pilot on the radio trying to sign up Instructions

Controller : "… Apparently a terrain crew with Horizon, I guess, and right now he just flies around and just needs help to control his plane."

Russell : "No, I mean, I do not need much help, I've played some video games already."

The feeling of being dizzy

Immediately afterwards, Russell suggests he feels dizzy.

Russell : "I'd like to figure out how to get that cabin height, I know where the box is, I'd like to get something, uh, do it under pressure or something, so I'm not so dizzy. "

Controller :" … what's your height? "

T here's no immediate answer to the shot.

About a minute later, Russell speaks again in response to an apparently unrecorded question from a controller over the autopilot.

Russell : "Yeah, I do not know anything about the autopilot, I just fly by hand."

I do not want to hurt anyone & # 39;

The shot later captures a section in which Russell says he does not want to hurt anyone.

Russell : "Damn … people's lives are at stake here."

Controller : Well … do not say that.

Russell : "No, I told you, I do not want to hurt anyone, I just want you to let sweet idiots whisper in my ear." [19659002]

Attempts to Bring Him to Land

As mentioned, the air traffic controllers interviewed a pilot to help Russell seem to have tried to teach him how to use autopilot.

Later, the controller again tries to persuade him to land at McChord's. Controller : "If you were going to land, probably the best bet is that the runway is just ahead and to your left – that's McChord Field as well – if you tried, that might be the best Be way to set up and see if you can land there or, as the pilot suggests, another option over the Puget Sound would be into the water. "

Russell : "Dang, you've already talked to McChord, because I do not think I would be happy with you to tell me that I could land like that because I could break something."

Controller : "… I've already talked to them, just like me, what we want to see is that you will not get hurt or anyone else gets hurt, like I said, if you want to try this is probably the best place to land. "

About the Mountains

Russell asks about the pilot who has given

Russell : "I want to know what the weather will be like at the Olympic Games (Bergen)."

Helping Pilot : "If you can see the Olympics, the weather is good, I can see the Olympics from my window, and it looks pretty good there . "

Russell : " Alright, because I met some it felt like turbulence on (Mount) Rainier, but there were no clouds, hardly. "

Helping Pilot : "This is just the wind that blows over all … surfaces there."

Controller : "If you could, maybe start a left turn, turn around again, because if you get too close to the Olympics, you will not be able to hear us anymore."

Controller : "Turn around here, as I said, I just want to talk to you, and if you go further towards the Olympic Mountains, we will not hear each other can. "

A" broken type "with & # 39; a few screws loose & # 39;

Soon after, Russell apologizes and says he is a "broken guy" with "a few screws loose"

Russell : "I have a lot of people doing that take care of me and it will disappoint them when they hear that I have done so I apologize to every one of them, just a broken guy, have a few screws loose, I think I have never really

Russell : "Man, were you at the Olympics? These guys are gorgeous! Holy smokes."

Controller : " Yes, I was out there, it's always a nice ride."

Russell says something that is not well heard on the recording.

Controller : Yes, I bet you do. I did not do much But if you could, if you could make a left turn and return (unintelligible). I know that you have a good view there, but if you go too far in that direction, I will not be able to hear you again. "

" Attempt to make a run "

Russell responds by talking about playing a role.

Russell : "Alrighty. Uh, hey, pilot. Can this thing do a backflip, you think? "

Russell : " … I'll land How to safely. I think I'll try a barrel roll and if that works out, I'll just roll up my nose and call it a night. [196590000] Controller : "Well … before you do that, leave the ink over it. I have another pilot … in a minute or two, and we can give you advice on what to do next.

About six minutes later, a controller asks Russell how much fuel he has left.

Russell : "Oh man, not enough. Not enough to get through. Like 760 pounds.

Once again he begins to talk about a role.

Russell : "I'll make that barrel fast.

Controller : " Well, that's not necessary. If you could only make a right turn. And then I'll tell you when to quit and then you can keep it from there.

About two minutes passed.

Russell : "I feel like I must be what do you think, like, at least 5,000 feet to pull off that caster can?

Finally, chatter seems to point to a maneuver that has just stolen the plane

(video of a witness on Earth shows the plane in one place, looping the plane upside down putting, then hoisting only feet over a water body.It is unclear if this role is what the radio chatters refers to.)

Helping Pilot : "Congratulations. You did that. Now let's land the plane safely and hurt nobody on the ground.

Russell : "Awwww-right. Ah, damn it. I do not know, man! I dont know! I do not want. I somehow hoped that it would be so. You know?

One minute later, Russell mentions engine problems.

Russell : "Not long. I have the feeling that one of my engines is going out or something. "

Controller :" OK … if you could, you just want to keep the plane afloat, maybe keep the plane nice and low. "

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