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The Masters at Augusta: Live Comment, Analysis & Highlights

Tiger Woods has won The Masters for the fifth time, his 15th grand championship around eleven years before number 14. Repeat an exciting final day.

Final Masters Ranking

-13 Woods

-12 D Johnson, Schauffele, Koepka

-11 day, Simpson, Finau, Molinari

-10 cream, Cantlay, Fowler

1935 : This is a day that will go down in history. In my opinion, this is the biggest achievement in one of the great sporting careers. Tiger Woods did what so many thought was beyond him.

He is incomparable in this sport and I have nothing more to say. It was an exciting week, perfected by a truly remarkable feat of athletic heroism. Tiger Woods. 1

9659004 19459009 1932 : There are a number of players who congratulate a man who grew up her hero, and who defeated them all just at the age of 43.

Thomas, Fowler, Bubba, Koepka, even Poulter. A line of absolute respect for a player who has achieved more in the game than he can imagine.

1931 : "I have never seen emotions of Tiger Woods, never – I have it I have known him since he was 17. He has never shown such joy."

Butch Harmon summarizes these scenes better than I can. He is absolutely excited, buzzing and roaring like a man who has just done the unthinkable.

1930 : Extremely emotional scenes here while Tiger hugs his family. This is a page of him that we have not seen before.

1928 : In is the putt and he's excited, the crowd sings his name, and that's just incredible.


1927 : Molinari and he share fifth place with Finau, Day and Simpson.

1927 : Finau parries the last one – an outstanding achievement.

1925 : Tiger is just missing on the high side, which will believe him or not, moment or two. Then he has two feet for The Masters, major number 15.

1922 : Woods reasonably cuts up to 15 feet. Two putts for the title.

1920 : Well, it's a good job that Koepka missed. Tiger goes for the hero's shot, a big, high cut, and misses the green short and right by 30 yards.

There should not be trouble here, but it's not the birdie putt he wanted.

1918 : Tigers mother and children are standing next to the green. They have never been there to see Daddy do that. What a special moment.

1916 : Simpson makes the last birdie for a lap of 70 and 11. Koepka beats for a shot better and certainly a second place.

His strong record continues, but how he will regret this tee with 12.

1915 : Wrongly read by Koepka and winning Tiger, unless he plays the rest of this hole like me. Sporting story in front of our eyes. This is one of the greatest achievements of all sports.

1914 : Meets his sting with the three-wood. Depending on how far down, he may have to make his second since he is on the edge of the fairway, but essentially the tee is done.

1912 : Koepka is Koepka – Eight feet for birdie and a half chance. It's funny, 18 is a hard hole, but somehow it does not feel dangerous if you only need the same.

How many holes here will be dangerous if you hunt for birdie. Forests need less than the driver, let 180 and fire the heart of the green. Expect him to do it.

1911 : Molinari makes birdie. He will know that while the focus will be on Woods and the story afterwards, he has a great chance.

Finau pars, Tiger pars, they go out to 18.

1909 : Here is Tiger then. If that goes in, it's over.

It lacks the high side and there is still hope for Koepka if he can bring the last to birdie.

1906 : Koepka's ride on the 18 is perfect as Schauffele bravely breaks and may have a share second, if not third. He scored 73 on Thursday and since then rounds of 65, 70, 68.

And how about that? At 18, Harding pours a birdie and that puts him in 12th place. He'll be back next year, unless Poulter is the last. Massive for the South African.

1904 : Molinari devours to fire an excellent approach to 17. The Italian is still fighting and he will recover.

Finau could still destroy the party but that's a 30-foot approach, and he'll need it to go inside.

Well, Tiger, 143 feet away, wedge.

Ten feet away.

1902 : Solid force of shovel out of the sand, but 12 feet for 12 under. Tiger is waiting on the 17th fairway.

1900 : Koepka misses. Mark Date On April 14, 2019, Tiger Woods will win his fifth Green Jacket and his 15th Major Championship if he can measure the last two holes. Maybe he can even afford a bogey.

1858 : Shovel now at 18, from the bunker … it hacked. He is in the sand and his master hopes are over. All about whether Koepka can tie a birdie and challenge Tiger. At the moment this is convenient.

1856 : Woods finds the fairway at 17, just a beautiful ride. Before him Koepka has a twenty-meter-long putt.

1853 : Finau-Birdie. He fights forest birdie. He wins.

1852 : Molinari can not birdie 16 and it is a question of whether he now ends in second place or even in 12th place. The chance to win was at 3pm.

1849 : One has the feeling that Koepka is not the most popular fan or media player for reasons of ambiguity. Well, finishing Birdie Birdie here could make him the most hated man in North America who, like those who are keenly aware of the current affairs, will be quite competitive.

1847 Koepka knows what happened there, as he has to wait on the 17th tee. What a shot of Tiger Woods. He has not missed a beat since this happy break at 11 years old. This is the Tiger from before.

1846 : Tiger has almost Aces 16. HE Fasts EIGHT 16. He has less than two feet for birdie. And he hit the bubblegum.

It's eleven years since number 14. He's a couple of good turns of number 15.

1845 : Fowler Bogey's the last. Par for the whole place, but he misses out on nine feet. Depending on your conditions, it ends in a kind of dead heat. Half a chance of full placement if you had 10.

1844 : I am amazed at the putt of the DJ on 18, who was weak and never got up. It's a good performance overall, a round of 68 for the clubhouse's leadership, but the only way he can win is when Tiger Woods plays the last three holes worse than Par.

A big saving from Koepka. Two more holes to find a birdie.

1843 : Schauffele pulls his approach to the back of 17 and that's a heavy two-putt. With 16 ends Poulter's chances, as he can only reach par.

1842 : With three holes, Tiger Woods plays The Masters on his own. That's as good as it gets, people.

