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The market of Russian rocket launchers – Business News

The article from the market of Russian rocket launchers

The Russians were ahead

From the competition in the global launch industry. They had reached about 50% of the market with their specially developed rockets. These rockets were designed for low-orbit flights.

Indeed, one of Russia's leading companies, Energia, had deployed a medium launcher in the fast lane of production. At the time, the Russians seemed to stick to their dominant presence in the space industry.

But Then Problems Arose

As it can happen, if one does not take the time to fully develop a product, problems can and will arise. These technical issues can cause many difficulties if you try to gain the confidence of wealthy business customers. They also undermine every selling point that can be made and show how unreliable a business has become.

If the problems can not be resolved in the near future, the business can lose a lot of money. So it happened with the Russian companies. Their share of 50% has fallen significantly.

How much does it cost?

That's the question. Expert analysis has shown

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