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The mayor of Philadelphia, Kenney, will not renew the PARS agreement with ICE amide protests

Jim Kenney, mayor of Philadelphia, will invite Occupy ICE activists to Halle City on Friday to discuss the future of the city's PARS program after announcing that he has an information sharing program The Decision, the "Preliminary Arraignment Reporting System" (PARS), the joint law enforcement program, will be used by the Philadelphia Police. Englisch: www.cosmetic-business.com/en/showar…p?art_id=744 Information on Arrested Persons Logged Not to Renew, Coming Out of Decision Meetings with Occupy ICE activists who blocked a stairwell in the city hall on Wednesday to demand a meeting with the mayor

Calls for the end of the US Immigration and Customs Access to PARS has grown in recent weeks as dozens of demonstrators camp outside the city hall.

Philly DA talks about PARS protest

[PHI]   Philly DA talks about PARS protest

"For some time now, we worry that ICE PARS used inappropriately, including conducting investigations leading to immigration against law-abiding Residents of Philadelphia, "said Kenney. "My administration has talked to ICE about using PARS data in recent weeks, and instead of dispelling these concerns, ICE officials have actually confirmed many of them."

Philadelphia has already slowed down cooperation as a "sanctuary." Inmates are not released into the ICE without a judicial arrest warrant

At present immigration officers have access to country of origin and social security data after arrest. 31.

Kenney and City Solicitor Marcel Pratt gave five reasons for ending the PARS agreement: ICE officials did not assure the city that they did not use PARS by race, ethnic origin and / or national origin, ICE officials may Use PARS against residents who are not charged with a crime, ICE uses PARS to search for people who report themselves that they were not born in the United States, ICE does not monitor or monitor PARS and ICE does not respond the city's mail request for answers to concerns.

"As a result of this process, we have concluded that the use of PARS by ICE may lead to the arrest of otherwise law-abiding residents for violations of civil immigration if the Agency performs an operation on PARS based on information found "Pratt said.

"Such practices create fear and mistrust in Philadelphia's large immigrant community and make it difficult for our police department to solve crimes, and I can not confidently allow the deal to continue," Kenney said.

The upcoming date distorted the ICE opponents, who wanted to see the dissolution of the entire agency in addition to the termination of the PARS contract.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is one of those who demanded an end to the program.

"Honestly, working with ICE makes our city less safe today because it scares undocumented people to report crimes or testify in criminal matters," Krasner said earlier this month, "which is simply unacceptable." [19659014] Other city officials repeated the thoughts of Krasner and Kenney.

"The termination of the PARS contract is the right decision," said Miriam Enriquez, director of Immigration Affairs. "It is a decision that will once again remind our immigrant communities that the city is not an extension of the ICE." Witnesses and victims of crimes in our city will know they will not have to fear negative immigration consequences when reporting offenses or services City. "

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