1841 : Koepka can do nothing to let his ball pass the hole at 16. Molinari doubles, and he is back under 10 in two double bogeys on the back nine of a player who has bogeyed over the first 54 holes.

Finau misses a big opportunity.

1839 : DJ likes his second to last and so he should – the bunker gets cleared and he has 15 feet for 13-under. There are only a few players who could beat that, and one of them is Tiger.

Here he is on the green field at the 15th gate for a two-shot lead … never threatening the hole, but only two feet of birdie and the solo lead role.

1838 : Molinari also finishes fifth and is extremely happy to stay on top. He looks best at seven.

Fowler from the trees on the 18th … can he find the birdie? Probably not, as he hits it in the sand.

1837 : GOLF! Bloody hell. Finau eight feet for Adler to get within one of the current lead.

1834 : Error by DJ when he finds the fairway bunker last. He only has to find a three. Koepka misses his place on 16 and faces a quick 40-foot putt.

Molinari now … oh my word. He greased his pitch into the water. Game over for the Italian. Woods now undefeated

1833 : Woods wants his approach to fall down 15, in the middle of the green. He must make two hits from a distance of 40 feet to the front edge. Or punch and let the world go crazy.

1831 : Woods is about to hit the most important shots he has made in a decade. Schauffele first … and that's a lot. At 17 and 18 there are birdies to choose from, make no mistake.

1830 : Five-point lead for the lead as Koepka's birdie putt simply stays high. This is absolutely unreal

1829 : The new co-leader Dustin Johnson. He'll know that he needs Full Schwartzel to win, and that means another one.

Heavy hands out of shovel as Fowler pours his birdie at 17.

1827 : Simpson will have five feet for Birdie at 15 to 11 below.

1826 : Fowler gets a good look at the 17, 12 or more feet after an excellent ride and a good second second. DJ now, a shot better, still a potential winner, if he can go 3-3 … and that's 12 or 13 feet under the hole.

1824 : There is a benefit to the tiger from the 15th tee as Molinari is missing properly and is in the straw. Woods is on the fairway and at a great angle.

Looks like Thomas is going through a frustrating week, and it's a round of 68 for Rahm, who should finish in 10th place in 10th place.

1822 : Yesterday, at the age of 15, Koepka made an eagle to regain his challenge. He has 30 feet to do the same and take the lead.

At 16, an inflated scoop flies too far and he has about 20 feet for birdie.

1821 : While we wait for Koepka's second before 15, there are also messages from other confreres. Wise scored 68-67 for 16th place this weekend – he will simply miss an invitation for 2020, but this could trigger a recovery in shape, in which case he can earn it himself.

Harding's challenge has proven to be Stalled and he is currently in 16th place, three of them are still to play. Two birdies for an invitation.

1819 : It's always right. As you were. Cantlay will bogey-bogey at age 16 and 17 to win his first chance to win a major. He will learn. Schauffele pauses in the meantime 15. The best chance of making a birdie is 16.

1818 : Tiger misses an inch or two on the low side and this gives Molinari the chance to once again to lead. [19659004] 1815 : The DJ does not make a mistake, and there are three birdies out of four that reach 11-under, where Day ends after an excellent final birdie.

It's hard to believe that 12-under victories require this Woods and Molinari have putts to come in at 13 and then at par 15, not to mention 16 and his pin position. I'll go 13 for a play-off, 14 for the win.

1814 : Fowler-Lippe. Chance Gone

1813 : Bubba finishes the bogey bogey to taste the backers and eight eighths, which will put him out of fifteenth place.

On the 14th, Woods plays for the ridge and it's fine so far, but as we've seen all day, these soft greens are not helping as well as they can – he's one foot tall.

Molinari's chance to answer, and it's about a foot and a foot half closer.

1811 : For all I consider very high, Cantlay did not have the ruthlessness we had expected since returning to the PGA Tour. His victory in Vegas was pretty ugly, and since he made an eagle at 15, he has made some very bad punches and missed a short putt.

He misses the fairway of 17, while Schauffele goes from 15 to 15.

Fowler and DJ, meanwhile, have birdie chances of 16 by 16 feet (16 feet). No room for error – I still think they are too busy, to be honest.

1808 : Impressive from Molinari to Birdie 13 and find on the fairway of 14 in the face of what happened around 12.

Before 3pm, Schauffele has to hit the sidewalk over the catwalk and he'll hit the water. That's not for the annoying.

1806 : Fowler manages to score three in a row on ten. His chance depends on his finishing sixth in a row, but he is now in the top eight.

Thomas misses his 17th position. He has to reach almost the last place in this area.

1805 : All three players Birdie 13. I would like to introduce my chances today. It means we have a three-way game, and I think one of those four players is your champion champion:

Woods, Molinari, Schauffele, Koepka.

1803 : Cantlay misses. I think that's it for him, unless he can find a 3-3 finish.

Woods, for eagles … and it's short. He and Molinari are going to do a birdie, but at the moment Schauffele is leading alone – although he is 15th. 18061 : JT has eight feet on 17. He can not win, but he can beat the frame with a 3-4 finish or similar. He missed so many putts.

1800 : Ortiz is missing and Hovland scrapes him off with a shot. Feel for the Mexican, but he can be immensely proud of a final round 69, currently in 36th place.

Before 16, Cantlay is aiming for 30 feet to the right of the flag. He has judged it pretty well, but will have eight feet, maybe seven, for Par. Does It Need

1759 : Nine feet between Ortiz and a final point. If it goes in, he shares with Hovland the best amateur honors. If not, the Norwegian wins. Whatever happens, sensational of these two emerging talents.

Hovland will be the star of the youngest top amateur Matsuyama and DeChambeau. I promise it.

1758 : Woods' approach to 13 is not his best, but the closest, 35 feet away. Outside the eagle chances for him and Francesco, with Finau next to the green.

1757 : Schauffele is just a killer, and he makes 14 with birdies to take the lead.

