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The melting Arctic leads to further attempts to transport the cargo on the faster North Route

A Danish ship will be the first container ship to undertake the Arctic sea voyage north of Russia this week – still a risky and expensive passage that is increasingly possible due to global warming.

The Moller-Maersk belongs

MAERSKB, -1.53%

Ship with 3000 containers follows the efforts of the Russian gas company Novatek, which used the route for purpose-built tankers. Last year, the Chinese state-owned Cosco also sent a multi-purpose cargo ship to a Russian port for the first time.

But Maersk's Journey is the first for a traditional, albeit redesigned, ice-class container ship and Kick-Outs The company has reported to the Financial Times on efforts to gather data on long-term feasibility.

The route can shorten travel time between Asia and Europe by one to two weeks, depending on the destination. For now, it remains more expensive and still requires core icebreakers to accompany ships. It can only accommodate smaller ships than the Suez Canal on the southern route.

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Nevertheless, exploration continues, in part, as temperatures are unusually high in the Arctic Circle this summer and rise above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) in some parts. The route stretches from the Bering Strait in the east between Russia and Alaska to Norway in the west.

The debate over the "benefits" of these changing routes and sea voyages often opens up commercial interests against purist change in the battle against the climate.

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The planned route of Maersk cargo ships

A report from 2016 revealed that navigation through the north would be economically feasible from about 2040, when the ice sheet continues to decline in its current speed.

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