While doing so, Molinari, with the width of a West Ham shirt, clears the water to 13 and will have a chance for an eagle, as Day saves Par 17 and makes Bubba Bogey.

1755 : In my opinion, Cantlay has yet another one, and he has posted it at 16. "Understandable," says the commentator, and that's right. The shot Willett struck on the same hole three years ago in a similar situation remains one of Masters' underestimated thugs.

1754 : Eagle for Koepka. 13 and 15 could not be easier than today. To be honest, 13 is a bit of a farce. I know Par is just a number, but Thomas used to have 140 yards in the past.

1753 : Eagle for Cantlay. Driver, seven irons. Sensational stuff and let us stop doing Bubba and Day as if they were aspirants.

"He has to do something out of the ordinary," says McGinley of Day. As in ace the last one.

1752 : A point worth making, I felt …

1750 : Woods is ideal on thirteen, even though the rain is going down. Molinari is also an excellent ride there.

Finau did double the way. Here's the JT ace …

1748 : Beautiful of Cantlay and 20 feet behind the flag for Eagle on the 15th

I have a text from a friend who does not look at golf and he can & # 39; Stop looking at golf. I warned him not to mention the blog. That's very exciting.

1746 : Massive rescue from the forest. Massive He is the favorite to win The Masters buddy.

The roar we've heard by now comes from the 16th, where Rahm makes two to get to 10-under. Nevertheless, McGinley insists that these guys can win from there.

Thomas gives it then! Unreal. Can not putt Not putt A pity that it came after a five and a six.

1745 : It's a double for Molinari and the lead is now 11-under.

I know nobody cares, but Ortiz is about to cheat the eighth. Sigh. He is a birdie far away from a top amateur. Or a bogey from second place.

1743 : Another twist at 12, possibly as Wood's six feet short. If he misses and makes Molinari … halve the hole.

1741 : Fowler has six feet on fourteen to reach fifty-nine. He would need that, then an eagle, then a couple. Shovel now at 13, this at least for a share of the lead … and is always high. Birdie though and 11-under.

1740 : Day misses a good chance and I believe his hopes will die there as well. Sorry to be negative. Molinari has 10 feet or so for Bogey, Finau will have four or five. Great shot of Tony.

1737 : McGinley tells us that Day and Bubba can win now, but I want to emphasize that 13 is a pitch-n-putt hole today. Vane Fairy will have 20 feet for Adler – it's not a Par-5 today.

Bubba with a creative par at 16 and to have a chance he has to finish 3-3. I'm sorry, it's nonsense to find out he's a big runner here. He is not.

1735 : Woods finds the green far to the left of the flag. Reasonable game over the bunker, knowing that the short circuit would be spared.

Finau is too short and he also seems to have found water.

1734 : WOW! Molinari is wet on 12 too. That is amazing.

1733 : My Request-A-Bet was Hovland to make the cut (tick emoji while we're at it), Bubba on the upper left is just weighed in, 10 under or better winning notch and … Scott tops 20. He's 18 .. fully paid ties. Could be near, not that I could imagine that anyone has the chance to 1: 1 supported.

1731 : Doubles for Koepka and Poulter, the latter drops six points and that's it. Koepka could save it, but at the age of 13 he has to get back both shots in one go.

1729 : Tiger has been wrong with both speed and line. The silver cloud is that he does not have to play first at 12, but he has to decrease the ratio of three feet.

Koepka is missing with 12 and this is a doppelganger. Nobody is safe in Augusta. Woods Makes Par.

1726 : Poulter and Koepka will each have eight feet for Bogey on April 12th. At the age of 15, Day Birdies and Bubba Eagles – they both come to 10. Under

1724 : Ideal. He is 35 feet to the right of the flag.

I can not believe that – Poulter is also wet on the 12th day.

1723 : A huge moment is coming for Tiger. He has a shot, but if he attacks the needle, it means a tie, and if he overcooks, that means water. Front right of the green would be ideal. This is not the time to try and do something – even if you are called Tiger Woods.

1721 : Courageous and awarded by Francesco, as he leaves on the 11th 30 meters for birdie.

1719 : Thomas Three-Putts and that brings him from a full seat to no place as things stand. He's such a good putter when he's the best, but he just can not crack those greens. The first bogey since Friday and everyone was awkward.

A big moment at 12 when Koepka hits it in the water. That could be his master dream for the year.

Until nine, Hovland … and he has three putts. Bogey one-shot guide. It's a cruel game, this one.

1716 : Back on the first nine o'clock, Hao-tong Li is six for the day and has a brilliant round.

Back to the action and Woods is right, just like yesterday. Molinari has little right and may be worse for a smaller failure.

1715 : A roar is heard. Could it be Thomas from 20 feet to 14? Or did Cantlay finish 13th? It is not Cantlay who goes through the green with his third.

Poulter is now equivalent … missed. Tame effort.

Oh, and it was not a JT. He hits a 20-foot putt 27 feet and is not working hard for par.

1713 : A massive few minutes for the leader as Finau also misses. At 11, Poulter has 10 feet or more for his par while Molinari stretches from three or four feet to lead two.

Koepka will have five feet for his par at 11, as Schauffele misses a good chance at 12 tee off is soon waiting for Molinari, but boy, it's quiet now and plays as easy as never before.

1711 : Woods leaves his par-putt short. Amazing. On the ninth, 33 feet down the hill to Hovland – this is for Birdie and Five under. Two putts will do it.

1710 : A little surprised to see Molinari making a free fall instead of standing on a drainage lid just because he seemed to have a big lie and is now sitting a little bit

Obviously hard to say, obviously, and it's a sensational shot that almost goes in and is no further than three feet away.

1709 : Cantlay pushes his second at basically 13, a hang up It's not a catastrophe, but his point of view will not be good now.

I pause to thank Mark for two e-mails. Sadly, both of them had bad words that I can not post as Schauffele is 12 for Birdie.

He lurks and is a candidate to build an eagle and get involved at the top. [19659004BrilliantbyFinauunderWhiteFreeDiscoveringPar

1707 : Woods looks at Bogey as he goes down 20 feet on the 10th. It could be that all three players drop a shot when Koepka shoots on the 11th to 40 feet (40 feet).

1705 : Opening for Molinari, as Finau on Land 10, Rory & # 39; 11 and Woods Chips are missing out. But then Molinari misses himself and he has a hard time, although he straightens up. He will try to flop nearby and I would say that he will probably walk 10 feet.

One of those tricky runs, as Poulter has to strike down the eleventh fairway and leave a wedge third …

1703 : On the 11th, Schauffele falls from a distance for a birdie and is within three next to Cantlay and Poulter, both in Pine Thatch at 13 and 11, respectively.

Molinari is in the middle of 10 and he is a variant of Sky Bet who make Woods 4/1 and Koepka 9/2. Surprised that he is so short, and the 18/1 Schauffele can call some, also 10/1 Finau.

If you really believe in the tiger, it is either [13] or [15] (19459010)]. The former is a clear chance if he finds the fairway.

1659 : Koepka knows how important Par Save is on the 10th and he stays two behind while Woods flickers to the right.

1656 : Brilliant from Finau as he drops it into the right side. He's in 36, just for the day, and that's still two, as Molinari also does a sweaty four.

1655 : Molinari is clumsy and heads eight meters past the hole at nine. He is putted to Finau, which is about five meters away, after the discovery of the bunker at Par.

More importantly, Ortiz Bogey has five at hand and Hovland two in hand.

1654 : Augusta would have exploded when Tiger's ball was turned half an inch to the left and turned again. What a par that stands at nine because he stays on the hole side with all the contours he knows so well.

JT has his drive across the corner from 13 and has 22 feet for Adler. Pop in, Birdie 14, Eagle 15, Birdie 16 and he's 14 under. Birdie 17 for 15 under, par the last and we'll see. Right?

1652 : Increasingly, I think I want Poulter to win. He does not hate me He has 20 feet for Birdie on the 10th.

Oosthuizen holds up his place hopes with a birdie on the 11th to the awkward Git. Why can not he make the simple things better?

1650 : If the tracker is right, Thomas has 131 yards to par-13, after cutting off more of the corner than you'll likely ever see. Not quite convinced, but it seems to be a good place to make an eagle chance, I say.

Day has one of those eagle chances on the green, but it just slips by.

1648 : As I said, Woods seems to slip and pulls his approach to the ninth. It goes right to the trailing edge and drops 45 feet or more down the hill. Tricky.

Molinari then has an opening and plays over the flag up to 35 feet. Not his best.

1645 : When we approach the bend, it's good to bring it back in red and with a chance. Tiger Woods ” class=”image–with-caption”/>

Tiger Woods is a back at Augusta

1643 : Outstanding birdie on the 11th of Cantlay while he moves within three years. Koepka is now 10th, and that's the worst time to do so – he'll be in Bubba at best.

A welcome boost at 12 where Thomas Birdie makes – 10 places and he is now T9 to 13. He has not made bogey since Friday and could almost have won.

And another boost, when the Hovland birdies are seventh. After two holes he leads Ortiz by one, the Mexicans in fifth place.

1641 : Kuchar forces you to finish 10th and wants to bring Birdie to Ninth. Eight potential winners here if you specify them at nine. Five, if not, and these five are in the last two groups.

Good ride for Tiger.

1639 : He walks in. Brilliant punch and counter-stroke. Finau also birdies and he is still there, lurking, two behind and with the power to destroy the two parfives.

1638 : Just great by Molinari as he rolls in the birdie putt. I bet he's leading the field now when it comes to putting, and he's certainly the leader in the category that matters most.

It's important that Woods answers out of 10 feet.

1637 : We did not see it. so Fowler was missing. Koepka's putt at nine is even better and he will par.

1636 : Es ist ein guter Stoß, der aus Woods rennt, aber nicht viel näher als Molinari. Alles über den Putter.

Dasselbe gilt für neun, wobei sowohl Poulter als auch Koepka lang und abwärts gehen. Einfach, diese 10 Fuß zu schicken, aber Poulter's ist höchstens drei Fuß groß.

1634 : Oosthuizen macht sein 10. Bogey der Woche auf den Fersen seines neunten und er ist sechsundzwanzig. jetzt nur noch knapp unter den Top 20.

1633 : Wirklich gut von Molinari, als er am achten Platz eine Annäherung auf etwa 12 Fuß vorschlägt. Mit Woods durch den Rücken konnten wir hier alles sehen, von einer größeren Leitung bis zu einer erloschenen.

Auch Finau hat eine mittelgroße Chance für Adler.

1630 : "Das wird sein auf der nächsten Tee-Box! " Holt Woods, als er einen Flieger durch acht abfeuert, wo Molinari gezwungen wurde, sich hinzulegen.

Vor 10 Uhr könnte Fowlers sehr geringe Chance etwas dicker werden, da er auf einem harten Loch 10 Fuß für Birdie hat. Wir werden wissen, ob er es schafft, weil sie es im Fernsehen zeigen.

1627 : Schauffele Birdies die neunte, die auch die achte Birdie gemacht hat und er ist neunundsiebzig. Unter den ersten sieben befinden sich vier Amerikaner aus 20 Personen, auf einer Strecke, die immer reichhaltige Erfahrungen bevorzugte.

1625 : Ortiz-Birdies der vierte, Hovland-Bogeys der sechste und die Top-Amateurschlacht gebunden. Hovland ist immer noch der Favorit, da er vier und fünf gespielt hat … aber dies ist näher als es aussah.

Wenn er 4-4-4 beenden kann, reicht das sicherlich. Big if.

1623 : Finau fliegt den Bunker mit etwas zurück. Enorm. Inzwischen ist es ein Drei-Putt-Par von Poulter, und er wird mit rotem Gesicht zum neunten Abschlag gehen.

Molinari ist jetzt auf dem achten Platz … bunkert. Er fährt den Ball überhaupt nicht gut. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich das schon einmal gesagt habe.

Koepka Birdies der achte.

1622 : Das ist ein ernstes Unbeholfenes von Poulter, als er mit einem Weitblick-Adler mindestens acht Meter vorüber rast. Zurück am Abschlag geht Woods nach rechts und das bedeutet, dass er den Bunker verpasst hat – es könnte eine dieser Misses sein, die so weit offline ist, dass sie in Ordnung kommt.

1620 : Wir könnten vier Spieler trennen ein Schuss hier, als Koepka sich am achten Platz für Birdie zulässt. Hovland ist mittlerweile sechs Jahre alt, und Ortiz hat drei Meter auf dem dritten Platz.

1618 : Mickelson verdoppelt den achten Platz und das ist seine Gänse, die der Tiger geknackt hat, nachdem Molinari ruhig macht sein Bogey.

1617 : Es ist ein Bogey, viel zu viel geliehen. Tatsächlich kann ich ihm das nicht geben – vier Füße übrig, um ein katastrophales Doppel an einem ziemlich harmlosen Loch zu vermeiden.

1616 : Nicht, dass ich ihm sagen darf, was er soll getan zu haben, aber Molinari ist nicht weit genug weit genug den Abhang hinauf, um ihn dahin zurückzubringen, wo er es will.

Als solcher hat er einen weiteren 10-Fuß-Putt, diesmal bergab und mit einigen Kurven, zum Vergleich . Poulter ist in der Zwischenzeit 40 Fuß in zwei Minuten auf Platz acht.

1614 : Ortiz fehlt, Puh. Mittlerweile ist Scott T2 in der Top-Sieger-Kategorie, ein Woods hat wahrscheinlich zugenäht. Es gibt eine Vierwege-Krawatte für zwei Plätze. Strenger als ich möchte.

1612 : Hallo – Tiger verdammt in der Nähe seiner zweiten Löcher. Tap-in-Birdie kommt und du denkst im schlimmsten Fall, er ist innerhalb von zwei Jahren zurück.

Finau bekommt einen kleinen Kuss vom Kissen und hat 10 Fuß.

1611 : Hier ist der Chip von Molinari sox und er wird um sieben ein weiteres Mal brauchen, nachdem er das grüne kurz und recht verpasst hat. Not ideal that – he may have to pitch to the top of the green and bring it back with the slope.

1609: Meanwhile Hovland pars the fifth. In his favour is the fact Ortiz still has to get through four and five and if he does so without dropping a shot he's better than most.

Suspect Hovland is four pars from doing it, maybe even three pars and a bogey.

1608: You know when people say it makes a different noise when Garcia hits it? The same is true of Poulter – but for different reasons.

Hard not to admire the man as he finds the fairway on eight.

Meanwhile in the top amateur saga, Ortiz has eight feet to birdie the second and get within one. Forgive my disappointment – he had 260 yards for his third and has landed the thing on a dime.

1603: Molinari's three par saves today: 13ft, 8ft, 7ft. He's scoring better than he might be as another drive misses the fairway at seven.

1601: Francesco saves par. This is unreal short-game stuff from a player who, genuinely, did not have a short-game until last year.

1600: Woods has let some shots slip here as he misses a good chance. He's missed three short putts since birdie at the third. Molinari might get out of here with his lead still at three as Fowler birdies the eighth.

1558: Oosthuizen and Fowler will both have around nine feet for birdie at the eighth. Must-make stuff. They can't win if these don't go in – and probably still can't if they do.

Finau lags close and will par the sixth. Next, Woods for birdie.

1557: Sensational. Six feet at most.

1556: Can't stress enough how tricky this chip is going to be on six after Francesco takes relief. Too cute and he won't make the green, too heavy and he'll run down to 50 feet.

At seven, Poulter spins one back to around three feet at the most and should move to 10-under.

1554: Lovely drive from Poulter at the seventh – that's a big part of the challenge dealt with and he'll fancy firing at that flag. He should give himself a good birdie chance here.

1553: Not quite a dart. Maybe a soft-tip? Anyway, he's inside 15 feet after a nice kick off the banking to the right. Potential for a big swing here at the sixth.

1552: Position Z for Molinari at six and this will be the most serious test of his par-or-better steak since, well, Thursday. He's long, very long, and chipping downhill towards a pin tucked on a narrow tier. Good luck.

In response, no surprise Finau comes up short. Time for a Tiger dart?

1550: Cantlay misses a good chance at the eighth as Rory and Kisner both move to five-under for the day. Rory is now 20th with Fleetwood, but Hovland drops a shot to fall back to four-under.

As he does so, Olesen chips in for birdie at the eighth and the top Scandinavian dream has taken a big hit.

1547: Woods bogeys and so does Simpson at the sixth. Molinari, having driven it way right, could be three clear having been one ahead just 20 minutes ago.

And in it goes. Phenomenal around the greens this week. Few sentences would've seemed less believable a couple of years ago than 'Molinari is going to win the Masters with his short-game'.

1545: Koepka bogeys the sixth having gone long. These Sunday pins bring danger into virtually every hole and he's three back – for now.

Woods will be next to go at the fifth as Finau makes bogey.

1545: Woods' putt is also very poor, even acknowledging the difficulty level. He'll do well to par – these are big moments on the fifth green with all three battling.

Ahead at six, Poulter makes birdie and he's suddenly four back and could be about to close to three.

1542: Nobody could ever accuse Augusta National of self-aggrandisement as Finau gets his birdie putt at five all wrong and is staring at bogey.

1542: Molinari goes all Mickelson with a flop shot at five and it runs long, 10 or so feet, so he has a job on to save par. It's a bogey for Fowler at seven, where Oosthuizen pars.

1540: Cantlay is the man making inroads and he's A1 at the eighth, where Rahm converts his eagle putt but Mickelson and Thomas can only par.

1537: Fowler fails to get out of the greenside bunker at seven with his first attempt. Title hopes were slim and may now be gone unless he get strike back at eight.

Molinari just short at the fifth, Finau onto the front and Woods 40 feet away. All to play for.

1533: Rahm made an eagle out of nowhere at 13 yesterday and may well do the same today at the eighth after another slow start. Fair to say it's been a promising first 11-and-a-bit rounds at Augusta and many will be surprised if he isn't the fourth Spaniard to win this title.

1531: Finau follows Molinari dangerously far to the right and Woods decides to play the bullet, straight down the middle, which leaves him a long way back but at least on the golf course.

1530: Cantlay is 11-under for his last 25 holes after a birdie at the seventh, where he left himself the ideal, uphill birdie chance on a hole which is offering up opportunities.

Molinari's drive at the fifth is as bad as he ever drives it, right of the crowd, and that's bother. Koepka was also right but managed to find the green and should tidy up his par.

1528: Hovland birdies the second and is now three-under for the day, five-under for the tournament. He needed to be with Ortiz playing beautifully and up to two-under himself.

Hovland is now 20th, one off the top Scanvinavian lead.

1527: The ebb and flow of Augusta is such that we get these quiet spells as the leading groups go through four and five. All about getting your par and moving on. Big moment for Woods and it's at least 10 feet.

He misses and will be annoyed. Very annoyed. The lead is two.

1525: Play has not been fast – it'll be around 1hr10 for four holes in the final group – and concerns about the weather are rumbling.

Par Molinari.

1524: Woods' effort from the front isn't great and leaves around eight feet, maybe 10, for his par. Finau next and it's a delicate chip – too delicate, and he's a foot short. Easy par, though.

1520: The fourth is a rubbish hole, I'm afraid. I bet Tiger agrees as he comes up short of the green before Molinari's hybrid flies all the way onto the back tier.

It'll officially be a missed green but by inches and that's perfect, really.

Finau last to go and he likes it, seemingly… and so he should. It's also through the back, by two yards at most, and he should be fine from there.

1516: And here's the putt that got Tiger within one…

1515: What do they say about pictures and words?

Tiger Woods and Francesco Molinari

Tiger Woods is within one of Francesco Molinari

1512: First blood Tiger Woods. That's a brilliant birdie at the third and he's 12-under, one off the lead in The Masters. Hold the internet.

1511: Finau threatens the hole with his chip but should make par at the third as Mickelson fires his approach to the 10th inside 10 feet.

Molinari comes up short, a little tentative so far but he's level, 13-under for the tournament, and it's still a score which could win this.

1508: Molinari now to the third. He's 137 away and fires his wedge about 140, leaving a good chance from 15 feet.

At the fifth, Oosthuizen makes bogey. Nice of them to show him at least.

Back to the third and Woods, from around 10 yards closer, plays a gorgeous approach to 10 feet. That's downhill, Molinari's is uphill, and there's not much in it.

Fowler… misses. Damn.

1505: Oosthuizen from 50 feet at the fifth leaves a good 10 or 12 for par. Not a good effort especially after an excellent drive broke the back of the hole.

Kuchar meanwhile bogeys the fourth to fall five adrift.

1504: Birdie for Hovland at the first to get back the shot he lost at the 18th – remember, it's a two-tee start today. Conditions perfect… for now.

Finau drives it short of the third green as Tiger goes for iron off the tee.

1501: They've shown Fowler which must mean it's a good shot… yep, 10 feet at the tough fifth hole.

Back to the third and Poulter was work to do to avoid a nightmare start and the death of his chance as Molinari finds the fairway with an iron off the tee.

1500: Back-to-back birdies for Mickelson, from one foot and 10 feet, and he's eight-under. Koepka will par the third, meanwhile.

1459: Very good save for Woods.

1458: It's a slow start for the final group as Finau and Molinari both miss chances at the second. Remember – Molinari started with five pars yesterday and shot 66, so he won't be too worried.

1456: Woods now… from a long way… and it's very solid to around five feet. Work to do but the first part of the problem solved.

Here's Koepka. How brave dare he be? Well, it's more evidence that the course is softer than ideal as he goes past the flag but hangs on in the collar 20 feet away.

1455: The third is playing wonderfully today – it's so hard to hit the ball close yet it's 350 yards off the tee. Koepka will be pitching from a nice angle albeit not the desired position right of the fairway, after Poulter hits it pin high to 30 feet. Fast putt coming.

1454: These greens are just so soft – so much for the sub-air system. Finau's third would've just about gone in last year, but instead hangs up 10 feet above the hole. He'll have a fast, breaking birdie putt.

1452: Schauffele misses low and will give back a shot there, meaning the front four have daylight.

Molinari now, and he goes with a high, grabbing pitch which rolls out to around 10 feet, maybe slightly less. Not brilliant but more than acceptable.

1450: Tiger is further back than expected and he'll have 50 feet for birdie as Koepka misses right at the third. No disaster there.

Up ahead, it'll be around 10 feet for Schauffele's par after his third hits the pin. Big putt coming.

1448: Brilliant from Molinari to leave his ball in the ideal spot short of the second green. He should pitch that close and make a birdie. I make it sound so easy.

Finau, with his second, and that's short of the right bunker. Big chance missed with a long-iron in hand.

1447: Koepka, for birdie… and it's there. Key early move from the man most likely to spoil the party for Woods, Molinari or Finau.

Simpson misses and there's trouble for Schauffele at the third.

1446: Really good break for Woods as he has a lie and a shot. He takes advantage, hooking a low one down the fairway and to wedge range.

Poulter, who makes bogey, showed what can still go wrong but equally the right number and it's a shot Woods can get very close. His approach play is his strength. I fancy him to set up a good chance.

1445: We don't get to see Koepka's third. Why would we? He'll have nine feet for birdie, Poulter something similar for par – maybe 12, actually.

Simpson fares better and has six feet to get to double-figures under-par.

1443: Some errors creeping in here as the likes of Cantlay and Johnson give back shots. The fourth is playing very tough today – around 0.2 strokes over par – while the fifth is a beast at 4.47 today, the toughest it has played all week.

1442: First big mistake from Woods comes off the second tee as he pulls it left. That could be in the stream, behind a tree – anything.

At the fifth, his old sparring partner Mickelson fires one to an inch and will make birdie to reach seven-under.

Poulter is long in three at the second and faces a really tough up and down.

1440: Kisner is the low man on the course now, four-under through eight having started at the 10th. At the 18th, Hovland is bunkered greenside on a hole which has his number as McIlroy joins him, for now, at four-under.

Back to the business end and Koepka comes up short and in sand at the second, where Simpson misses right. With Poulter having to lay-up, all three have work to do to make birdie.

1437: Fowler saves par, somehow. Still a bad decision.

1435: Harding is going to drop at least one at the second, where Kuchar makes birdie for an ideal 4-4 start. Woods tidies up as does Finau and it's as you were as the final six players all par the opener.

As yet, no serious move at them from below and it looks like Fowler will bogey the third.

At the second, the first move then arrives as Schauffele starts birdie-birdie.

1434: That's a huge save from Molinari. No emotion, just strokes it, dead-weight, into the middle of the hole.

1432: That's the clumsiest shot I've seen Molinari play this week, as he goes well long at the first – outside 10 feet for par.

At the second, Fowler comes up 25 yards short of the green and Oosthuizen goes long. What were they playing at off the tee? Drive it 30 yards short of the green and chip it on.

1430: Pars for the penultimate group at the first and off they go to the second, where Koepka's drive looks fine. As suggested, Finau was stymied at the first and has work to do to save par.

At the third, I'm a little surprised at Fowler and Oosthuizen, both having chosen to lay well back and leave around 125 yards to the classic Sunday pin which is on a tiny shelf.

Finau's pitch is nerveless in result, however nervous he may be. He's been the best of the lot this week around the greens.

1428: Here's the DeChambeau ace…

1427: Molinari first to go at the first. Looks a little left and so it is, but a soft Augusta is forgiving and he's 30 feet away in the fringe. Absolutely fine.

How aggressive does Tiger want to be, then? It's fine but not his best, to the middle of the green.

1425: Oosthuizen pars the second but having been in prime position, he'll be disappointed. Ditto Fowler.

Oosthuizen is three-under for the par-fives, Molinari is seven. The difference between them is those four shots.

1422: Molinari takes three-wood at the first and will be a long way back with his approach, though he is in the fairway.

Finau, with the big stick, and he can fly the bunker make no mistake. Trouble is he's gone left and we then get the biggest commentary mistake there is, in my opinion.

The usually excellent Murray declares it OK on bounce one and then, when it comes to rest near the base of a tree, sticks with that view. Doesn't look OK to me and he won't have much of a back-swing.

Woods, like Molinari, lays back and in the fairway.

1420: 6-6-2-5-4-4-1 for DeChambeau so far today. Remarkable as the final group ready themselves at the first.

Ahead at the second, Oosthuizen and Fowler both play poor third shots and look like missing an excellent opportunity to make the dream start.

1418: HOLE-IN-ONE! We have one at the 16th after all, and it's courtesy of DeChambeau – who was an inch or two away on Thursday. Superb from the first-round leader who has since struggled.

1416: Work to do for birdies at the second for Fowler and Oosthuizen (and DJ, but I care less about that). Fowler is bunkered, Oosthuizen just shy of it, and they'll both, surely, be using the slope to bring the ball back to the flag.

1412: Penultimate group are go and it's a brilliant opener from Koepka, 318 down the middle. Poulter is happy with his but Simpson goes left and that's a bad angle.

Ahead to the green and Schauffele rolls in a bonus birdie putt from range to get within four.

1409: Spieth is three-under through four today and McIlroy a couple under for the day as some of those big names from way back sign off on a positive.

For Spieth, now seven-under, a place in the top 10 is the first target.

Hovland pours it in! Four-under and that's without making birdie at 13 or 15.

1405: If you backed a Sunday hole in one at the 16th, which has been popular I'm sure, the slow conditions might cost you. Hoffman, who made one last year, would've made another but for the green speed costing him a foot.

Hovland plays a nice shot to around 15 feet and hasn't done anything wrong from tee-to-green this week, not really.

1400: Fowler does birdie the first to get to eight-under. His errors yesterday came at the first, 10th and 18th, and he was excellent otherwise – this is a good start in his bid to find that low number.

And in a further boost to, well, me… Oosthuizen also birdies, from 11 feet, to get within four. JT birdies the second, meanwhile, and we're in the battle for places at least.

Ahead to 15 and Hovland three-putts. That's a big blow after two mighty shots.

1358: Fowler will have 13 feet for birdie at the first. The sort of chance he'll need to be taking if he's to launch an unlikely bid for a first major championship today.

The pin at the first is not what you'd call Masters Sunday and, so far, those who've found the fairway have had little trouble setting up a decent birdie chance.

1355: Superb from Hovland and he'll have 40 feet for eagle. Thomas will also have a long-range eagle putt at the second, so that'll be a nice, straightforward par.

At the same hole in the group ahead, Day makes birdie to move to seven-under. Just a par for Spieth at the third and he's six-under, not seven as I may have suggested earlier.

1352: Cantlay, one of three to shoot an eight-under 64 on Saturday, birdies the first from just outside 20 feet. He's nine-under for his last 19 holes and seven-under overall.

That's good for T12, which is the cut-off for earning an invite to next year's Masters. He'll make it anyway but it remains a significant target.

Meanwhile, here's the weather as we get within half an hour of the final group.

1350: Big shot coming for Hovland at 15, after a perfect drive. He has a great angle and 224 yards to cover yet, as we know with this wonderful par-five, just about all scores from three (two? No, three…) to 10 are still on the table.

1348: Yesterday I mentioned Wright Thompson and a Tiger Woods video he'd narrated, without actually including it.

So, here is one of the greatest living sportswriters turning his hand to oratory. I love him so much.

1345: Much still to do, but we're seeing why Hovland is so highly-rated here. He's played the first five holes virtually impeccably, failing to birdie 13 the only gripe.

At 14, he makes up for that in some style by firing an approach to five feet. Birdie, and he's three-under, for now in full command of the battle to be top amateur.

And don't give up on top Scandinavian, either. He's one behind Bjerregaard and while three off Olesen, the latter has had to chip out sideways at the first.

1342: Birdie-birdie start for Spieth to get to six-under. Remember last year? He shot 64 to finish third and it would've been 63 for second but for a short miss on 18.

If he shoots 63 today, he'll finish 13-under. Not a bad start on that nearly-impossible-but-actually-possible quest.

1340: Bogey at the first for Mickelson, where Spieth makes birdie. It's an opening par for Day and at six-under, he's on the very limits of potential winners, I think – and even that may require a course record 63 which would get him to -15.

Still, hugely up against it and likely lost his chance yesterday.

Meanwhile, at the first: JT drives it 300 down the middle, hits a wedge to six feet, and misses. Amazingly he left himself nine feet for par… and made that.

1337: And for you post-modernists, some interesting data themes from 15th Club.

Absolutely clear that Thomas was a solid putting week away from being right up there with this final group. His GIR rankings at Augusta since debut read 11-6-2 and if he hits 17 or so today he could add a 1 to that.

He's not just hitting greens – hit making chances. Just hasn't taken them. Shame.

1334: Shall we stat? Yes, let's stat.


  • 1st Olesen
  • 2nd Tiger, Scott
  • 4th Thomas (again)
  • 5th Kuchar, Poulter


  • 1st Schauffele
  • 2nd Woods, Harding, Maysuyama, Koepka, DeChambeau
  • 7th Kim, Bradley, Oosthuizen

Putting average

  • 1st Harding
  • 2nd Molinari
  • 3rd Kizzire
  • 4th Fowler, Mickelson, Finau, Cantlay

1330: Weather is very calm, warm enough, no sign of rain or any storms for now – they're expected at around 3pm local time, well after they're now scheduled to finish.

Last night, Paul McGinley said that Francesco likes "football and pasta" which, while almost certainly true, doesn't feel like a comment which adds to coverage. And while far superior to that nonsense, I'm not sure I added to coverage yesterday.

However, a mighty six-hour sleep and an incident-free spin at soft play means that gets corrected this afternoon. As one of my kinder twitter followers said, Bring It On.

Gomez – Bring It On

1325: Got myself locked out of the office. Safely back on board now. Good news in the top amateur battle – Kanaya has dropped two shots in three holes. Hovland has missed some chances but has stayed still which could well be enough.

1315: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, we must all agree, was a seminal work of art. It certainly felt that way to an impressionable teen like me, though I managed to avoid a life of high-stakes poker (just), crime (with greater ease) and Sting.

It brings me to a nice quote with which to begin this journey together. I'm off to put the kettle on.

"The entire British empire was built on cups of tea, and if you think I'm going to war without one, mate, you're mistaken."

1312: Game of Thrones returns for its final series tonight. Those old fuddy-duddies at Augusta have reacted with some #content.

And those sharps @GameOfThrones have responded appropriately…

1310: There is a case to be made that everyone here is in the ideal position.

There can be few more comfortable leading than Molinari, given what he's done over the last 18 months. True, his win at the Open came from just off the pace and so too did victory at Bay Hill this year, but his run began when he bossed Rory at Wentworth. He relishes this, nowadays.

Tiger, famously, has never won a major from behind entering the final round. That said, only three times has he ever started it second – basically, if he was on, he was in front. And being second, in 2019, brings its advantages. Were he leading, victory would be expected. Today he's predator.

As for Finau, nobody is really talking about him – and that has to suit someone for whom winning has been difficult. He was a little unlucky not to win the WGC-HSBC in November but, basically, hasn't shown the ruthlessness of the two he tees off with.

Then there's Koepka. Clearly, he'd like to be leading, but that eagle on 15 yesterday got him into the penultimate group and he will love the idea of making noise with Tiger and co waiting in the fairway. He'll also enjoy bossing Simpson and Poulter off the tee – though their pace of play could be a slight issue.

1300: In the immortal words of Jean Valjean, one day more; another day, another destiny.

It is Masters Sunday, tee-times have been brought forward, and we're less than 90 minutes from the final three-ball.

Francesco Molinari. The diminutive man from Turin, for a decade unwilling to enter the limelight, now unwilling to relinquish it. He's made one bogey all week – no Masters winner before him has made fewer than five. He bids to follow Seve as the last European to be able to hold a Claret Jug and wear a Green Jacket at once.

Tony Finau. Yet to so much as win a world-class golf tournament, but consistently in the mix in major championships. One of three to fire a Saturday 64 and with it book a place in the final group, alongside the man who, in 1997, convinced him to pursue a future in golf.

And then there's Tiger Woods. Twenty-two years from his first Masters, he seeks his fifth. Eleven years from his 14th major, he seeks his 15th. Yet never has he won a major from behind. Surely, to win today would be to complete the greatest triumph in a year full of them.

So long as the weather holds, this is going to be absolutely unreal.

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